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Lance is from that one episode with the mermaids but with legs, so he’s either half or they can do that or something

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i had actually thought this was NSFW and feared it acutally was as I googled what kabedon was-and let me say gOD BLESS YOU FOR ASKING THIS CAUSE THIS IS THE MUST NEED IN EVERY PERSON’S LIFE!! AHHHH

[EDITl there’s a part 2 now!!!- http://kisekinodweebs.tumblr.com/post/122209108020/the-kabe-don-scenario-was-really-endearing ]

-Admin Nanacchi  

You were already standing against a wall when it happened. Kuroko had suddenly appeared in your field of vision, nearly scaring you out of your shoes. He harshly slammed his hand against the wall; placing it close your head. Leaning down, he looked at you with a serious expression. Heart beating fast, you closed your eyes anticipating whatever was to come. “____-chan.” He said. Not answering, you took a sneak peek at him only to have him lean his forehead on yours, eyes smiling. “Don’t ignore me ____-chan.”

Rolling your eyes at the sight of your boyfriend laying around the roof, you clicked your tongue, “Aomine, hurry up you need to go to practice be-wH-”you shouted as you were cut off and pushed against a wall. Aomine smirked as he leaned over you. Hand above your head, he looked down at you. You had made a cute an expression as you flinched at his sudden movements. Cute, definitely cute.

Kise…” You hesitantly said.
“Yes ____cchi?” 
“Kabedon doesn’t work like this.” You pushed him a bit, trying to get out of his hug. Initially when you said you wanted to do kabedon with him, he was ecstatic. Kise had been talking non-stop, asking what he needed to do-he was trying to give you the perfect first-kabedon. Finding the opportunity a few minutes before class started, Kise had seen you putting your books in your locker alone. Slamming your locker closed, Kise looked at you from above, seeing the light blush that formed on your face. Let’s just say he got a bit too excited and dove in for a hug because you looked too adorable for him to resist.

You had been waiting outside for Midorima to come out from practice to walk you home. Looking down at your phone, you didn’t notice your boyfriend coming out the gym with Takao. Snickering, Takao looked at you and Midorima and back at you. Perfect. 
As the two got closer to you, Takao pushed Midorima causing him to flail slightly. His hand slammed against the wall; body close to yours; face to face. You two looked surprised and nervously at each other, both blushing at the random act. “KABE-DONNNNN!” 

Murasakibara had two problems: his never-ending hunger for snacks and his height.  When you told him about kabe-don and how it was a literal dream of yours for him to do it to you, he had said no. It wasn’t until you bribed him with two packs of chips that he agreed to do so. Let’s just say when he attempted to do so, he couldn’t seem to place his hand in the right spot because he wouldn’t know where you were. 

Akashi moved forward, staring at you intensely. You gulped. “So why did that boy talk to you ____?”
“N-No reason at all Akashi..”
It didn’t seem possible, but Akashi shifted even closer to you. You could feel his breath teasing your lips. He smirked. “Really? Guess I have to get the truth out of you,” he whispered as he leaned towards you for a kiss.

Kagami…” You fidgeted a bit nervously. Here was your boyfriend pinning you against a wall, one hand above your head, the other caressing your cheek.
“Hmmm?” He looked at you with a lazy stare. 
You watched as Kagami fell to the ground, with Riko behind him. She was pulling him away while yelling at him for pinning you against a wall and for also ditching practice to do something stupid.