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It features different piano parts and more violin instrument.

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Amy sits in the chair in front of Missy’s vanity still as a statue. Missy is applying the finishing touches on her makeup. The mirror is covered up and Missy won’t let her see herself until she has finished her work. The entire time she has been chatting in a steady stream that Amy can hardly keep up with. Mostly about what to expect at prom, who is dating who. How the ride in the limo will be awkward because couple broke up and are now bringing other people.

“I am glad I won’t be in that car then.” Amy says making polite conversation.

“You know you can ride in the limo with me and my friends, right?” Missy asks Amy “There is plenty of room. You don’t have to drive to your own prom.” It had been bothering Missy that Amy would have to drive herself and Sheldon to prom.

“I don’t mind.” Amy tells her. “If Sheldon starts feeling overwhelmed I want to be able to leave quickly. If he feels like he is stuck there, it will just make it worse. Being in a limo with six other people would be unbearable to him.” Amy says honestly. She had not been fishing for an invite.

“If Sheldon were my date. I would be forcing him in that limo whether he liked it or not.” Missy laughs. “You really understand him… I try and try to understand him but I just can’t.”

“I feel bad enough I am making him take me to prom. I can at least make everything else easier for him.” Amy sighs.

“Well Sheldon should be thanking his lucky stars he GETS to take you to prom.” Missy tells her picking up a curling iron and starting on Amy’s hair.

“Don’t even bother trying to curl my hair. The curl won’t last long enough to even take a picture of it.” Amy tells her sadly

“You underestimate my powers.” Missy tells her. “Give me a couple cans of aquanet and I can do anything. When I used to do beauty pageants I learned all sorts of tricks.” Missy tells her brushing out her hair. “I am going to make you look amazing, just you wait and see.”

“Fine, I succumb to your wishes.” Amy says feeling like a life sized Barbie doll. Already today she had been to the nail salon where she had her very first manicure. She could not help but keep staring at her glossy french tipped fingers. There was much more to getting ready for prom than Amy even imagined.

When she had come home with the dress that Mary and Meemaw had purchased her mother had been horrified at first. Giving her the speech about not accepting charity. Amy assured her that she would be paying the dress off by tutoring Sheldon’s brother. They had tried letting Sheldon help him, but it always ended up with Sheldon insulting George and George beating up Sheldon. Since the dress was not a gift, and an early form of payment for services her mother felt much better. Much to Amy’s surprise her mother had been on board with much of the prom preparations. Even giving her the money to get her nails done. A luxury that she normally would never approve of.

“Alright miss thang! You ready to see yourself?” Missy asks as she finishes her hair.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Amy tells her nervously as Missy pulls the blanket off the mirror. “Omigosh!” Amy says staring at herself in the mirror.

“What do you think?” Missy asks.

“I think I am going to cry.” Amy tells her.

“Whatever you do don’t cry! You will ruin two hours worth of work.” Missy tells her hugging her shoulders.


“Shelly hold still while I fix your bowtie.” Mary fusses at him as she unties the bow tie for the third time. “Now we got Amy’s corsage in the fridge along with your boutonniere.” She reminds him and he sighs. He hated being messed with and for the better part of an hour his mother had been fussing with him.

“You seem to have everything covered perhaps you would like to go to prom in my stead?” He says only half joking. The more he thought about the dance the more he wanted to lock himself in his room and not come out. What had he been thinking agreeing to go to this nonsense willingly? If it could be just he and Amy dancing alone he would be fine, but there was all the rest of his classmates. The thought of all those bodies in one confined space was starting to make him feel light headed.

“What’s wrong Shelly bean?” Mary says sensing the anxiety rising in her son.

“I don’t think I can do this… I know I promised Amy… But Oh dear.” He says sitting on the edge of his bed with his face in his hands. “It was one thing when it was just an abstract thought of a dance. Now it is too real. There is too much pressure.”

