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I just find this too adorable, Yuuri just said goodbye to the one man he loves, and has accepted his retirement, but still all he can manage to focus his attention is on the small things he still doesn’t know about Victor. It’s his first time seeing him cry and that’s something so new to him… he can’t seem to pay attention to anything else.

did i ever show you this edit i made


Right. Maybe the last ones, but then again, maybe not. A different leather jacket, also profile. (x)

A theme for fans of classic first-person shooters and those who love sharp rectangular shapes!

Well, it looks like I finally finished the overhaul. I doubt I can add anything more nor do I have any desire left.

For some reason Tumblr thinks the HTML code is invalid (searching around I found out that I’m not the only one), so I can’t submit it. This means that you have to install it manually.

To manually install the theme…

  1. download the theme from here: https://goldsrc.tumblr.com/download
  2. open the text file with a text editor of your choice
  3. select and copy all the code
  4. go to the customization page of your blog and click “Edit HTML”
  5. delete all the code there and paste the code of the Gold Source theme
  6. click “Update Preview” and after it finishes loading click “Save”

The theme features…

  • partial localization
  • rich customization options
  • sound effects
  • support of all post types

…and probably something else.

Hope you like it.


i told peter when he adapted regent’s tech to share spider-powers with me that i wanted a more active role in that part of his life. six months later he still seems to think i was kidding. i don’t blame him, really. after what happened to his uncle ben and then gwen and aunt may - the poor guy’s got major issues being over-protective. still, it’s one thing to watch out for your 8-year-old daughter. it’s something else entirely when you shut out your spider-powered wife. face it, tiger - the old rules don’t fly anymore…

Mornings Like This

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Married!Adrienette/Ladynoir
Rating: T for smooches, and just because it’s a morning-in-bed thingy.
Word Count: 1223

Excerpt: She sighs and moves to reprimand him, but instead of seeing glinting eyes and a mischievous smirk, her vision is filled with gold. Strands and strands and strands of silken gold.

A supposedly funny mini thing turned into a three-page thing that’s little serious but still hopefully fluffy. ANYWAY. It’s 4 AM. Have this thing. Also on FFnet and AO3.

For @ladyofacat, because it was her prompt that brought this on, and for @caprette, because she drew that Adrien-with-Chat-Noir-hair-therefore-he-looks-like-Mytho sketch.

Mornings Like This

With all of Marinette’s late night activities—both as a civilian and a hero of Paris—unhurried mornings are a rarity.

Mornings like this, then, are treasured. Mornings like this, when she can wake up slowly; when she can appreciate the softness of her bed; when she can take time to be thankful of the good dream she had, regardless of whether or not she remembers what the dream was about— good dreams usually involved a specific blond man with bright green eyes, anyway.

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In which Luhan is a dance major who’s crushing hard on Kim Minseok, a cute guy from art department that coincidentally shares a same class together.

“Come on Minseok, I know you want ‘the good good’.”
“I don’t even know what 'the good good’ is, Luhan, so please… Just let me excuse myself, I have something else to do.”
“Don’t you see my love for you? I’m in love with you.”
“And I’m late for my liberal art class.”
“You can be my one and only sexy thang.”
“Still nope, try harder.”
“Don’t have to, because I’m already hard for you.”

“It was an interesting time. I really didn’t want to be different at all. I lost my accent - although it still comes out every once in a while - but I just wanted to be like everyone else. It took me a few years to finally realize that I should actually embrace where I come from, because it’s something that sets me apart.”

To those that have seen Mamo live

I feel like I might lowkey offend someone with this, but I would really like to hear the answer to the question at the end of this post from someone who’s seen Mamo live in concert. Not on DVD, but in the flesh.

Earlier I had this conversation with my sister while I was listening to Frontier album in the car.

Her: “A lot of these songs sound a lot like some western songs. Like this one (New Order) sounds like Ciara’s “Love Sex Magic””

Me: “Well, nowadays it’s hard to make something that doesn’t sound remotely like something else.“

Her: “Don’t you think that these songs are also quite autotuned?”

