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❝ I’ve known Sunggyu for quite a long time but I was never that close with him until now. Infinite…. hm, I always thought they are amazing and I listen to their music a lot. I think they are where they are because they are talented, but also because they have such a good leader. Sunggyu oppa is a really good person and I’m lucky to be his friend. He really knows how to be supportive, so I wanna thank him. I’ve learned a lot from him ❞ – for kxsg

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“Mister Sehun–”
     "Yah, stop calling me mister!“
"Ne, let’s just move on now! He used to take pictures of me, he always told me what I was doing wrong and if he liked the way I was…… modeling?”
     "You mean posing?“
"Right! I bought him coffee a few times and this one time I actually heard him singing and I knew I wanted him to feature in one of my songs– it was hard to make him say yes, stubborn that kid… but he ended up doing it and we even performed a few times, it was fun!”
     "Yeah, I wanna say thank you to Minah noona for giving me that opportunity, I will be grateful for a very long time.“ – for 


You have one new voicemail; 

❝ Oppa… you didn’t answer my calls today even though you promised to keep your phone with you no matter what. But it’s okay, I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. You know, I worry about you quite a lot, the thing you do… ah, really, it’s not safe. I hope everything is fine, I’ll buy you dinner later, ne? Take care. ❞ – for kimyukxon

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❝ The first time I met Daehyun was at the backstage of Music Bank. We met there for a few times and I used to think that this guy is very nice and I’d like to be friends with him. I actually got a chance to do a few photoshoots with him and after that we really did become friends. I think that’s very nice. ❞ – for dvhyn