“You are going to have the time of your life! Just you wait and see!” Mary exclaims and he shakes his head. “Think of it this way Shelly, You have the rest of your life to be a serious, studious old fuddy duddy. You may only have a few more months at most to be with Amy. Believe me Shelly this will be a night Amy will remember the rest of her life. Make it a good one for her, okay?” Mary implores and Sheldon looks stricken.

“What do you mean a few more months to be with Amy?” He asks looking up at her from between his fingers.

“Well I just know you are going off to college and Amy is going off to college. I know ya’ll will make it work somehow, but it also does not hurt to appreciate her while you still got her.” Mary says winking at him. Sheldon had not told his mother that Amy could be going to Caltech with him. Not that it mattered anyway, he had made up his mind to tell Amy to go to Harvard. After all the things she had done for him the least he could do was not hold her back.

“I suppose you are right.” He agrees.

“You are darn straight, I am right.. now wait until you see Amy! You two will look so good as Prom King and Queen!” Mary tells him.

“That is another thing! What are the duties of a Prom King? Will I be asked to make a speech if I win? Mother you know I have a fear of public speaking.” He says starting to panic again when Missy walks into the room.

“Amy is almost ready! Are you ready Sheldon?” She asks and he shakes his head.

“No I am not ready! I can’t do this!” He says putting his head between his knees.

“What is he going on about?” Missy moans.

“He is worried that he will have to give a speech if he wins Prom King.” Mary sighs and Missy rolls her eyes and plops next to Sheldon.

“Listen Sheldon, you ain’t going to make a speech, or even go on stage at all. Only the winners got on stage and you ain’t going to win.”

“How do you know, I’m not going to win?” Sheldon asks annoyed.

“Think about it Shelly. The kids who vote are the same kids you have spent years being teased and being beaten up by! They ain’t going to vote for you!”

“Missy!” Mary says appalled at her daughter’s attempt to comfort her brother.

“You promise I won’t win and have to give a speech?” Sheldon asks.

“Even if by some crazy miracle you did somehow win you don’t make a speech. You just go up on stage and take your crown, dance one dance with Amy and then that’s it.”

“Thank you, that does make me feel better.” He tells her.

“Good! I am going to get Amy and when I knock on the door you come out and see her.” Missy says popping up and racing out the door.

“Amy looks like a vision in her dress, just wait until you see her.” Mary says grabbing his arm and hauling him up. Sheldon wants to tell her that he did see her. That he saw her at the department store, and she was right, she was a vision. Before he can get the words out there is a knock on the door. He licks his lips nervously, once he sees her there will be going back. His mother opens the door for him and he steps out nervously. He is annoyed to see just Missy standing there.

“Where’s Amy?” He asks and Missy steps aside to reveal Amy.

Sheldon starts to feel light headed again as Amy emerges from behind his sister. He had seen her in the dress from a distance, but up close she looked like a drawing from the fairytale books his mother used to read him when he was sick. Even more breathtaking than Cinderella or Princess Punchali.

“Here she is! Doesn’t she look beautiful?” Missy asks and Amy looks up at him hopefully. He wants to say something… Anything but his throat feels thick like he just swallowed cement.

As if in a trance Amy is drawn to him, her dress made her feel like a princess and Sheldon was the embodiment of a handsome prince tonight.

“Hoo!” Amy blurts out while blushing furiously.

“You look so handsome, Sheldon.” Amy tells him cheeks still burning she smiles at him and he nods weakly and manages to squeak out a thank you.

“Come on you two we better get going to Meemaws to take pictures while it’s still light out.” Mary says leading the charge down the hall.

They drive the short distance to Meemaws house to take pictures in her garden. Sheldon does not think that he has had his picture taken so many times in his life. He begins to wonder if his mother is fearful that she will forget what he looks like. They take pictures of him giving Amy the corsage, they take pictures of her putting on his boutonnier. It is all very exhausting and the event has not even started yet.