Me: “No, not him.”

Her: *gives me this look*

Me: “Well, his albums are edited a bit, but he sounds really good live.”

Her; *still giving me this look* “Yeah “live””

Me: “It’s true!”

Now, I’ve always been incredibly amazed by Mamo’s live performances and his amazing vocal range and abilities. But considering I’ve only seen videos, which are by definition not live, I was ill suited to add a reply that would have enough weight to get back to my sister. And that bothered me.

So I’m asking you, fellow Mamo fans who’ve actually managed to see him live, how Mamo sounds without being recorded. I’ve only heard good things about his live shows, and I have no doubt he’s amazing, but I would still like to hear it from you.

Yuuri Katsuki is Renowned - what will Viktor do when he comes to be his coach?

So this is a first draft all and an AU where Yuuri is the medalist and he comes to coach Viktor.
And ofc Viktor has long hair because I love his long hair - fight me
But yeah first draft. I have edited absolutely none but I feel sickish as terrible and need sleep so I hope you enjoy this!!


Viktor had watched him his whole skating career. At first he’d enjoyed skating, it was something he could do to help with the little bit of anxiety he had. It wasn’t that much at all and he could fight it, at least that’s what others always told him.

But whenever he got on the ice…..everything else disappeared. His anxiety, it all went away. He still dragged himself down if he missed a jump, like all skaters did. But still it was his release.

When he first saw Yuuri Katsuki skating he was blown away. The beauty and grace of Yuuri was beyond anything he’d seen before. He’d copy the man’s routines with Mila constantly. It helped him grow as a skater, and made him feel closer to his untouchable idol.

Viktor skated from that moment on. He worked in ballet with Yakov’s then wife now ex-wife. They worked constantly to train him. He loved being free when he was skating but ballet was an art. Beautiful just as skating was but you could do more with ballet as your feet were firmly planted on the ground. (Or so Lillia would say.)

Yakov knew he had problems with anxiety before competitions. It didn’t happen all the time. At the Grand Prix Final Viktor had tanked because his dog Maccachin had died while he was there skating. It’d left him heartbroken. His best friend had died when he was away. That added to his anxiety made him tank. He missed every one of his jumps.

There were already posting articles, ‘Viktor Nikiforov Tanks. Will he quit this season?’

It hurt that everyone had seen it. His idol Yuuri Katsuki had seen it. He went to the bathroom and called his older brother,

“Hey Yurio, did you see me skate?

You had a public viewing. I’m embarrassed now.” Viktor whispered with tears in his eyes, “I’m sorry I messed up bro.”
And ended the call as he started crying into his hands. His long hair falling over his shoulders and into his face.

He was trying to stop crying when someone kicked the stall door.

Viktor sniffled, “Oh im sorry. I didn’t know anyone was waiting.”

He opened the door to see Christophe the Scandinavian skater outside his stall.

Christophe or Chris as he liked was a junior skater who next season would be participating in the senior division.

He was good and even for his young age and would definitely be a top competition when he was older. Viktor and was slightly scared. While Chris didn’t seem like a bad guy he had a weird attitude.

Chris looked at Viktor’s disheveled look and the wetness of his eyes and then put on a kind smile.

“Hey Viktor. Don’t worry too much about what happened out there. Even though you came in last you looked great out there. I know you can do better. Don’t give up alright?”

Viktor had never had any skater talk to him like this. Try to help him and make him feel better. He nodded his head as he shivered saying his thanks to Chris and running off.

He was still heart broken when he heard the announcer speaking he only half heard him as he watched the poodle outside bark and frolic around its owner.

He heard the voice of an angel and had to turn around to see who it was.

He turned to see Yuuri Katsuki talking to Minako a renowned dancer. She was always with Yuuri cheering him on. Her and Yuuri were speaking rather quickly in Japanese when Yuuri had apparently felt him staring he turned and looked straight at Viktor. He smiled a big smile that made him gorgeous before saying the words that slightly crushed Viktor,
“A commemorative photo or an autograph?”

