edition 7


Don’t you have a camera? How about taking picture of me playing game?


“Okay, honestly– okay fam, I wanted to thank you guys so much for like, supporting me today! I checked my hashtag and I honestly didnt expect so many.. support. Like, okay, lets be real. Im not the most liked one in the group (22/7). Im not very popular in the japanese fandom because im not like, you know, im not– you know small and not really petite.And Im not saying im cute either– Im not the visual! Of the group! Im not the Jimin in BTS– Like, I am some animal. literally like a sewer rat. Leaving that aside. I was just really happy cause like sometimes I get really discouraged looking at comments being like ‘oh, sally’s not very pretty I dont know why shes in the group if shes half english she shouldnt be in this group’ It kinda discourages me but I didnt think that I would get this much support from over seas fans and it honestly means the world to me.”