They make Amy stand in front of him and have him wrap his arms around her waist as they stand in front of the flower arch. Amy tilts her neck up to whisper to him and she is so small he has to lean down to hear her.

“This is our last picture tonight I promise. Thank you for doing this.” She whispers in his ear.

“Oh, it’s not so bad.” He whispers back to her enjoying the way her silk covered body feels under his hands. How her warm breath tickles his neck.

“That is adorable! Stay like that!” Mary yells snapping a picture of them staring adoringly into each other’s eyes.

“Alright that was the last one!” Amy yells breaking away from Sheldon. “We got to get a move on!” She says tugging Sheldon with her.

“Just a few more!” Meemaw yells.

“You heard her, we have to go.” Sheldon says and they continue taking pictures even as they climb into Amy’s car.

Amy drives them to the hotel and they park the car. Sheldon takes her by the elbow like a gentleman and walks her into the ballroom. The ballroom is completely transformed and is absolutely beautiful. There is a arching staircase that looks like the entrance to a castle. The streamers are silver and ice blue almost the same color as her dress.

“Once Upon a Dream.” Sheldon reads the banner then gives her a stern look. “Did you help in planning this?” He asks suspiciously.

“Of course not!” Amy giggles. “The decor’s similarity to my attire is purely coincidental.” Amy watches a line of couples waiting to get their picture taken by the castle.“

"You want to get our picture taken?” He asks her leading her over to the couples.

“We don’t have to.” Amy says not wanting to force him into anything.

“Amy we are already here, if you want to get our picture taken by the castle we might as well do it.”

“Well if you insist.” Amy giggles joining the line of couples. The photographer makes them pose similar to what Sheldon’s mother had. Amy in front and Sheldon’s arms around her. Only they make Amy stand on a soapbox so that he can get both of them in the frame.

“What shall we do next?” Sheldon asks nervously eyeing the dance floor that is already filling up with bodies.

“Why don’t we just find a table and sit down for a while.” Amy tells him and he looks grateful as they head to a small table covered with a shiny blue table cloth and covered in confetti shaped like stars and castles.

“Did you know the singular of confetti is confetto?” Sheldon asks her picking up a castle confetto and handing it to her.

“That is an amusing factoid. Did you know that prom came from the word…”

“Promenade, meaning a stroll or walk, especially in a public place, as for pleasure or display.” Sheldon finishes and she beams at him.

“Is there anything that you don’t know?” She says lovingly and he grins at her.

“None that I will admit to.” He says winking and she giggles and the song changes to a loud raucous one. The couples on the dance floor start dancing suggestively. Grinding against each other in a way that makes Amy blush.

“I bet you don’t know the name of this song?” Amy teases him.

“I most certainly do not.” He agrees.

“Pony by Ginuwine… Your sister made me listen to it while we were getting ready.” Amy tells him and he looks at her with a bewildered expression.

“You don’t want to dance like that.. Do you?” He asks nervously and Amy almost laughs out loud. Even if she did, which she didn’t, she could never picture Sheldon pulling a Patrick swayze out on the dance floor. All she wanted was one slow dance and that was enough for her.

“Of course not!” Amy says.

“Oh thank god!” Sheldon says relieved. “Let me go get us some punch.” He says getting up and racing away.

The rest of the night passes pleasantly but is a little boring. Until Missy arrives with her friends and drags Amy out to the dance floor. Amy dances to a fast song with Missy who shows her the newest dance moves. By the end of the song she is breathless and giggling. Amy tries to get away but Missy makes her stay.

“Come on Amy! You are having fun! You can’t let my brother trap you at a table all night.” Missy says. Amy does agree that it has been fun being with Missy out on the dance floor so she agrees to stay one more song. Amy gets so lost in the music she does not realize that Missy has moved away and the person dancing next to her is not Missy, but the boy from the party that she gave a bloody nose too.

