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So I remixed Twilight of the Apprentice to The Last Agni Kai because I like pain and also crying. Because why not, right? Enjoy!


Celebrate the 40-year legacy of Star Wars in this three-minute montage, accompanied by music from Michael Giacchino and footage from the entire saga. 

“The Force will be with you. Always.

While the cast and crew were filming “Spock’s Brain,” Psychologist Dr. Benjamin Spock was sentenced to three years in jail for his role in assisting draft evaders. The real-life Spock felt that the Vietnam War was unconstitutional and went so far as to sign the “Writers and Editors War Tax Protest” pledge, vowing to refuse tax payments in protest.

Remus and Tonks’ Infinite Life Playlist

Times Like These - The Eden Project (remadora)

Wonderwall - Ryan Adams cover (Remus to Dora)

Bloom - Paper Kites (Remus/Dora morning after wedding song)

Pasture - Down Like Silver (Dora after Mad-Eye’s death)

Suitcase - Joe Purdy (Dora to Remus during the height of the war)

I’m On Fire - Awolnation (Remus to Dora, upon first realizing he’s falling in love)

At War - Letters From The Fire (Remus, lovely Remus)

Flowers of a Ghost (I’m Only Human) - (REMADORA)

Tessellate - Alt-J (remadora’s ‘first time’)

Inside Out - Chainsmokers (Dora telling Remus she’s gonna love him, no matter how hard he tries to fight it)

Fall In Love - Barcelona (Listen to this song and tell me it’s not Remus to Dora, most especially when he’s with the wolves thinking of her)

 Lay Me Down - Sorah Yang cover (Dora to Remus while he’s with the wolves) 

So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold (Remus thinking of James and Sirius)

River - Bishop Briggs (DEFINITELY Dora to Remus, done with his back and forth nonsense)

Come As You Are - Prep School cover (Dora to Remus)

Bad Blood - Bastille (The Marauders)

Impossible Year - Panic! At the Disco (Angsty remadora)

Here’s to the Heartache - Nothing More (Remus to Dora)

Lovely - 21 Pilots (Dora to Remus tho)

Silence Summons You - Animal Kingdom (Dora to Remus)

All I Want - Kodaline (Dora missing Remus)

Heaven - Amber Run (Remus to Dora after accepting her love)

Human - Aquilo (Dora very firmly to Remus)

Butterfly - Crazy Town (Low-key probably playing in Remus’ head every time Dora was around)

Work Song - Hozier (Playing in Remus’ head as he ran off to battle, thinking of Dora)

Let Me Sign - Robert Pattinson (Remus as his resolve breaks and his fear of it all)

Blurry - Puddle of Mudd (Dora to Remus hardcore)

Creep - Radiohead (How could anyone not relate this to Remus)

Vulnerable - Secondhand Serenade (SO Dora to Remus)

You Really Got a Hold On Me - She & Him (Dora to Remus)

Where You Should Be - Skream (remadora)

Turning Page - Sleeping at Last (When Remus marries Dora)

Running Up that Hill - Placebo (Dora to Remus as she watches him struggle with loving her and being what he is)

Forever Young - Alphaville (Remus and Dora dancing, the world around them dark and heavy)

Meteor Shower - Owl City (remadora)

Unwell - Matchbox 20 (Dora, just…Dora)

Possibility - Lykke Li (Dora to Remus while she’s chasing him) 

Love Me Dead - Ludo (Playing 24/7 in Remus’ head about Dora when he gets angry about falling for her)

I Alone - Live (Remus, after finding out Dora is pregnant)

Fix You - Coldplay (Dora to Remus, good lord my heart)

Everywhere I Go - Lissie (Battle weary Dora, before Remus accepts her love)

Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys (HARDCORE remadora)

When You Were Young - The Killers (Dora)

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer (Remus to Dora on why they shouldn’t be in love)

Fields of Gold - Sting (remadora’s heaven song, can’t convince me otherwise)

I Caught Fire - The Used (Remus to Dora after they marry)

Boats & Birds - Gregory & the Hawk (Remus, Dora, & Teddy’s song)

Last Night On Earth - Greenday (remadora wedding dance song)

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls (Just imagine Remus singing this to Dora. Just do it)

Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin (Now imagine Dora singing this to Remus)

My Love - Sia (Playing in Dora’s head in the brief minutes between Remus’ death and her own)

Crave You - Flight Facilities (Smitten Dora to Remus before she realizes he loves her too)

Wrapped In Your Arms - FireFlight (Dora’s after-sex cuddle song)

I Know You Care - Ellie Goulding (Dora’s 2:30 am thoughts)

No Sound but the Wind - Editors (remadora war song)

Days Go By (acoustic) - Dirty Vegas (remadora)

White Flag - Dito (VIOLENTLY Dora to Remus)

Missing - City & Colour (Teddy to his parents)

Summer Skin - Death Cab for Cutie (remadora just after Dora tells Remus she loves him and he starts ignoring her, their once great friendship crumbling)

Love Song - The Cure (remadora - more 2:30 am thoughts)

Bedroom Eyes - Crywolf (Dora to Remus)

Never Tear Us Apart - Allday cover (remadora)

