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So, let’s take a tally here: Marvel Editor in Cheif is an Anti, the CEO is a Trump Donor and Advisor, and the writer of their multi-million dollar event is a former-Republican Politician who made an Anti-fascist into a fascist, wrote College students wanting Safe Spaces as an anti-American Terrorist Group and had a black superhero apologize for being into Civil Rights in the past.

It’s like Marvel is being run by the exact people who sent death threats to Simon an Kirby in the 40’s.

Yet the Right screams their lungs out that a couple racially diverse characters means their SJW Cucks. SMH. Sorry y'all get only 95% of what y'all want.

Modern! High School AU Newsies Headcanons part 1?

This is gonna be long but i thought it was better to have them together than to have them all in different asks. Tagging @vivilevone bc she needs inspiration for her newsies fics so here you go! :)

These mostly came from a javid fan fic that i was planning but am probably never going to write. So, enjoy!

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The Devil wears Prada AU. Yuuri begins working at a fashion magazine not because he’s interested in fashion, but because he wants to the closer to the editor in cheif, Viktor. He’s got a lot to learn! 

I expect to do some more drawing of this AU so keep posted if you like it!


This is a great example of how thoroughly corrupt and dishonest the gaming media is.

The timeline is simple:

Mark Kern, a noted game developer (worked on WoW and Star Craft) put up a petition

Then VG247, a gaming media website - its editor in cheif, puts up an editorial saying that gamergate is shit, and that game developers better stay from that petition - because if you sign it, then the gaming media will know who you are and you might end up blacklisted when it comes to getting your future games promoted.

Kern in turn posts this a few days later: https://www.change.org/p/kotaku-lead-the-way-in-healing-the-rift-in-video-games/u/9806206?recruiter=10318792&utm_source=share_update&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive

The TL:DR is that he contacted VG247’s editor in chief, asking to be allowed to post a rebutal to that editorial in the form of a letter to the editor… and is denied, because “This isn’t something we’re interested in, thank you”

This is gamergate in a fucking nutshell. When even a game dev wants to talk to the gaming media, to help them tone down the toxic rhetoric about how gamers are scum (which inspired that lovely SVU episode) he is denied.

That said, there is also good news: Totalbiscuit has offered Kern to come onto his show (I’m assuming this would be the Co-optional podcast) - and talk about this - and that show has far more viewers than VG247 anyway, so that’s all the better.