“Hey remember me?” He asks grabbing her by waist.

“Let me go.” Amy yells attempting to squirm away.

“Where is your genius boyfriend?” He asks holding her tightly against his body and grinding against her.

“He is here, and he won’t like this.” Amy says trying to break away but he is just too strong.

“Remember when you broke my nose?” He whispers in her ear and his breath smells like smoke and stale beer.

“I will do it again!” Amy tells him trying to maneuver her elbow upwards but before she can she hears Sheldon’s deep voice.

“May I cut in?” He asks but his voice has a hint of a threat to it.

“Get lost loser.” Matt says and Sheldon gives him a look that would make anyone back off. Then he pushes him backwards.

“I suggest you get lost.” Sheldon says and something about the way he looks makes Matt back off immediately.

“Whatever, you two nerds aren’t worth it.” He says walking away. Sheldon wraps Amy in his arms and she rests on his chest grateful for his appearance.

“Thank you.” She murmurs as they sway in a slow dance that does not match the music.

“I am sorry you had to see me in a display of male dominance like that.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Amy tells him then blushes as she adds. “I like it, when you act like a bad boy.” He looks at her a shocked but pleased. No one has ever accused him of being a bad boy before.

“Hardly, a bad boy but I see your point.”

“Do you want to go now?” Amy asks him.

“So early? We have not even heard who got Prom King and Queen yet.” He tells her and she shakes her head.

“It doesn’t matter we aren’t going to win anyways. All I wanted was to dress up and dance one slow dance with you. Which we are doing now, so now we can go.” Amy tells him.

“Oh this does not count. The music is all wrong even I know that.” He says resting his chin on her head. “Don’t let that moron scare you away. We can still have a good time.”

“I am suprised you want to stay.” Amy says and he just shrugs his shoulders. Amy is about to state her case again when the DJ stops the music and the entire room stops and looks at the stage.

“Alright everybody! Is everyone having a great time?” The DJ asks and the crowd erupts into a loud cheer. “Now I know everyone has been waiting for the big announcement. Who wants to hear who this year’s King and Queen of prom?!” The crowd cheers again and Sheldon looks down at her and smiles.

“See waiting was a good thing.” He tells her.

“You want to win don’t you?” She asks him slyly and he smiles shyly.

“I don’t really deal well with losing.” he admits ducking his head. “There have not been many things I have tried to win that I have failed at.” The DJ introduces the couples shining a spotlight on each one as he says their name. Amy squints into the light.

“Alright, everyone the moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here. Time to announce the winners of this year’s King and Queen.” The crowd erupts into cheers and the DJ waits for it to die down before continuing. “Will all the couples please join me on stage.”

“Missy told me only the winners went on stage.” Sheldon says nervously taking Amy’s hand and heading for the stage.

“She was probably lying, were you freaking out at the time?” Amy asks and he ducks his head.

“Maybe, just a little.” He mumbles. “It’s just I have a small fear of public speaking. Being on stage in front of all these people makes me nervous.”

“I thought you wanted to win?” She says raising her eyebrows at him.

“Can’t I both want to win and not go on stage at the same time?” He whispers to her as they climb the stairs of the stage and stand beside the other couples.

“Valid point.” She agrees.

Then she looks at the other couples on stage and knows for sure that they aren’t going to win. The other couples there are the beautiful people. The kind of kids who would have tortured her relentlessly at her old school. Then it strikes her that she does not know a single one of them. That since she moved to Texas she had been so wrapped up in school and Sheldon that she had not noticed anything else.

Amy had no idea who the most popular girl in school was. Who was dating who. At her old school she would have been following the comings and goings of these people like some people followed celebrities. It had been the best year of her life so far and she knew it was because of him. Amy no longer cared what everyone else thought about her. Or trying to make friends with girls who looked down on her. With Sheldon by her side all the small stuff she used to worry about didn’t matter. They had each other to rely on.

