Hey Changmin! You should stop eating that thing and read what I’m writing. Ahh…you’re gonna be one year older? For me, you’re just like the very 1st day we met. I mean your innocence. But you’ve changed many things. I mean your muscles…yeah your muscles are the problem of DBSK. I’m sooo scared seeing you exercising everyday. One more thing you’ve changed…you’re smart and brave. You’re a good boy. A little sweet boy for us. If I were your MOM, I’d be very, very proud of you. Changminah….I know you’re gonna cry when you read this. Oh Noooo !!!!!!!!!! You’re not crying? But I’m crying you know. You can be more grown up all right. You’re too tall so could you please give me your height on my b-day? And on your b-day I’ll share you this beauty. You’re thinking I’m writing too much right?
That’s it….that’s why you’re not growing up cuz you gotta be touched with you (??) ….I know I’m really writing too much
Happy b-day Changmin. I dont know what to bless you. I believe whatever you want, you can make it. I’ll be next to you to support you.