Viktor’s heart broke in that moment. His idol didn’t know him or that he’d competed on the same ice. He didn’t even know him.

Viktor turned and walked out of the rink building barely hearing Yakov and the announcer yell for him.

He went home a couple months later. He’d finished his degree in Japan where he’d been staying and had broken it off with Yakov. While he loved Yakov and he’d brought him a great way……..he really couldn’t face him as the failure he was.

So home he went. He got off the plane and was pondering how it’d been 5 years since he’d been back he just hoped no one remembered what had happ…..HOLY SHIT.

Viktor had come off the escalator to find posters of him everywhere. That was when he heard it. A woman’s voice. He knew that voice. He tried to look for somewhere to hide or run to when Mila walked over.

Others started to notice him as she waved a giant sign around and was being very loud.

He was so embarrassed as she dragged him through the airport and made him walk through people who wanted to know where he’d been and what he’d been doing.

He dragged himself after her and lied saying he was tired. He really didn’t want to see anyone after how he’d failed.

So she took him home to the family business.

The Nikiforov’s had their own place. It was a lot like a hotel or an onsen like the ones he’d been to in Japan except here instead of a pool there was an ice skating rink.

It was something his older brother came up with when Viktor first started skating and he knew how little kids loved skating so he opened a hotel/skating rink.

Viktor walked in with Mila as she screamed for Yurio. He came running as Georgi took over the desk.

Yurio ran over and hugged Viktor, “Im glad you’re back litte brother. It’s been 5 years. The place hasn’t been the same without you skating late at night. But you definitely will be forced to help now that you’re back. No more slacking off, ya geezer!”

Viktor smiled slightly, “Geezer? Why brother you’re older than me. Does that make you a mega geezer?”

Yurio gasped and ran after Viktor. Chasing him and finally catching him. He forced himself to lose to his big bro. Then Mila just had to ask about his big coat.

She tore it off and gasped as she saw he had a slight belly. While Viktor didn’t gain wait easily when he did it was definitely hard to get off.

She freaked out about it while his brother offered pirohzkhiz to him. Excited he turned and said, “That’d be great but first I’d like to see Maccachin.”

Mila nodded and took him to the shrine they’d built for Maccachin. It wasn’t really something done in Russia but since Viktor had been living in Japan for 5 years he knew the customs and loved the idea so he’d asked them to build one for his best friend.
It was perfect as he sat there and let everything off his chest Yurio came up behind him, “So, you quittin skating and coming to work here?”

Viktor looked at him and then looked away. “I’m not really sure it just depends. I haven’t really thought much on it to be honest.”

Yurio nodded his head, “Alright, maybe taking a bath will make you feel better.”

Viktor did just that and came to find their grandfather watching the World Championship and decided he needed to do he grabbed Mila’s hand and dragged her outside after they’d put on some jackets and they ran to the rink building.

He got all his stuff on and walked onto the rink. He turned to Mila, “Watch me. I’ve been practicing this. And I want you to see.”

He turned around went to the middle of the ice and got into the starting position. And with that as Mila gasped. He started Yuuri Katsuki’s famous 'Stay Close to Me’ routine.

The whole time he could only think of one thing. His idol Yuuri and how he’d gladly stay close to him if he ever asked.

He’d hold on and never let him go.

He went through the program he’d learned. He knew every step. Even without the music on. He’s memorized this program.

He came into the close and finished as he panted for breath Mila started crying and clapping.

They spoke about how he’d gotten depressed but had then gotten bored with that and copying Yuuri as they’d done for years had helped him find his love of skating again. In the same person he’d originally found it in.

Then her hockey player husband came out of the wood work with their daughter Axel and started railing on the bit of weight he’d gained and telling him they’d always support him.

He was happy he had their support just as he always had. Going back to the hotel part of their abode he went straight to his room and collapsed on the bed. Tomorrow he’d be ready to make a plan. He would try to get into the Grand Prix again so he could skate against Yuuri.

