Eric9: first of three editorialtoons on Ferguson, MO  my friends and I are baffled that people are baffled that U.S. PD’s are armed like the military..how soon they forget they wanted PD’s to update their armor after 09/11 more about this later on and see the next two editorialtoons

-one more time thanks for your continuing thoughts…you say more than the inner circle and I really appreciate it

The shelf life of a hot topic last for what - two days? Casey Anthony’s trial is so old news. I never kept up with her case but from what I read and heard she was on extremely shaky ground, but hey - her defense attorney did his job to prove her innocent and the prosecutors well there ain’t gonna be a next time and they just didn’t do their job to convince the jury she’s guilty. I certainly didn’t get angry when I saw the verdict - just amazed that’s all.