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How I Experience My Ni

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Note 1: This is how I experience my Ni; it does not have to fit to everyone’s. Ni is an introverted function and thus, subjective.

Note 2: My description of Ni is going to be a little vague. I think dominant functions are the hardest to describe for anyone, it’s like the air - you are so used to breathing that you forget it exists and find it hard to make note of it.

How Ni works:
The myth is that Ni just ‘knows things without knowing’ and ‘is always right/precise.’ This is not true. Ni has a very solid base for the projections it conjures – the objective, wide-breadth extroverted sensing. Se collects every information indiscriminately and in volumes. Then Ni filters the data into projections/patterns.

I have previously compared Ni to a high-throughput chromatography machine – input a myriad of molecules with the cell extracts, and it will output the molecules you only need. The point is, Ni is not magical. It establishes patterns from a given dataset. High Ni users are less aware of the data collection process and thus can’t always trace the pattern back to the data, making it look like a ‘gut feeling.’ Furthermore, the part that the high Ni users are conscious about, the Ni itself –  it too is abstract and subjective and hence, can be hard to verbalize. This further adds to Ni’s mystique.

So once again, to the people who do not understand how chromatography works, the machine may seem phenomenal. But that does not make the machine itself mysterious. It operates on a very simple principle, it just appears mysterious.

Ni and doing things:
Extroverts have an extroverted function as dominant, which means they are quick to act and take charge (particularly Te and Se in my experience). People with a dominant introverted function need to step back and consult their dominant function first before engaging with the external world. This can be consulting whether it aligns with their internal values (Fi), or dissecting the whole deal piece by piece to understand all of its constituents (Ti), or accessing own personal sensory library for information (Si).

Ni-doms will go inwards first, except they won’t be seen actively doing something. They just sort of incubate for a while, then start doing it and they usually do it to perfection. Once again, it looks mystical, but it is not. During the incubation phase, our mind warms up and projects patterns, then taps all of those patterns for the best possible outcome and selects it to unravel a long-term plan. Once we start working, we act on the plan, which is very tangible to us. We can visualize the end from the projection our Ni has made and we simply continue to walk forward to it. It looks like the incubation phase does not have any 'productive’ output, but for Ni-doms, to sit on something without doing anything is not important, it’s crucial.

For example, say I have something to write, maybe the literature review part of my thesis, or maybe just a post for this blog. For a while, I won’t do anything. I will trifle with some things and that’s it. But the ideas will be there, just not in the foreground. It’s a bit like a background music, it’s there and it sets the stage for the plot to follow. Then I will write something at one stretch, and it won’t need any editing or proofreading.

Because the Se-Ni thing is subconscious, I think Ni-doms rely a lot on their dreams and visions. I have countless times went to sleep thinking about a problem and woke up with a solution. And I am not alone, my brother is a tert-Ni and Ti-dom. He often wakes up with a new game plan for chess or a solutions to the math problem he had been pressing.

Ni and symbolism/puzzle:
Ni-doms don’t always talk in symbolic languages. Actually I think it’s a bit hard for us, given how 'personal’ our symbolism is, we find it hard to explain. Neither do I love puzzles very much. The symbolism is part of our worldview, not our expression. An example of this is the book Memoirs of a Geisha. Sayuri’s worldview is Ni, the water imagery with herself and such. She is not trying to express things through metaphors and similes, she things of the world in terms of those symbols. This is the same for me. I think of things is terms of what they represent. But unlike an Si user, there’s no sensory trapping to them.

Ni and perception: changing our worldview is hard for us. It’s not impossible, it’s just 'costly.’ We have to go though a lot of questioning and re-questioning.
This is true for the perception bit obviously. When it comes to our verdicts or judgments, we are more flexible.

Elizabeth Bennet (ENFP) has hard judgments, but her perceptions can change very quickly. The process in opposite for an Ni-dom. Again, Sayuri’s worldview/manner of perception is hard to change – she goes through war and poverty and settles in America and still has the same worldview she did back in Gion. However, her judgment about any people (like Nobu-san, Mameha) is very flexible and open-to-change.