He fell asleep with a smile on his face.

It was a couple days later and he still had no motivation when he got a text from Mila with a link to a video. He clicked the link and started shrieking as he saw it said,
'Viktor Nikiforov tries to skate Yuuri Katsuki’s 'Stay Close to Me’ Program.

He’d was so embarrassed. Oh god he definitely hoped no one saw that. But looking he realized….it now had millions.

His grandfather burst into the room, “WHATS WITH THAT VIDEO?! ITS ALL OVER EVERYWHERE!”

But Viktor had already fainted from everything.

He was still hiding in his room a couple days later when Yurio came and asked him to go help shovel some snow. Russians were used to snow but still they needed room for cars and other. He got all bundled and went to open the door when he heard a bark. He opened the door to see an almost exact copy of Maccachin but when the dog jumped into his arms he realized way too small to be Maccachin.

He looked for a minute…..no it couldn’t be. Not possible.

Just then his brother came in and spoke to him, “Doesn’t he look like Maccachin? He came with a beautiful foreign man. I THINK he was Japanese. I could be wrong though. Either way he’s in the kitchen helping Mila prepare something called Katsudon.”

Viktor jumped up and ran for it as Yurio called for him. It couldn’t possible be who he thought it was maybe this was a dream!
Except as he knocked over some of the memorabilia on some tables and shoved his foot into its legs it sent sharps pains up through his legs even as he kept going.

Not asleep he said to himself as he finally made it into the kitchen and there he was: Yuuri Katsuki himself. Dressed in only dress pants and an apron.

“Y.y..Yuuri what are you doing here?”

Yuuri turned to Viktor as he wiped his hands on a towel a smile on his face, “Hello Viktor. I’m Yuuri and I’ve come to be your coach.” He said this all with a tender smile and a twinkle in his eyes.

Viktor noticed all that. But all he could get out of his mouth was, “HUHH?!”

Hehhehehehehhe there it is @skatingvictuuri
plus i have such a bad sore throats that it hurts so bad to swallow and I need to sleep cause I’m TIRED but I had to write this out.
Let me know what ya think!!

Remember this?

Well, turns out I received some intel on the recently released “Nitro+CHiRAL 10 Years Archive 02″ regarding ponytail Suit!Aoba (a.k.a. I was shown an actual image of it, but I’m not allowed to say from were nor repost) and…

Turns out he uses WHITE SHOES :O

Also, I changed the shading to be as accurate as possible according to said image (maybe someone will post pics or scans in the future, hopefully).

Oh, and I’m totally buying that artbook the moment its avaliable :D

*whispers* …it’s transparent :D

sorry for the rant but I’m kinda tired to see in the Makoharu tag people complaining because people are more into YOI those days…

Like, I’m still a makoharu trash and I know that my MH friends here are also still into MH, it’s not because we love something else a lot that it means people “moved on” (when the makoharu mook audio will be there, WE WILL BE THERE).

Also, the MH tag has been so inactive since months already, but it’s mostly bcs people stopped to propose new things.  Plus, If the MH shippers haven’t been focused on ship war at that time, people wouldn’t have “left” the tags

Instead of complaining, why wouldn’t you try to bring MH feels back then? Like every day I keep posting Makoharu arts bcs this ship is still important for me, I kept proposing some headcanons sometimes ect…. there are some other blogs that keeps making edits and fanarts sometimes too…

Idk instead of bringing negativity about the fact people are being a bit distant from the fandom, it would be better if you try to make the tag comfortable by yourself f you really want to enjoy it again…

YOI fandom is more appealing right now because people are sharing thoughts, headcanons, gifs, arts with each other AND with fun and enjoyment.

Anyway, all of this to say, please stop blaming YOI or the MH shippers for loving the anime and not focusing on Makoharu more. Instead, try to do something about it, share ideas, share arts/gifs, spread the love of MH, this is how the magic of a fandom works, and it’s how people comes to enjoy their ship then ^^