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whoops my hand slipped and i made EVEN MORE human Lotor edits (the blond looks more like him but i still prefer the black hair)

how to make gifs in photoshop with two different methods

So this is the tutorial #843942832 in this website about how to make a gif but whatever I wanted to do it lol

Method #1: importing videos (and how I cut them).
Method #2: using screencaps.


  • Photoshop: I’ll be using Ps CC although I like the sharpening of Ps cs5 a lot more.
  • A High Quality video: of course the main thing for achieving a high quality gif is a high quality video. Try to not use anything below 720p.
  • For the first method, you’ll also need a software that allows you to take screen captures: I usually use kmplayer but if it doesn’t work for you I recommend UMplayer.
  • For the second method, a video software that allows you to trim videos. Here I’ll use VLC Media Player.

Please like / reblog it if you found it useful! Also if you’re having doubts in something (bc I’m the worst at explaining lmao) feel free to ask me anything!

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We’re 98% done, waiting on Chase to finish track select/editor. All art assets and soundtrack have been done since January.

We are very tired. Sorry for the wait.

Sneak Peek Weekends

There is a room in this school no one knows about but me. If I could teleport, I’d be there now.

Author: Robin Roe

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Published: January 10, 2017

For People Who Liked: Perks of Being a Wallflower, All the Bright Places, We Are the Ants, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Target Audience: Teens or family members of teens with mental illness (specifically ADHD), LGBT readers, teenage boys.

If I were an agent/acquisitions editor, would I select this for publication based on the opening chapter?:

I think I would! For a debut author, the writing is solid, with some nice, well-thought out descriptive language while still maintaining a realistic narration for a high school setting. The protagonist is sympathetic, going through very real high school situations. You immediately feel for and relate to him. Obviously bullying is not a new concept for teen stories, but it’s one that should continue to be portrayed as accurately as possible, because it still is a persistent issue in schools that probably won’t ever go away so long as kids don’t get along.

I don’t know where it’s going based on the opening chapter alone, but the synopsis is definitely intriguing. I’d pick it up to finish in the future and recommend it to teenagers going through similar ordeals.


Four letters,

one silent.

A single syllable

pregnant with meaning.

Author: Ellen Hopkins

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Published: January 24, 2017

For People Who Liked: Sarah Crossan, All the Bright Places, Perks of Being a Wallflower

Target Audience: fans of poetry and novels in verse, LGBT teens, readers looking for ethnic diversity in YA.

Would I select this for publication based on the opening chapter?:

Absolutely without hesitation. I’m not a fan of reading poetry often, but this grabbed me right away. It’s got personality. It’s not a huge info dump, nor is it saying anything too new, but it’s doing it in a unique format. Within the first twenty pages, we get a good sense of diversity, discussions of sexuality, and hints of the protagonist’s broken home. It sounds like a lot, but Hopkins drops these little seeds of shocking details in such subtle ways. If you’re not used to reading poetry, Hopkins presents it in an accessible way, so don’t let that intimidate you!




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Opentoonz #1 : Basic Guide

Before you begin, think about the project you’re working on. Is it a video? Is it a .gif you just want to make for an icon or website? What do you want to do?

Animating takes time, discipline, effort and a willingness to learn. Much like anything, it is a commitment and tedious hardwork, even if you’re just doing it for a hobby like I am. As long you are eager, anyone can learn this program! The program is free so take advantage of this opportunity if you can.


1. Resolution
2. Interface
3. Windows
4. Tool Bar
5. Drawing
6. Saving
7. Exporting

Click the cut to continue.

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Sabrina’s Icon Tutorial

So you wanna learn how to make simple icons, and make them fast? This is the post FOR YOU. I constantly brag about my 1,500 icons for each of my muses, all simply edited and edited fast with minimal effort on my end.
(Note, this tutorial ISN’T how I edit my icons, but how I make editing them easier on myself.)

For this tutorial, you will need:
Photoshop! I use CS6 and while these features might be in earlier versions, I suggest getting CS6 to make things easier on yourself!
Icons to edit! Make sure you’re allowed to edit your icons if you download them from someone else’s icon set. 