Ni myths:
Ni is not perfection, just a manner of perception. Being Ni-dom does not make you smart/creative/wise/interesting/deep by default. Ni-doms can by dumb and boring if they don’t channel their functional stack to usefulness, which is true for every other functions. They canbe  delusional if they lack Se input. An example of shallow Ni-dom with countless mistaken interpretation is Melisandre from A Song of Ice and Fire.

That’s what I think of my Ni, and it does not have to universally true. I would love if someones adds to it.

Mod Note: Anal editor coming out in me, but even Ni-dom writers need proof-readers and editors. You ain’t perfect. ;)

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*stares at the Thomas’ credits* Most comics mention the name of the character's creator in the byline. Brian Hess is an artist under contract with Action Labs Entertainment, the comics license holder in the US. Nicole D’Andria, who wrote this story and adapted the scrip for the earlier photo comics that were produced by Action Lab, is the marketing director and submissions editor for the company. Considering Zag teased the fans about original comics last summer, I wouldn't call this a rush job.

Hooboy. Here comes a long post.

My issue with Thomas’ credits is that his last name, Astruc, is spelled “Atruc”. I’m know that they include the creator’s name because of, duh, of course you’re going to.

My beef with Zagtoons as a whole is that they take things down to the wire. There’s often animation errors like Chat Noir having two batons, or having to reuse character models over and over again because of budget restrictions (ie that’s why Theo is a catch all character for jobs and why Alya’s dad is suddenly the Animan zookeeper even though they had no interaction at all in that episode, particularly when Alya decided to date Nino in the exhibit. Like what?)

Side note: Speaking of budget, there’s also my issue with the products they come out with that are obviously done on a very rigid budget. Many of the toys, frankly, look bad, but to get away from my opinion, come on, Look at this $30 Miraculous Chat noir ring that is literally enamel in a generic fill ring versus the actual miraculous. Would I pay $30 for that? No, and it breaks my heart because I want to.

Onto why I think this is a rush job:
Yeah, Zagtoon announced the original content comics a year ago, but that doesn’t mean they had an artist in mind otherwise they would have said it right then.

Brian Hess’ twitter shows he started working on the comic sometime in January which means he had around a Month, if that, to complete this issue before it had to go to the editors, designers, formatters, print shop, and shipping (because this was probably printed overseas meaning it needs about a month to get from printer to Action Lab to comic retailer).

Not to mention that:
A) Brian Hess’ artwork does NOT fit the aesthetic of the show at ALL. This is not by any means a slam on his artwork, but it does mean that they probably had to turn to him after the other artists they approached declined. And if you can turn a project around in a tight deadline, you can work in comics.

B) Brian Hess’ work, when he has time to work on it, is significantly better than what we got. Once again this screams that he had a quick deadline, not that he decided to cut his abilities in half for a show he doesn’t like. C’mon. He’s a professional.

C) To get technical, the pacing of the action, the set up, and coherence of the comic is… it’s frankly really bad. So many panels don’t make sense, and poor Alya is like IMPRISONED to the right side of a panel while looking at her phone. Lines of action are bad (like one kid literally has speed lines to say “Hey, I’m moving!”) It’s messy and, once again to be frank, boring to read. The pacing of some of his other work is beautiful, once again pointing to a short timeline.

D) As a friend pointed this out for me:
For a LaCrosse based akuma, why is there this watch just liked SHOEHORNED into this theme? 
Answer: Because they can use duplicate frames. A time-bending lacrosse villain doesn’t make sense outside of “Oh shit I have two weeks to do this”.

So all my beefs with Zagtoon fall back on the company itself and not any of the artists or animators.


