Let me just say that I loved Always Be My Maybe. It is by far my favorite movie of 2019 and an incredibly important landmark film in terms of Asian representation in popular media, so if you haven’t seen it yet go watch it on Netflix as soon you can!


I’m trying to finish a few pieces for my portfolio. This one is about the online representation, that is nowadays really important for drag queens and how Ru already mastered it. 
Plus my Ru scetch I like, so I wanted to share it too lol 

ah, and btw I’m a huge RPDR Fan! Feel free to talk to me about All Stars or anything really (except hate, I really don’t like how the fans are treating the Queens sometimes) 

Honestly - I’m deeply thankful everyone’s been heavily documenting all the atrocities our horrible police forces have been subjecting protesters in EVERY STATE for overwhelming proof of the racial inequalities of this country. 

We have a broken police system. Hold them all accountable. 

Throw the shoddy lies the police have been trying to shove into our faces back at them and make them choke.