If you are cropping your icons yourself, try to save the image with the artist’s URL- that way, you can credit the artist if someone asks for it, and you can delete the icon if the artist comes and asks you not to use their art.
If you didn’t crop your icons yourself, don’t worry about it, but please remember to be respectful if an artist approaches you and asks you to stop using a certain icon that uses their art! If they say to stop, stop using the icon and delete it like they asked you to.

That said, let’s get right into this! If a part has confused you, please don’t be afraid to head to my inbox and ask me for clarification!
Also note that this is MY METHOD of making icons- there is no Right or Wrong way to make icons. This is simply how I do them, and how I edit 1,500+ icons in a matter of 10 minutes.

Image-Heavy tutorial below the cut!

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Zion.T’s “Complex” Featuring GD Gets Chosen as Apple Music’s Best of the Week

2017-02-05 11:13 am

[엑스포츠뉴스=김유진 기자] It seemed that Zion.T is going viral not just in Asia but in the US, the biggest music market.

At 10 AM on February 5, “Complex”, a track in Zion.T’s new album “OO”, was chosen as Apple Music’s Best of the Week.

Every week, Apple Music editors select a playlist of exciting new music around the world and announced it as “Best of the Week”.

Zion.T did not carry out any promotions in overseas markets, but his new album is doing well on the global charts because YG has such a huge media infrastructure and BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON is featuring on “Complex”.

“Complex” has witty and frank lyrics about complexes in the minds of people, and many are finding it very relatable.

Upon release, Zion.T’s new album “OO” dominated the real-time and daily charts of all the eight major music steaming websites in Korea and signaled his successful comeback.

Furthermore, it took the top spot on the iTunes charts in four countries and on the charts of QQ Music and Kugou Music of China.

So there’s a big study making all the headlines about OBESITY KILLING 4 MILLION PEOPLE or whatever and I hate it I hate it so much because

From BBC News

And from the study itself! -






This happens every few years. This is not the first time this has happened. Essentially, someone looks at everyone who died of anything for which obesity might be a “risk factor”, a phrase that does not mean cause, and if obesity is a risk factor for that cause of death or health condition, they attribute it to obesity regardless of if the person is or was was obese. And regardless of any other factors that might have played into their getting that disease.

So, in other words, what this study found out was that heart attacks are the most common cause of death no matter who you are. Which. Everyone already knew. 

And which, as I’ve stated before, while something we DEFINITELY want to be looking into, is kind of a statistical blip of its own? BASICALLY, people are going to die of something. That’s what happens. And when you make communicable diseases more treatable than ever, improve healthcare to stop infections, improve working conditions and safety regulations to lower the incidence of death by violent accident - what you’re left with are two diseases that both exist basically as a consequence of the accrual of time. Heart disease (which is a result of a slow build-up over time in the cardiovascular system) and cancer (which is a consequence, more of less, of long term oxygen-breathing, as it’s usually free radicals from oxygen that cause aging and the break down and malfunction of cells). 

So basically: people are living longer than ever and not dying of other things, so these things rising to the top are less symptoms of a health crisis and more symptoms of us still not having worked out immortality. Which, I want us to do. I don’t want to die. So working out how to safely clean out arteries and prevent oxygen-induced aging would be GREAT. GET ON IT SCIENCE. But it’s not a moral failing of humankind or a huge public health crisis. It’s a quirk of living longer than we ever have before. 

Also from the study itself:

“We still don’t know how to make people lose weight, but that won’t stop us from prescribing it to them as their primary care plan and then blaming them when it doesn’t work”

“All the things that are meant to make you have better metabolic and cardiovascular health do so, regardless of whether you lose weight. 40% of the death we associate with higher BMI in this study were in people who didn’t have higher BMI. It’s almost as if you should just try to be healthy regardless of weight. But that won’t stop us from titling this study ‘Health Effects of Overweight and Obesity in 195 Countries over 25 Years’ to give bad science journalists something to induce shame and moral panic over.”

