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With the temperature hovering in the 99-100 degree mark, seemingly for days and days (or is that weeks), I want to go back to NC Mountains and enjoy the amazing temps and fantastic views.

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Halle Berry. (1966- ) American actress. A 8x10 drawing by Victor Minca. Year: 2014. This original and a limited signed edition of art prints are available to purchase at 🎨🎨🎨 www.victorminca.com 🎨🎨🎨 #art #painter #arts #portrait #acrylic #portrait #painting #people #artist #artwork #artforsale #victorminca #actress #halle #berry

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Limited edition prints of “Angry Dogs”/ “With Teeth”

There are only 17 prints available and once they are gone, they will not be restocked! These are all hand-printed and cut by myself, signed and individually wrapped and ready to go! You can find them on my Etsy shop here

I am also willing to reserve copies if funds are not immediately available, but these will only be held through the end of July! Afterwards August 1st, they are back up for grabs! Please message me ASAP if you are interested!

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-Miraculous Ladybug: SDCC 2016 exclusive edition prints x2 and a free panel doll. All of them Autographed. #miraculousladybug #zagheroez
-Le Petit Loup Rouge by Amélie Fléchais #lepetitlouprouge #amelieflechais

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