The Scientist - Coldplay (remadora right in the feels)

The Lonely - Christina Perri (Dora while Remus is ignoring her)

Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz (Heart-meltingly remadora)

Once - B. C. Kane (Dora to Remus, PLEASE listen)

Smother - Daughter (SO Dora about Remus while he’s ignoring her)

Beside You - Phidel (Dora to Remus, always)

Mother - Lissie (How Remus must feel about it all)

Take Me to Church - Hozier (Remus about Dora 25/7 probably)

Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New (So Remus to Dora while he’s away it hurts)

Wolves - Down Like Silver (remadora funeral song)

I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie (remadora’s death song)

You’re welcome and I’m sorry.

maxpowersimpsonskywalkerspock  asked:

It's funny how ppl say that Kylo Ren is everything Anakin should be...

it’s funny in the sense that they missed the point of anakin’s story.

like - he didn’t have to come from nothing. or, you know what, less than nothing; he didn’t have to come from slavery. he didn’t have to get screwed over by big government and theocratic institutions, he didn’t have to be strung along by palpatine, he didn’t have to be insecure and feel powerless.

but it makes the story better. 

people want to pretend the prequels are all about anakin turning into vader, but that’s just the face value of it; the prequels are really about vader earning his redemption, so it’s more than a guy who did wrong and was magnanimously evil his entire life suddenly making one good, whole, pure choice. that’s a beautiful story, sure - but it’s not as good as the one the prequels offer. 

the beauty of retroactively writing anakin the way they did was the deconstruction of the darth vader power complex people built in their heads. back during the OT, people thought he was rich, a lord of a system, that he was powerful - the PT destroyed that. suddenly, darth vader was a former slave, suddenly, darth vader was a desolate, pathetic human being. 

they showed you, blatantly, where evil would get you. they made one of the most popular, captivating, and mesmerizing villains in history powerless.

but, sure. anakin came from relative privilege, turned to the dark to acquire power, and spent twenty years terrorizing the galaxy before he magically decided, “oh, i’m going to the light now!” sure. 

keep your shitty narrative, vader dudebro fanboys. keep whining.

The Stupidest Death in all of Star Wars Legends

I’ve realized that a lot of my followers are not as familiar with the ins and outs of the old Expanded Universe as I am. So it’s story time.

Now, there were a lot of deaths in the NJO and onwards that didn’t do the character justice. Many off screen deaths. Many cheap deaths. Many deaths that didn’t really matter to the story. But nothing compares to Mon Mothma.

She didn’t really appear in the NJO. She’d been appearing less and less in the books in the Bantam era. And then suddenly in Star by Star, there was a ship called the Mon Mothma. Only after the book was already out did anyone remember “Uh… they only name ships after dead people.”

There are a lot of dumb deaths in the EU, but nothing can quite compare to killing a movie character off screen. Retroactively. By accident.


An American Airlines passenger flying from San Jose to Houston captured what appears to be the image of a flying saucer that landed and was giving off a series of luminous orbs into the sky. What makes it even stranger is that the unusual sighting occurred not far away from infamous Area 51. The witness, who asked to remain anonymous, said that when the phenomenon was spotted the plane was flying somewhere above Luning and Gabbs, in the Nevada desert, when he noticed a series of flashes from the desert.

According to Scott Warring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily: “This disk formation on the ground does have the appearance of a landed UFO on the ground.

“Gabby is about 140 miles southwest of Area 51. The person caught a cloaked (hidden) UFO in the area.

“The metallic of the UFO is partly exposed and I’m sure it wasn’t for long.

“This UFO is partly cloaked to look like the surrounding area. Some cloaks make UFOs appear as clouds, others invisible, this one…is trying to blend in with the surroundings.”

Some say its a giant Ivanpah Solar Power Facility….

Hate mail for Abraham Lincoln,

February 14th, 1861


Mr Abe Lincoln if you don’t Resign we are going to put a spider in your dumpling and play the Devil with you you god or mighty god dam sunnde of a bith go to hell and buss my Ass suck my prick and call my Bolics your uncle Dick god dam a fool and goddam Abe Lincoln who would like you goddam you excuse me for using such hard words with you but you need it you are nothing but a goddam Black nigger

Yours, &c. Mr A. G. Frick, 

 [PS] Tennessee Missouri Kentucky Virginia N. Carolina and Arkansas is going to secede Glory be to god on high!


Fillmore La November 25th, 1860

Old Abe Lincoln,

God damn you god damned old Hellfired god damned soul to hell god damn you and goddam your god damned family’s god damned hellfired god damned soul to hell and god damnation god damn them and god damn your god damn friends to hell god damn their god damned souls to damnation god damn them and god damn their god damn families to eternal god damnation god damn souls to hell god damn them and God Almighty God damn Old Hamlin to to hell God damn his God damned soul all over everywhere double damn his God damned soul to hell.

Now you God damned old Abolition son of a bitch God damn you I want you to send me God damn you about one dozen good offices Good God Almighty God damn your God damned soul and three or four pretty Gals God damn you.

And by doing God damn you you

Will Oblige

Pete Muggins

From Dear Mr. Lincoln, Letters to the President by Harold Holzer (editor)