Hey Maria! This is the same person who made the HoC trailer a while back. I’m absolutely mind-blown by everything you write and after reading Taste of Ink, I was very much inspired to make another trailer. I hope you don’t mind me doing these. (I smell more of them coming your way). I kinda made it my personal mission to get more people to read your stuff, since I consider it the pinnacle of fanfic writing <3. I hope I won’t disappoint with this one. Much love, Sapph. (Link to original file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-Znb-vqvY3vQVFGN3VnUGN2UEU)

Tips from a YA Editor by Anne Regan: 3 Tips for Submitting Your Manuscript
  1. Find presses that publish what you write.
    1. Search online for books like yours and see who publishes them.
    2. Check the publisher’s submissions page for information:
    3. What they’re looking for (genre, subject matter, length)
    4. What they won’t publish (for example, graphic sex or violence, previously published works)
  2. Don’t submit a YA novel to a press that only publishes nonfiction or mysteries.
    1. Follow the formatting guidelines
    2. Most publishers list these (font, spacing, margins, etc.)
    3. Don’t send a single-spaced manuscript in a hard-to read font
    4. At a minimum, be sure the story is spell-checked or beta-read
    5. Frequent misspellings or grammatical errors will weigh against you
  3. Other common requirements
    1. Some presses want to review a summary and/or excerpt before requesting a full manuscript
    2. Others will not consider partial manuscripts, only completed works
    3. Simultaneous submissions to multiple presses may not be considered
    4. If you’re planning a series, include an outline and summaries of all the books, even if you’re only submitting the first one
Hoarder of the Phoenix

“Mr. Wright… Your suitcase appears to be rather heavy. How much evidence do you have stashed away in there?”

“Well, Your Honour, it’s at times like this when you need to be prepared. Evidence is everything in a court of law, after all…”

Judge: “There’s a fine line between being prepared and what YOU’RE doing, Mr. Wright! Let’s see what you’ve got in there…

He starts to inspect Phoenix’s bag.

You have… an autopsy report… some photos… Lana’s muffler… a steak lunch… some fingerprint powder… a shoe… the SL-9 case documents… a whole book on evidence law… another book on scientific investigations… a security tape… some Luminol fluid… oh and what’s this - a parking ticket!? What could you possibly need that for!?

(Come to think of it… this case is actually kinda heavy…)

Hoarder! Hoarder in the court!”

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Joven: Wait… What? Really?
(Y/N): Yeah. I heard you wanted to ask me but couldn’t. So I thought I might help.
Joven: Oh god. I’m so… Wait who told you? Was it Wes? It was Wes, wasn’t it?
(Y/N): Maybee…

[GIF credit: x x]

Anon Submission

can someone tell me where’s Joven’s GIF from? he looks so good *-*

Stucky zine looking for submissions!

I wrote one for this…other authors, let’s make an awesome stucky zine! 

I’m not the editor, so send any submissions to Alayne at the email at the bottom.


“Unity Makes Strength”

Introducing “Breuckelen”, a new Steve Roger/Bucky Barnes fanzine seeking submissions of fiction, poetry and art.

“Breuckelen” is the original, Dutch name of Brooklyn, the home of both Steve and Bucky, where their hearts were forged and their inescapable connection sealed. The moto of Breuckelen – and of Brooklyn – is “Unity Makes Strength”. It’s on the Brooklyn seal, on the flag and in the hearts of her native sons.

Stories can be set any time during the movies “Captain America: The First Avenger”, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “Captain America: Civil War” or the Avengers movies, “The Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (since there’s a lot of directions one could go to incorporate Bucky, even though he doesn’t appear in either movie). You can write Steve pre-serum or post-serum. You can write Bucky Barnes or The Winter Soldier or something in between. My mind is open as far as time period in which you write. Also, as this is a slash zine, you can be as explicit as you’d like but explicit material is not necessary. I’m looking for love stories more than porn but porn works for me, too! I want strong characterization, strong emotion and strong writing. If you’re in doubt, please e-mail me with any questions you have.

