we’re trash not sorry about the cheesy af edit

R U L E S, Y O

  • idc if you follow the admins (subtxct and myself)
  • reblog this post
  • it’s gotta get like 30 notes or something idk
  • also you gotta ship wincest (i think that’s obvious)


  • you get to meet bitter shippers like myself and sarrah
  • you’ll get into the network where we can be bitter without dealing with people who don’t like bitter
  • and wincest
  • is that not enough?

we’ll pick around 10-15 ppl depending on how many notes it gets

[ Introduction of Leo ]  cr:  @himmel725  and  @SecretSalang //DO NOT EDIT

R “ has been the person in charge of the charm in  LR ”

L “ Please show me a sample .

R ” Puing Puing “

L ” I’ll do the same as Puing Puing ( bass ) “

R ” in a more high voice .“ 

L ” Puing Puing “ 

R ” is a cute Once Ya’ repeat “

 L ” Puinpu Imp Imp Imp Inpuing “

alright im picking more peeps for the squad THANK U GENELA FOR THE AMAZING EDIT

R U L E S :
  • mbf me
  • must reblog this, likes are ignored
  • must be thirsty for michael
P E R K S :
  • new fronds
  • somewhere to go when u wanna discuss michael’s huge dong
  • u get to be on this sick network page
  • group chats idk
B E T T E R  C H A N C E S  B Y :
  • talk to me
  • tag me in shit idek just familiarize urself w me
  • follow everyone in the squad
  • ur an active blog

ps. u don’t have to be a 5sos blog (blogging about michael helps tho), i’m gonna be picking when this gets a decent amount of notes!!