Amy feels like grabbing the DJ’s microphone and making an impassioned speech about it. To tell the other kids out there not to get wrapped up in things that don’t matter. That if they felt like no one would ever care about them. That no one liked them. That they were wrong. That even if they felt lost and lonely, they would not stay that way for long. There was someone or something out there for everyone she was sure of it. You just had to open your eyes and look. Who won Prom King and Queen didn’t matter. It was just a popularity contest, that once they were out of high school popularity would not matter. Then as she is forming the last part of her speech in her head, she hears her name being called and she snaps out of her reverie.

“Amy!” Sheldon hisses tugging her forward. “Wake up, we won!”

“We won!” She asks confused as he tugs her towards the microphone where the DJ is standing. There are two crowns sitting on pillows.

“Ladies and Gentlemen your Prom King and Queen, and your co-valedictorians, Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler.” He announces and everyone claps and cheers as he puts the crowns on their heads.

“Actually, I am the salutatorian, Sheldon beat me by this much.” Amy laughs holding out her fingers to indicate the slight margin Sheldon beat her for number one in the class ranking. Which Amy blamed on her gym grade. Sheldon had somehow wiggled his way out of having to take high school gym at all.

“The suggestion I would have to share Valedictorian is ridiculous. Also I would like to point out this title I have received is ill named. Kings are not elected, a monarchy is a system born from birth right. Though some may argue it, I was not born to be Prom King. It should be prom president and his first lady if we are being elected to the position.”

“Women don’t have to be relegated to just the role of first lady. We could be prom president and vice president.” Amy points out.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is what happens when the two smartest kids in school win.” The DJ jokes and the crowd laughs. “Do you two want your crowns or not?”

“We want them.” Sheldon tells him. “I was just pointing out some flaws in the system.”

“Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me!” Amy squeals as he picks up her tiara and places it on her head making the crowd laugh again. Sheldon ducks his head down to have is crown put on. They stand hand in hand facing the crowd and everyone claps for them as they are officially announced as King and Queen.

“Now your King and Queen will dance the first slow dance of the night.” The DJ announces as the lights turn down and a spotlight shines in the middle of the dance floor.

“Well we won, your winning streak continues.” Amy tells Sheldon as they stop in the middle of the dance floor. She places her hands on his shoulders and he looks at her with a cocky grin.

“Sheldon Cooper does not lose. Like I said if there is an award I am up for I will win it.” He says and he grabs her hand. Sheldon puts his hands around her waist and starts moving her to the music. “I won you over.” He says making her blush.

“I love this song.” Amy coos

“I’ve never heard it before, the melody is nice.” He says as they move to the music.

“You know what’s funny? Remember the night you climbed into my window for the first time?” Amy asks.

“I remember everything, eidetic memory.” He reminds her.

“You caught me wearing my headphones and crying?” She says and he looks down at her.

“You said you were crying because you thought I would not want to be your friend anymore.” He recalls and she shakes her head.

“I was listening to this song. Crying because I thought it described how I felt about you. ‘I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life.’ I suspect the song was selected because of the prom’s theme. It is uncanny though, sorry that was maudlin and cheesy.” She tells him and he is looking down at her with a look she has never seen before.

“No not at all, it describes how I feel about you as well. I did not know how much I needed you, before I met you.” He tells her and she stands on her tiptoes to kiss him. He kisses her back softly and the spell is broken when the DJ speaks into the microphone.

“Aren’t they sweet! Alright everyone else can now join them on the dance floor.” The couples start moving to the dance floor to join them for the rest of the song. When the song is over they make their way back to the table they were sitting at. Missy comes over and congratulates them both giving each of them a huge hug.

“You won! I knew ya’ll would! Kimberly told me yesterday, do you know how hard that was for me to keep a secret?!” Missy exclaims sitting at their table.

“You lied to me!” Sheldon says with mock anger. “You told me there was no way I could win.”

