Would you rather...(EXO editition)

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0. Who is your bias?
1. Would you rather get stranded in shark-infested waters or stuck on a cliff with him?
2. Would you rather make him disappear in a magic trick or him make you disappear?
3. Would you rather know him as a child or a senior citizen?
4. Would you rather wash his feet or clean his ears?
5. Would you rather lose his most prized possession (and you can’t replace it) or him lose yours?
6. Would you rather walk on coals to save his life or walk on a bed of nails?
7. Would you rather wear his sweaty shirt or him wear yours (pretend it’s a big shirt okay)?
8. Would you rather him shave you bald but it comes back after two years or shave him bald but he’s bald forever?
9. Would you rather lose the ability to hear him or him lose the ability to talk to you?
10. Would you rather ask him to marry you and be rejected or him never have the guts to ask you?

0. Tao
1.stuck on a cliff
2.him make me disappear (if i made that ray of sunlight disappear I’d never forgive myself)
3.A child! (Oh just imaginine going on play dates with baby honey peach 😭)
4. His feet (if you clean someone’s ears wrong you can hurt them….also I can’t reach his ears)
5. Him lose mine( mine is just a little raggedy goose that used to play music when I had nightmares. I’m sure he could comfort me if I had a nightmare)
6. Oh my gosh who wrote these?!?! Coals I guess since I’m a dancer I have developed calluses on certain parts of my feet which might help)
7.Omg his shirt definitely his shirt( I hear he smells like a dream😂)
8. Him shave me bald (I can wear a wig but his beautiful hair mm no)
9. Lose the ability to hear him(I would definitely miss his voice but he speaks sign language so it’s all good)
10. Hahaha am I insane I don’t understand why I’d turn him down so probably him not have the guts to ask me (worst comes to worst I’d propose 😅)

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Eh, you'd have stellar growths and access to good skills to make up for it. There are some pretty useless personal skills out there, gotta say. Tsukuyomi gets nothing when he's level capped, and I'm not a fan of pair-up-required benefits... PLUS this way, you can't be near Hinata for risk of crippling yourself so I can steal him away... Muahahahahaha...!

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Btw I would totally still S-Support Hinata even with the cripple!!!

*editit: I would love those bonuses tho. Plus I could still bang Ryouma in a serious playthrough~!

As the anniversary approaches for one of the most tragic events, affecting millions along the Gulf Coast, let us join together in capitalizing on this terrible event, with a limited editition Hurricane Katrina Snowglobe. Yes, my friends, nothing says more about where we’ve ended up after 10 years that making a quick $45 ($15 for shipping) on the backs of hundreds of deaths, countless numbers of people who’s lives were uprooted, if not completely destroyed!

It plays “When The Saints Go Marching In” because OF COURSE IT DOES. IT’S NOLA, BABY!!!! Drew Brees! Gumbo! Jambalaya! Mardi Gras! Brass Bands! It’s all right here!! Culture for sale, just like ya momma used to make!

Artisnally created (just like all good new NOLA things) by artist Brad Maltby, who may or may not even BE from New Orleans, this one-of-a-kind piece will symbolize everything you used to love about New Orleans, smothered and drowned in a rising tide of bullshit that no one seems to ever realize is happening. Just like when folks didn’t evacuate for the storm! Who Dat!!

So get yours now! Display it on your repurposed mantle in the $650,000, 1534 sq foot house you just bought in the Bywater, and let all your friends know that you’re just as big a piece of shit as the pile of excrement who created this. ONLY IN NEAUXLA, YALL!
- Jonathan M Pretus

SMH… Wow!