battle of the low notes : mingyu and wonwoo editon

So Fire emblem Fates is going to be sold in Usa in 3 weeks or something.
I know everyone is excited and all, I’d be too, but I can’t because I still don’t have an official relase date for Europe or Italy, so I have no idea when I can play at them. Said so, I know a lot of you are following me for fire emblem comics or fanart or shipping charts but, I beg you all, since I can’t play the game with you all guys, PLEASE, don’t write me messages about plot things in the game, don’t ask me do draw fanart of characters or shipping art, since I still have no idea who the characters are or how they are like in game, asides the already super popular ones.
I prefer to keep this blog active with queue and various art and don’t do a drastic log out until we don’t get the game. Please, I beg you all, it’s already hard like this.



Kim Namjoon (Humanities Professor):  No matter how much you tried to deny it, you knew you had a thing for older men. They just seem to give you a more manly, more experienced vibe. At first, you believed it was just a phase, that’s until you started fantasizing about your Humanities Professor. You’d sit in class, mesmerized by the way his tongue peeked out to lick his plump lips as he talked. His voice so deep, it send a pulsing sensation throughout your body. It started to come to the point where you would find yourself constantly taking in deep breaths to control the urges. 

The class was going by slower than usual, not that you mind, but after busting an all nighter, your eyes could no long stay open. Your head slowly began to lower itself, until it finally rested in between your folded arms. Unsurprisingly, you began to dream about Namjoon, and it felt ever so real. The way his hands tightly gripped onto yours, as he pinned you down onto the bed. The way his tongue gently glided over your nipples and just slightly over your stomach, where he begans to place small wet kisses instead. Your legs spread wide, as he moved closer and closer to where your thighs met. 

You: “Mmmm Daddy….oh Namjoon…” you moaned in your dream. Or so you thought. 

The loud sudden sound of the school bell made you almost jump to your feet. You quickly put your stuff away when you noticed your peers eyeing you with huge smirks on their faces, but you chose to ignore it. Like always you were the last one to leave.

Namjoon: “Ms/Mr. y/l/n can I ask you something?” He said softly, stopping you almost half way out the door. Your stomach immediately dropped at the sound of your name escaping his lips, your mind racing with thoughts - what if he knows?-  You turned around slowly and walked until you were face to face with him, feeling your throat constrict, as panic rose like bile inside you.

You: “Yes Nam….I mean Professor Kim?” You said shyly, feeling your cheeks start to heat up.He raised a brow, his tongue peeking out slowly to lick his bottom lip, giving you that automatic response to gulp. A wide smirk formed on his lips seeing how vulnerable you looked in front of him. 

Namjoon: “May I ask what you were dreaming about in class?” He raised a brow, as he gently bit down onto his bottom lip. No words could escape your lips, instead you stared blankly at him, making him smile even more. 

Namjoon: “Well?…” He said impatiently.

You: “uh, I….don’t know what you mean professor Kim,” you chuckled nervously. He passed his long slender fingers through his blonde hair, leaning back onto his chair to inspect you closely. 

Namjoon: “Is that so? Well, explain why you moaned out my name…” He said, flashing you a malicious grin.  Your mouth dropped in utter shock, that explained why everyone was laughing at you at the end of class. 

You: “I’m so sorry, I didn’t…” Before you could even finish, Namjoon had risen from his chair and pushed you against the nearest wall. 

Namjoon: “Don’t say sorry. I found your moaning to be quite sexy, baby…” he whispered softly in your ear. “Now, let daddy give you an actual reason to moan this time…” 

The Signs as Pick Up Lines (Spicy Editon)
  • Aries:Did it hurt when you fell from heaven, because have sex with me.
  • Taurus:Pizza is my second favorite thing to eat in bed.
  • Gemini:If i were you, i'd have sex with me.
  • Cancer:
  • Leo:My name’s [your name]. Just so you know what to scream.
  • Virgo:I’m conducting a survey on the taste of vaginas. Wanna be my first
  • Libra:I might not go down in history, but I'll go down on you.
  • Scorpio:Your shirt has to go, but you can stay.
  • Sagittarius:We’ll probably never see each other again, so let’s screw.
  • Capricorn:You're on my list of things to do tonight.
  • Aquarius:Is that a mirror in your pocket? Because i can see myself in your pants.
  • Pisces:I’m a starving artist and I want to eat you.