“If I had told you that you had won you would have chickened out and locked yourself in your bedroom.” Missy teases him. “Listen, prom is getting pretty lame. A bunch of us are heading out to Meemaws cabin by the lake, you two want to come?”

“Does Meemaw know…”

“Yes Sheldon! Meemaw said we could, she gave me the keys herself. She said she would rather us be safe there than gallivanting all around town.”

“Sounds fun, my mother gave me a pretty late curfew for tonight. I can stay out until midnight and it is only nine o'clock now.” Amy says and Sheldon rolls his eyes but agrees to go.

“Fine, I guess we can go. This way I can supervise and make sure you don’t burn her cabin down.” Sheldon agrees.

“Awesome! Sheldon can tell you how to get there, okay Amy?” Missy says getting up and they follow her out.


It was getting late and Amy knew that the night was coming to a close. It was a shame the night had to end, that she would have to go back to reality tomorrow. Tonight had been perfect, she had felt she was living a fairytale.

They sit on top of the picnic table outside the cabin, Sheldon’s arm around her keeping her warm. Proving to be a true gentleman once again he offered her his jacket. Amy was afraid to speak and break the spell of the evening. She looks up at him, he’s still wearing his crown and the moonlight glints off the shiny plastic making him almost glow. He looks so handsome, beautiful even, so much so she can’t tear her eyes away from him.

“What?” He asks breaking the silence, smiling at her.

“Nothing, just enjoying the view.” She teases him kissing his cheek.

“I would argue that my view is much better.” He tells her kissing her softly. “Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?”

“No actually, I believe I rendered you speechless” She laughs.

“That you did.” He murmurs then he looks at her seriously. “ Amy I have been thinking about what you said the other day about all the stuff you do for me. How you don’t ask for much in return.”

“Sheldon, that was weeks ago, I was angry don’t worry about it.” Amy tells him wondering why he is bringing this up when they have had such a great night.

“I know but it is true. So I have decided to do something for you. I know you have been torn between Caltech and Harvard. I also know that you and your mother have been fighting about it. That I am a factor in your decision. So I am telling you to go to Harvard. It is selfish of myself to ask you to do otherwise.”

“You don’t want me to go to Caltech?” Amy asks distressed. She had already sent in her letter, she was going whether he wanted her to or not.

“I want you to go to Caltech more than anything. However I don’t want you to give up on your dreams for me.”

“What if I told you that I had already decided. That I sent in my letter to Caltech and I will be going there in the fall?”

“That would make me so happy, you have no idea. However I don’t want you to make this decision just for me. I don’t want to hold you back.” He tells her.

“I made this decision for me, for us, believe me if I thought Harvard was right I would be going. However something in my heart tells me I made the right choice.” She tells him and he kisses her again.

“It’s nearing your curfew you’ll have to leave soon.” Sheldon says. Amy checks her watch and agrees. The ride to the cabin had taken forty five minutes even if she leaves now she may not make it home in time.

“You’re right, we better get going.” She says popping up and he grabs her hand to keep her with him.

“Stay, stay with me tonight, okay?” He begs. “We can deal with the consequences later, please don’t leave yet.”

“Okay.” She agrees and she sits back down beside him and he touches the tiara still perched on her head.

“Queen Amy.” He whispers gently in her ear kissing her softly.

“King Sheldon.” She whispers back kissing him softly again. Then they are lost in the night. The party swirls on behind them. Yet in that moment it is only them.

austria muttering “im gonna… fuck the piano” in his sleep

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it looks like the cover from some tv show about a couple who used to date and *insert weird shit happens* that she becomes a super villain with some fire power and he… omg simon seems to work in a office with a boss called lenny who screams at him a lot (and idk but that seems relevant) and somehow *insert weird shit happens* he become a superhero with… ice powers and when they have to fight they find out they were ex’s and omg somebody write this