God. I need to stop being surprised that this keeps happening, but it keeps happening! How is it possible that everyone decided the takeaway from this was “Even if you’re skinny, you might be SECRETLY FAT. SO NEVER STOP PANICKING ABOUT FAT PEOPLE” instead of “Oh hey, it’s complicated. Maybe we should shift our focus from weight, where causal ties are tenuous at best and where ‘treatment’ plans are basically unproven, and instead shift it to just overall metabolic health and sound nutritional advice.”

“But then when would I get to share this dehumanizing headless photo of a fat person living their life and not hurting anyone to make fun of them???” - A reporter at the New York Times. 

I hope that person in the photo had a lovely day and I hope every single photo journalist who takes these pictures, health journalists who misreports these studies, and layout editor who selects these pictures for those misreports, is itchy and unhappy for the rest of their lives. 

anonymous asked:

This isn't meant to be a condescending question- this is an honest one. I haven't spent enough time in a lot of fanfiction communities to answer this, but why do so many fanfictions have terrible grammar?

Ah, well it’s pretty simple. 

- Many fanfiction authors are young

- Some fanfiction authors are just learning English

- Many fanfiction authors don’t edit

- Most fanfiction is not audited or filtered

When you go to the bookstore and pick up a novel off the shelf, that manuscript has been through the official publishing machine. It’s gone under the magnifying glass of at least one professional editor, it was selected out of possibly hundreds of manuscripts of similar length and topic. The author probably workshopped it and worked and reworked the first ten pages before it even touched an agent’s desk. It’s been sifted through so many checks and balances that you’re at the very least assured correct  grammar.

Fanfiction, on the other hand, is a wild and wooly medium. Anyone can post anything at any time with any level of preparation. That’s the beautiful thing about it, what makes it so fun and exciting and strange– and it’s also the reason there’s zero quality control.  

Writers might be young, or new to English and still learning how to use grammar, or older and never quite got the hang of it. They could have a crazy college life or six kids or work 55 hours a week and not have time to meticulously pick over their work to correct errors. Or maybe they just want the pleasure and entertainment of putting an idea onscreen and sharing it without all the work and mental effort correct writing requires.

Having such an open format is a good thing! It makes it harder to find readable material sometimes, but it also gives readers access to both aspiring and recreational writers without depending on a publisher. It levels the playing field. I mean think about it: If all stories had to go through traditional publishing routes, this whole subculture would not exist. 

In Retas Paintman, during the coloring process the user can use color absorption to easily use markup lines for shading and highlights.
This feature is replicable in Opentoonz (uncertain about Harlequin).

To achieve this effect in Opentoonz, the user must first create markup lines using a separate palette color. Draw the lines using pen tool and selecting the appropriate color.

Then, going to the style editor, “autopaint lines” must selected ONLY for the colors that are the markup line.

When using the fill tool and after making some colors, click in the area you want to apply the color and the lines will be absorbed.

Things to note:
* The lines will be absorbed on the first color that is filled. If you want to avoid color jittering, make sure to fill in the shadows/highlights first before setting the base color. If you set the base color first, then the lines will be absorbed as part of the base color. Unlike RETAS, Opentoonz does not appear to distinguish between the different colors of markup lines. All lines are treated equal.

*Using this method, coloring can be achieved on a single layer to effectively optimize the coloring process. Opentoonz much like Harlequin also has multiple frame coloring.


Alaia show Paris; Pret-a-Porter Spring Summer 2016 

  • I purposely saved this event to be my latest blog in 2015. My aim is to put a strawberry on a top of chocolate cake. What is the deal about? Well…………….It is very, very rare to see any photos of Alaia collection or his cat-walk in media. It is very well known that Azzedine never invites any photographers, TV channels, press or journalists. The event is only reserved to his friends, buyers and select editors,  so I was very honoured to be invited for his latest show that took place in Alaia’s headquarters in Paris Le Marias district. Show was opened with his iconic short knit-wear, than followed by an elegancy session from top do down: “trapeze” trousers, fluffy tops, red gowns, and then suddenly out of the blue:  Greek Goddess came to live in a gorgeous white gown. Only Azzedine Alaia is able to pull this magic out of his sleeve…..