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1989 BMW 325i

Among the many 3-Series configurations that were never made available to North American buyers was the handsome E30 wagon, or “Touring”, model. The Automobilist is proud to bring you this example, despite the fact that it has been lowered (or are the wheels are that oversized?), which was reportedly imported from Poland by a previous owner.

exo askbox meme 💌 send an emoji!

👑 what is the reason your bias is your bias?
🐺 tag someone who reminds you of sehun.
🍌 favorite chanyeol cover?
❤ post a selfie.
😤 favorite english lyric?
🐻 tag someone who reminds you of kai.
🎉 favorite thing about exo m?
🐩 candy, jjangah, or vivi?
🐙 describe chen in three emojis.
🐼 tag someone who reminds you of tao.
👅pick a body part from each member.
🐧 tag someone who reminds you of ksoo.
🐷 post your favorite kyungsoo meme.
🐶 tag someone who reminds you of chanyeol.
🐊 tag someone who reminds you of chen.
🎬 if your bias were to be the star of a movie, what kind of movie would it be?
🐕 tag someone who reminds you of baekhyun.
👽 what’s your dream collab?
💲 post your favorite suho meme.
💖 choose your visual: luhan or sehun?
🎤 record a voice note saying chogiwa danbeone neukkyeo.
🍦call me baby or call me monster?
🐑 tag someone who reminds you of lay.
🍆fmk: hyung line.
🌈 favorite thing about exo k?
🐰 tag someone who reminds you of suho.
🐉 tag someone who reminds you of kris.
🍕 post you favorite baekhyun meme.
💙 pick one personality trait from each member.
🎅 top christmas song?
🔪 imagine ot12 in the hunger games, order them from the first one to die to the winner.
🎀 favorite solo song?
💩 tag your 3 favorite shit-posters.
🌟 tag your 3 favorite gif editors.
🐛 tag someone who reminds you of luhan.
😻 what’s your favorite thing about xiumin?
👰 who do you think your parents would like more as your boyfriend?
⚠ if you were going on a date with baekhyun, where would you take him?
🍯 post your favorite kai meme.
🙈 tag a mutual you want to talk to.
💡 if you had to tattoo one exo lyric, which would it be?
💀how many hoodies do you think chanyeol has?
👻 favorite exo-cbx member?
💁 write a poem for your bias.
🌞 describe suho in three emojis.
🍻 does your bias and your bias wrecker get along?
🐱 tag someone who reminds you of xiumin.
♉ who shares your zodiac sign? do you think you’re alike?
🎵most played exo song?
💣would you rather marry sehun or suho?
💧if you were to be on a zombie apocalypse, which member would you pick to be with you?
🐄 who do you think would be the best dad?
🔮what’s you hogwarts house? sort the members into a house.
❌ favorite dancer: kai or chanyeol?
😌 how many saved urls do you have? name some of them.
👗who has the best fashion sense?
🎄you get to give ONE christmas gift to all nine members, what do you give them?
💄 junhee or baekhee?
💢 are you taller or shorter than kyungsoo?
🙌 who’s the one follower that always likes or reblogs your posts?
💕 fmk: maknae line.
💝 describe kai in three emojis.
🔥 list ot9 from less kinky to kinkiest.
⭕ what kind of youtube channel would your bias have?
😇 if you were to die right now, what would you tell exo?
😈 what’s the thing exo has done that made you have second-hand embarassment?
🎈 who do you think smells the nicest in exo?
💭 dream fanfic au?
📛 fmk: beagle-line
💵 if you were to go on a date with sehun, where would you take him?
👿 describe sehun in three emojis
👣 is your bias an introvert or an extrovert? and your bias wrecker?
🍬 which movie would you go see with lay?
🍦who do look up to the most in exo?
🍸take a screenshot of your lockscreen and post it.
⚽ describe xiumin in three emojis.
💯 favorite cbx song?
💌 which member do you think has the same kinks as you?
🐢 who’s your dream sub-unit?

Tumblr users themed questions
  • 1. What blogs are in the "Recommended blogs" section?
  • 2. How old were you when you made your blog(s)?
  • 3. Who is your best tumblr friend(s)?
  • 4. Which blogs are "Your most liked and reblogged blogs"
  • 5. How many blogs do you follow?
  • 6. Favorite tumblr editor(s)?
  • 7. Favorite blog(s)?
  • 8. How many followers do you have?
  • 9. Who made your icon?
  • 10. Who made your theme?
  • 11. Recommend 5 theme blogs
  • 12. How many likes do you have?
  • 13. Which blogs are your biggest fans?
  • 14. How many posts do you have?
  • 15. Do you share a blog with anyone? If so, who?
  • 16. Who do you get messages from the most?
  • 17. Who told you about tumblr?
  • 18. Why did you stay on tumblr?
  • 19. Do you consider yourself "tumblr famous" or famous in your fandom?
  • 20. What do you think people think when they hear your url?

