Mystic Messenger: Polaroid Wall! 。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

Headcanon: After MC finishes all the routes, she has all these polaroids up on her wall in the apartment hah im deceased

(Contains spoilers, I’m sorry I can’t suffer alone.)

i love each one of you A LOT and you may not realize this but you all make me so so so so happy, and i’m SO glad the i met the best n most incredible ppl on this site, i’m so lucky that i got to know such amazing people!! n all i want from this blog is to make people smile or feel better so i rlly hope i was able to brighten someone’s day or make them feel a lil better :-)

thank you 4 constantly making me happy and for putting up w my shitty blog, i love u💓

here’s all of my precious bubs😌 (i hope i didn’t forget anyone!!)

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okay tomorrow i will try again, and you will?

give the painful earnest hemingway another chance.

jaime/brienne week

day two: duty + favorite song day

bruce springsteen, this is your sword (½)

These are the few things I leave to thee
This sword of our fathers with lessons hard thought
This shield strong and sturdy from battles well-fought

This is your sword, this is your shield, this is the power of love revealed
Carry it with you wherever you go, and give all the love that you have in your soul [x]