Shameless Self-Congratulation


(yes it’s a first draft, yes that brings my count of unedited novel-length manuscripts to, uh … 5? HUSH AND LET ME ENJOY THIS)

Anyway! It’s love and duty and betrayal and pirates and politics and family and all that fun stuff, only IN SPACE with LIVING SPACESHIPS (including a poly triad WITH A LIVING SPACESHIP) and it’s the most ridiculous id-fic for me but WHATEVER. I am PROUD OF MYSELF :D

(the working title is terrible and I need a new one, heaven help me)

Now I put it away and don’t look at it until the end of the summer. /o\

So do most people who read prefer to read in past or present tense?

I don’t mind either, but I was thinking about changing the tense in Eclipse, which is currently in present tense; I was wondering so I can edit things and make it a more comfortable read because some people have certain pet peeves in writing and I just wanted to make sure.

airydoorway  asked:

I'm super busy but the fact that you have several chapters of the color of love up that I haven't read is motivating me to be more productive so that I can read them already. thanks for sharing this fic with us!

Thank YOU!

I’m telling you, write every day, even if you only force yourself to write one sentence. When you force it even when you’re having writer’s block or not in the mood, you push through that feeling and surprise yourself with what you can write. 

It’s so worth it to be consistent. That’s how I manage to write so much, even a chapter a week of some insane long epic while I’m focusing on editing other things AND randomly coming on Tumblr. :-)

lance: this is so cool! it’s like we’re space cops, on space patrol. coran, do we have a siren we can turn on?

coran: uh, no, but we could record you making a siren noise and broadcast that to them.

lance: perfect!

lance: [opens his mouth to imitate a siren] [owl city’s “fireflies” starts playing]