198- Mercury Colony Park

The first automobiles were motorized horse carriages with little adornment but maybe a brass lamp or two.  

The fashion nowadays is for dramatic design that owes little to no allegience to the past. But for many of us who admire automobiles as works of art, it is often the details that harken back to an earlier time such as upright radiator grilles, chrome rain gutters, switches and levers, analog gauges, and even simulated wood, that we love the most.

solas-is-a-literal-egg  asked:

Would you be open to doing a post of what type of tumblr blog each DAI companion and advisor would run?

oCassandra: To the casual observer, Seeker_Pentaghast runs a highly organised blog promoting civic involvement, tips on self defense, positive religious posts and the occasional moving landscape photo reblog. But there are a scant few who know that this same blog- with its modest follow number and relatively conservative posts- is run by the same person who caretakes the widely popular Romance-Isn’t-Dead, which reviews both popular and indie novels and shows. It’s loved for the doting reviews on sappy romances as well as its harsh criticisms toward female bashing authors. There are also rumors that the official Swords and Shields fan club started there, but those are unfounded.

Solas: Fade-Dreams is a long historied blog. Magic, reblogs of essays and writings of his own, recent and ancient theories explained and made simple®. The blog was idle for a long time, and some people think that there is a new person running it, but it still has followers. There is a history of borderline racial elitist posts, however, and that hasn’t always been handled well when called out. Still its mostly an intellectual blog, and quiet enough.

Varric: Writing prompts, travel pictures, tavern reviews and shout outs to smaller blogs doing ‘the good work’.  Official-Varric-Tethras is run by his cut throat editor, but Kirkwall’s-Favorite-Native is the truly popular source of his online antics and also the Hanged Man’s official home page.

Vivienne: Elegance, magical theory and perhaps the most pro-circle mage run blog on the web, Madame_De-Fer created her own aesthetic and made it work. Most popular of her posts include reviews of famous paintings, fine restaurants, popular and archaic texts, and the -very occasional- couple photo that Bastian sneaks on when she’s distracted.

Blackwall: Warden_Blackwall was a blog that caused quite a lot on controversy for a time when it was discovered the the seeming warden running it was actually an imposter. After it was shut down Carving_a_Path made a few waves and won some followers back, as well as breaking into a new crowd with some truly elegant DIY home pieces and how-to carving videos.

Sera: Red_Jenny_69 is a call out blog liberally dashed with prank videos and truly interesting cookie recipes. Every time it gets banned it somehow ends up back online, and gets bolder with every challenge.

Dorian: DorianPavus is an uncreatively named blog whose contents are anything but. An amalgum of selfies, cosmetic tutorials, incomprehensible necromancy posts that are perfectly cited and sarcastic as hell toward southern academics, gay pride posts and pictures of Tevinter the blog has no real theme. Except, perhaps fittingly, its owner.

Iron Bull: Horns.Up is perhaps the most unexpected of all of them to newcomers, but hugely popular. Everything from self defense videos to sex advice, horrible fashion advice and heart warming encouragement posts. Everyone loves his posts, but he doesn’t follow many back and draws a hard line about what he reblogs.

Cole: Username is perhaps one of the oddest blogs on the web, with such odd posts that people can’t decide if its a bot or a blog run by someone with very severe ADHD. They also have a tendancy to send asks that keep receipients up at night looking for hidden cameras. Lots of pictures of rabbits.

Josephine: Antiva-Josie is a beautiful blog, with kind and thoughtful posts covering topics as varied as party planning and how to talk down an unstable friend. Her photos are mostly of Antiva and other places she’s traveled, along with pictures of her with friends and family, and lots of pintrest reblogs. Sweet and always answers her asks promptly.

Lelianna: Knivesbeforeniceness is a frightening mix of nug photos and disturbingly accurate news stories–that run about four hours ahead of press time. She was banned once, but rumor says that her blog was given a permanent pass after she showed up in corporate headquarters. 

Cullen: Ferelden-and-Proud is a blogg dedicated to blurry pictures of dogs, shortbread recipes, chess, and some of the rawest and soul bearing addiction posts ever published. Willing to help anyone who sends him an ask he is also famous for shutting down bullies hard and owning up to his past. He also follows any new mabari blog instantly and flooded his queue with his own puppy pictures when one finally came his way. 


I’m only in the introduction, but I am already excited about studying the collaboration between writer and editor in my favorite classic novel. There are quite a few different versions of Frankenstein, as it was republished several times with alterations to the text–most interestingly with different chapter and volume breaks. This edition was compiled from the earliest surviving (unpublished) manuscript, which was handwritten by Mary Shelley and edited by her husband between 1816 and 1817.

The Original Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (with Percy Shelley)


Still one of my favorite edits
Editor: unknown


199- Ford Festiva

As its sixth year in publication approaches, the Automobilist is proud to announce that it now has more than 1,000 followers on Tumblr. While perhaps a modest number, it is a milestone nevertheless. Thank you.