For those who don’t know me: I’ve been publishing fanzines since 1984 (when I was 5!, okay, I was 25). I started (and continue) in K/S and branched out into The Sentinel, Miami Vice, Stargate SG-1, Beauty and the Beast, multi-fandom and professional, original character anthologies, vampire and supernatural themed. I’ve been writing most of my life but began writing K/S in 1980. I am an artist. I work in oils and pencil. As an editor, I edit. That might sound self-evident but I want to be clear. By “edit”, I mean that I line edit for spelling, punctuation, grammar. I also edit for plot and character continuity. That basically means that I expect your characters to resemble those in the movies. I expect you to know who you’re writing and remain as true as possible to who these men are. But I really want you to understand that I’m here to help you write the best story you can. I’m pretty easy to work with, too.

Deadline is, tentatively, November 10, 2017



oh no i’m sorry for asking something that isn’t even related to this blog ;;

but if it’s still ok with you to try and help me with this,, this is what it looks like and i don’t know what to do??  i’ve extracted all the files, uninstalled and reinstalled it, installed all the graphics stuff it needs, tried zooming out on my computer to almost 0, but it still isn’t working & i’m starting to think i’m sol

howdy! that’s something you fix by scaling. in your computer’s settings, there should be a display thing. set that to 100 percent or so, and restart your computer. if 100 is too small, play around with it until you get a size you like!
i wish you luck!!
~mod iroha

Gabriel's Wings

Author: heyassbutt-oneshot

Original ImagineHere

Warnings: None

Word Count: 938

Summary: Imagine Gabriel letting you groom his wings frequently, but when you accidentally let it slip, Castiel tells you that Gabriel is trying to court you.

Fic/Link to Fic: AO3

Gabriel sat on your bed, stretching his wings. A few months ago, you would have freaked at the sight - Gabe was supposed to be dead, Lucifer had killed him, but you - and the Winchesters - had found out that he’d survived but couldn’t risk coming back until heaven had created a new hierarchy.


Ok so I told myself that I wouldn’t submit anymore music videos to you because I’m sure you don’t really enjoy watching them but I swear this is the last one

Deepest Apologies,

~A very mediocre video editor, mmrainey22


Illea Illustrated Issue 1 with Prince Nathaniel Schreave on the cover

Featuring: @nathaniel-schreave, @spencer-schreave, @aubrey-schreave

Thank you so much for the interviews!  Stay tuned for more Selection News by following @illeaillustrated​.  Tell us what you thought about the issue by sending us asks~! Want your character to be featured in the #Stylection? Check out our desktop Illea Illustrated site on tumblr to see the submission guidelines!

Editors’ Note:

Anya: AYYYYYYY!!! I can’t believe that this is already out! Illea Illustrated has been a plan of mine ever since I had joined the last Selection OC, and honestly it’s so heartwarming to see it be brought to life for this round of the Selection OC. I’m not much of a graphic designer/artist but I’ve always found it fun to edit and produce this kind of content, so YAY!! Finally got the opportunity to do this. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this issue of ILL2 and you’ll stay tuned for the next one. (P.S. check ILL2′s desktop theme/site for issue details, we usually do sneak peeks over there ;) )

Chris: I’m so happy to see this finally published! I joined this to see how it feels like to be in a project like this and I’m glad that such a talented and creative person as Anya gave me the opportunity to collab with her! I hope you enjoy reading the content of this and the rest of the future issues as well as answering the coming interviews… Thank you all <3

Wedding Bliss

Author: thenewmrsweasley

Original Imagine Link: http://supernaturalimagine.tumblr.com/post/76692509755/anonymous

Warnings: Alcohol, feeling unwelcome by your family

Word Count: 4237

Summary: Imagine Dean making you go to one of your family members’ weddings, which in an all-weekend event, and pretending to be your boyfriend in front of your family.

Fic/Link to Fic:

Throwing yourself face-first into the couch the air was knocked out of your lungs and the springs groaned under the drop.

“What’s up Kit Kat?” Dean asked from the chair next to you, he had been trying to read up on some of the stuff the Men of Letters had researched.

It didn’t take a genius to know that you were worried about something, but having lived with them for the past year and a half helped a bit.

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