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Hatchling Shaming Trend Sweeps the Continent

A bizarre trend has begun in Sornieth, taking social media by storm. The so-called “hatchling shaming” series began mid-week on Arcane website, Spacebook, and has since spread to nearly everywhere on the internet.

For those unfamiliar, “hatchling shaming” involves taking a picture of a hatchling with a sign explaining what trouble they caused in a humorous matter. It is a joke (no one is really shaming their hatchies), and parent dragons in particular find the meme relatable as they think on their own experiences raising young dragons.

Taking a pause from more serious news this week, here are a few of our favorites:

It’s unknown how long the adorable trend will last, but for now it seems to be brightening up the days of dragons all over Sornieth, a much needed mood-boost in light of recent events.

Bringing you the news even on slow news days, this is The Sornieth Times.

This society is on its way to becoming, at all levels, more and more painfully ridiculous, until the time comes for its complete revolutionary reconstruction.
—  Editorial Notes: Once Again on Decomposition, Internationale Situationniste #6 (August 1961).

Lana Del Rey interviewd by Noah Callahan-Bever for the latest issue of Complex Magazine.

Once Upon a Time - Episode Segments in Order

Below the cut is my best effort at putting the events shown to date in chronological order, some guesses about timing intervals, and editorial comments. I generally update this the Monday after the show airs.

Note: For numbering purposes, I have treated the two-hour episode in 4a as a single episode.

Also Note: The dates assigned to most Camelot events make no sense. I have ignored them, therefore, and put the ones I could guess at in logical order. 

Eons ago

5.16 Hades and Zeus have a bit of an argument. Zeus ends up ruling Olympus; Hades ends up “ruling” the Underworld with a heart that doesn’t beat, unable to feel any of the kinder emotions.

1,000+ years ago or maybe yesterday.

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Daniel Lutheran nosegrind in Redondo Beach, CA

“This is right when Daniel came out to California and that spot was new. It was bittersweet. He was stoked to be in California but I don’t think his living conditions were ideal. That was all the more motivation to get him out to skate. When he would skate he would just crush it because he didn’t want to think about where he was staying that night. And he’s one of those dudes that always gets a trick. This nosegrind is sick, it’s not a shocker or anything but he did it three times while we were skating.” - Anthony Acosta

From Acosta’s Angles during Daniel Lutheran’s rider’s week. View the rest of Daniel’s riders week in our updated Editorials section.

“He (Geoff) saw this bridge and was like, “Look at that! You can skate that like a flatbar!” We pulled over, swept the thing off and him and Arto skated the thing. It ended up being a cool photo but again, thank God this isn’t in East LA or Irvine because it just would not look as cool.” -Anthony Acosta

From Acosta’s Angles during Geoff Rowley’s rider’s week. View the rest of Geoff’s riders week in our updated Editorials section.

“That’s a first try 5-0 on a gnarly hubba that Geoff Rowley made famous a long time ago in Monrovia, California, near the foothills. It was the end of the day and we were checking out this last spot and he wanted to try and grind it but it was about to rain and it was getting super dark; you can kind of see in the background it’s real shitty. He grinded it after a few tries and we got back in the car and we’re about to leave and Leo (Romero) said he should 5-0 it and he bet him dinner that he couldn’t do it first try. He got out of the car, ran and did it first try. I didn’t even have time to set up flashes or anything. He just got back in the car and we took off.” - Anthony Acosta

From Acosta’s Angles during Daniel Lutheran’s rider’s week. View the rest of Daniel’s riders week in our updated Editorials section.