Speaking of modestly, here is a circa 1992 model of the greatest car the editor of this blog openly mocked when new – the Korean built Ford Festiva.


Don’t you just love it when after a new episode of Miraculous Ladybug you log onto tumblr and there are gifs of your favorite moments? Or when an editor fixes that scene in The Horrificator and lets our favorite pair kiss? Well I do too! However, sometimes editors don’t get a whole lot of appreciation. Sometimes if gifmakers don’t immediately get to editing they hear, “Well, where are the gifs?? It has been 30 minutes!”  Not to mention the times that their gifs get stolen and all the response they get is, “But they are just screenshots…. why are you getting so upset?”  Everyone needs some recognition every once in awhile and this is the time to recognize our editors!!

“But how???” you might ask. Glad you asked! Here are some suggestions!

  • Send some nice asks! Compliment their style and their coloring!
  • Send us some asks/submissions (on anon or not) and we will publish them as a post and tag them in it!
  • Make a post of your own and dedicate it to you favorite editors!

Another way for you to participate is to enter our editor secret santa (in August) where you will be paired off randomly with someone else that entered.  "But I cannot edit!“ you say. Don’t worry about it! This could be whatever you want! Gifs, graphics, fanart, fanfic, songs, videos, etc.!  Just something that you made :)

Another way for editors themselves to participate is to work on these prompts! These are prompts designed to showcase the difficulties that an editor might face and feature the skills necessary.

  • Day 1: 540px edits
  • Day 2: 268px edits
  • Day 3: 170px edits
  • Day 4: Colors
  • Day 5: Pastel Colors
  • Day 6: Dialogue or Typography
  • Day 7: Free Reign

To enter the Secret Santa just send an ask in saying that you want to participate and maybe some information about yourself! Stuff like what your favorite ships are or who your favorite characters are.

As a part of this appreciation week I created a list of the editors in the fandom so send them some love!  If I missed you while creating this or if I included you and you don’t want to be on the list please just let me know and I will work to fix the issue!

Overall, this week is just a time to show our wonderful editors how much we care and acknowledge the hard work that they put in! They don’t have to do this and the gifs don’t show up because of some magical gif fairy.  Editors put their time, sweat, and tears into their work and it’s about time that we acknowledge them.

thestorywillbegin  asked:

I was surprised that Harcourt is Editor K's favorite, and to the editorial dept. and the assistants, where did you get this? He's also one of my fav characters in the series and never thought he would be that popular, especially since I thought he's just a oneshot character in the Weston arc :D

From Yana’s blog and editor K’s twitter, of course! xD

[…] Actually, (Harcourt) was supposed to appear only in that one scene, but because editor K and my assistants kept telling me that he’s cute all the time, he has become a regular character in the boarding school arc.


[…] This is Harcourt […] who is extremely popular among the gentlemen in the GFantasy editorial department.

[…] My personal favourite character Harcourt-kun made a TV debut!!!


Editor K once even tried to get Harcourt on the cover of comicbook vol.16 xD

My last and biggest mission this year is to get Harcourt (a student from the boarding school arc) on the cover of the new Kuroshitsuji comicbook which is going to be released next year. It probably won’t happen, though.

Cranscott Week

Listen up nerds. Me and the trimberly dwarves discord server are hosting a cranscott week because they are severely under appreciated. Everyone can participate! Not just writers but artists, gif makers, and video editors as well.

  • Day 1: Favorite Quote
  • Day 2: Favorite AU
  • Day 3: Favorite Scene
  • Day 4: Favorite Headcannon
  • Day 5: NSFW (for all the sinners.. I know your out there)

Make sure to tag ur posts as such: #Cranscott Week Day 1

It’ll take place July 3-7. I’ll be reblogging the best posts for each day. I hope everyone can participate :)

Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things From the Week of July 30
Trending Star of the Week A confluence of events and news at the end of July conspired to boost "Arrow" star Emily Bett Rickards to the Top 10 of IMDb's STARmeter this past week. Not only did Rickards celebrate her birthday the day after San Diego Comic-Con, giving her fans plenty of reason to visit her name page on IMDb, but there was tremendous buzz at the event about the romantic future of Olicity (her character Felicity and Oliver, played by Stephen Amell. Both stars teased fans with the possibilities, and it seems many of them went to IMDb to find out more.

Brett Dalton and Elizabeth Henstridge, Phoenix ComicCon Fanfest 2016.


1970 Citroën DS 21 

Speaking of design triumphs, the iconic DS is nothing if not one of the best designs in automotive history. This handsome example was parked conspicuously outside the Baccarat Hotel on West 53rd Street. It sports two-tone paint, gold badges and a whimsical “Louis XV” vanity tag, and was not among those Dee Esses that gathered for the French car rally we covered back in 2011.