There is so much to say in every detail. That is so nice from DA.
The bride’s bouquet :
For Mary, one minimalist, elegant but cold and haughty
For Edith, one conventional, shy, delicate and naive
For Daisy, one unaffected, with soft colors, but pale and vanishing shades
And for Anna, the most lovely bouquet, probably,made by herself with what she could pick up in the garden or along a country path. Natural and the simplest one, rose and yellow, full of grace, love and joy.


Downton Abbey proposals downstairs

Sometimes it’s not very directly asked and answered. Fortunately some do understand what you mean.
Sometimes one will answer for you
Sometimes you may regret not accepting
Sometimes it’s better not to accept

But love is always a wonderful thing

“I envy you Mr Bates. I’d love to go stalking at Duneagle. But then I suppose you won’t be out on the hill much. Not with your leg.”

Missing line from Downton Abbey S3 CS The complete scripts p 478.

Happy now Thomas ? Anna in jail and Bates staying home to remain close to her, you can play the valet and enjoy a new stalking party.
Do you really believe you did good ? Any remorse ? Just go to hell.