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Hello Snicketards, I regret to inform you there is a conspicuous conspiracy surrounding Netflix’s new series based on the documents of Lemony Snicket. Is treachery afoot? YOU BE THE JUDGE as I break down the series of unfortunate twists and turns in this controversial calamity.

July 5th
- The trailer is posted by Eleanora Poe. The account was created one month prior. Eleanora Poe is the editor-in-cheif of The Daily Punctilio, which is the deceptive and faulty newspaper featured in the novels.

- The image of Eleanora on the aforementioned account is Laura Jean Libbey, a 19th and 20th century author who happened to write a book about a young heiress who is forced at gunpoint to marry so her husband can claim her inheritance.

July 6th
- Netlix claimes it is “not official” and “not from us”.

- Lemony Snicket owes Eleanora a gimlet. Netflix retweets this. The musician behind the music in the trailer retweets the trailer.

- After suspicion that Warner Music Group would not allow an unauthorized video to use the Dresden Dolls music - a link is found between the leader singer, Amanda Palmer and Daniel Handler. Handler’s band “The Gothic Archies” provided music for the audiobook of Coraline. Amanda Palmer is married to the author of Coraline.

- The trailer ends with the Netflix logo on a piece of parchment in a typewriter. A screenshot of this moment was found on multuple sites since at least June 2015. One was found on Reddit and another on AVClub.com.

- Jack Griffo (Nickelodeon’s “The Thundermans”) tweets that his friends created the video and it was done “for Netflix”.

July 7th

- The cinematographer’s Instagram post is found, with an image of Count Olaf’s silhouette on the screen of a camera. @JBrunoFilm claims it was made for Netflix’s series, declines to comment if he is involved with Netflix or the series itself. Claims the spot is “unofficial”. Fans pout.

- The website is found for the videos special effects. This team created effects for such high-profile projects as “American Horror Story” , “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”, “Hoovy” and several ride-films for SeaWorld. Likely, United Artists Coalition would be too high-profile a group to work on a YouTube fan video. Fans regain their faith.

- Eleanora Poe joins Twitter. To date, she has one tweet. She follows users such as Daniel Handler, Amanda Palmer, Warner Music Group, Netflix and JBrunoFilms; among others.

- Astute fans notice a phone number on Eleanora’s Twitter page. When dialed, a woman announces the caller has reached the Daily Punctilio and instructs them to leave a message. The number is registered in California. Fans cheer.


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