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It’s been exactly a week since the move. So much has been going on around this house. I got a Yorkie for my birthday. Shortly thereafter, my son caught the pink eye. I’m glad to know that he’s doing much better this morning. The family and I headed to IHOP for a birthday breakfast. Heading back home, I bribed J. to stop by Bath&Body Essentials so that I could pick up a few 3 wick candles while they are on sale. I got them for as little as §7 a piece! I, of course, had to grab four of them. I picked one up for my Aunt since her birthday is this month too. Also, one for my cousin,  as she will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. Leaving me with a two candle profit. (n.n) When I got back into the car, my husband looked at me and said,

“Happy Birthday Dear.”

Teehee, I suppose that and my wonderful smelling perfume was enough for his pocketbook. ♥

 Anyway, I’m home now and I finally get a chance to finish unpacking my most favorite room in the house, (close tie with the kitchen) the office is my sanctuary and everything is coming together and starting to feel like a home.