• houses and buildings will usually indicate where you want to put the dirt paths
  • don’t go full green you wont be able to see anything
  • if you make a mistake don’t save the game just exit, fix it and import the new garden_plus
  • it WILL take awhile but with enough determination…

…its gonna look like this❤️️

We are Looking for an Editor

So, we have decided that what we need now more than a podcast host is a good editor. In regards to the podcast, there are plans for continuing that, and we will have a second post about that later on today. 

In regards to the job we have a couple basic requirements:

  • You must be over 18 
  • We will need you to be able to make weekly Skype meetings to discuss business
  • We only hire queer people 
  • We need a reliable worker, who is willing to take on additional tasks for the project
  • Passion for queer history, we are a small project so we want people who care
  • Need to be fluent in English 

And as for the job itself you will need to edit an article a week, and there will be secondary duties, such as:

  • Posting on social media
  • Sometimes writing an article or two when I am out sick/need a break
  • Discussing the project and ideas with me
  • Networking and making contacts for the project

We want to stress now that this is a paid position and we want the person we take on to treat it as such. As for payment we aren’t able to offer much right now as we are still a small project, it will start with a fixed rate of 100 USD a month and half of all one time donations. But as we grow so will your pay.

If you want to apply please send in your resume @ queerhistorypatreon@gmail.com with your Skype name, and we will contact you through there if we decide to follow up and we will do a Skype interview to see how you will fit in the project then take a couple days and come back to you with a decision. So thank you to everyone who is able to apply, and good luck!

The Screwdriver Editor

It was a while since last post, core team was(and kinda still is) busy shitting bricks how lighting works UnrealEngine4. So to compensate we will share more info something more tangible than concept art and lore.

(top side editor view, bottom in-game render)

The Screwdriver Editor (SDE in the future). Probably our biggest time investment in the project, took us around a whooping 1 year to develop a standalone piece of custom software which is nicely synchronized with UE4. 

So why spend so much resources on just one tool? Wouldn’t it better to work on in-game mechanics and content? Several reasons:

1st Game is in its nature is supposed to be an oldschool-ish RPG where player has decent freedom of movement. Which often requires quite big world compared to more linear games, which is quite a task for a small team like us. Solution was to rely on reusable assets with grid-based placement for simplicity, something UE isn’t tailored for. And by having editor at our disposal, something trivial like creating a building is matter of hours not days.

2nd Screwdriver changed as concept. Initially game was supposed to be 2.5D game with 2d scenery and 3d characters, which seemed reasonable with artist+programmer duo as core team. Sadly UE while “supports” 2d games, it done quite poorly, specially on level design perspective. Which is also why our floors have this specific 2d feel, thats one of few things which survived concept change - tile-based floor creation. Which lets efficiently creating detailed floor with interesting look with minimal effort, something also not possible in UE alone.

(floor tiles in SDE)

3. SDE is quite good chore reducing tool. While it doesn’t sound too impressive, things like automatic sorting of items where they belong on the level saves up lots of time on low man-power team.

So what does all of this means? Firstly a decent developed big world to explore in solo campaign without simplifying it drastically or hurting visual aspect. Secondly after game is finished, SDE can be potentially reused for expansions(or modding) making next delivery much faster. Thirdly, its a very cool thing i wanted to show off.

(general look of SDE)

This puts some smaller limitations on our games. I already mentioned grid based placement of building geometry, this will result in many buildings having similar angle like in old isometric games. Insignificant downside, given plenty of modern games have same approach without people really seeing it as a downside. Additional limitation for us would be no camera rotation, something what can be softened by proper level design.

(top in-game render, bottom SDE view)

In conclusion

A solid tool, optimizing workflow and giving a game its own look. 

“Thagore từng nói, khoảng cách xa xôi nhất trên thế giới, không phải sống và chết, mà là em đứng trước mặt anh, nhưng anh lại không biết em yêu anh”

  • Khoảng cách xa xôi nhất trên thế giới, không phải em đứng ở trước mặt anh nhưng anh lại không biết em yêu anh, mà là biết rõ là yêu nhau nhưng lại không thể cùng nhau.
  • Khoảng cánh xa xôi nhất trên thế giới, không phải biết rõ là yêu nhau nhưng lại không thể cùng nhau, mà rõ ràng là nhớ nhau không cách nào chống cự nhưng còn phải cố ý đóng giả không quan tâm nhau chút nào.
  • Khoảng cách xa xôi nhất trên thế giới, không phải rõ ràng là nhớ nhau không cách nào chống cự nhưng còn phải cố ý đóng giả không quan tâm nhau chút nào, mà là đối mặt với người yêu bạn, dùng trái tim lạnh lùng, tạo thành một con sông rộng không cách nào vượt qua.
  • Khoảng cách xa xôi nhất trên thế giới, không phải em không thể nói em yêu anh, mà là nhớ anh thống triệt tâm tỳ nhưng chỉ có thể chôn sâu ở đáy lòng…

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The Smart Set by Kevin Lightner

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<br />Thanks to Luis Cesar