@natvanlis: Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell the twelve-year-old girl that got shoved into lockers what her life is like now.

“When I was 20 or so I worked at a coffee shop. We worked mostly for tips, a dollar here, a dollar there. One day I realized I needed a root canal. I was in pain and couldn’t afford to get the surgery I needed. No insurance… I left a sign on the tip jar that said “Please help me get a root canal”… A total stranger pulled me aside and gave me $400 to fix my teeth. I will never forget him. It has changed my life forever. Random acts of kindness. Happy holidays.

That’s the thing, I never knew his name and never saw him again. He just wanted to help… I got my tooth fixed and smiled extra big forever.

Sansa smiled as gripped Jon’s hand when the little dessert bags came out. She waited with a bated breathe as her family read the words and realized just exactly what they meant.

Her father looked over with weepy eyes and asked “Is this for real?”

Sansa could only smile and nod her head.

SO. This was really hard for me to write, for some reason, mostly because I guess I wanted to get right in there and have it feel pretty reasonable/realistic? I dunno. And then I halfway gave up and wound up paring down a lot because I’m a piece of shit I’m sorry aaaaAAAA. All I know is that I did a shit ton of research on military bullshit that I wound up kind of not using, so now I have that knowledge, I guess, although anybody with Actual Military Knowledge probably wants to punch me. In the end, I still feel like I didn’t do this prompt justice. Also this wound up switching POV a bunch again, oops, sorry;;;;;;

Note: Use of Interactive Fics or any other similar word-replacing add on recommended during this fic. The useage of ‘name blanks’ is brief, but probably jarring. Placeholder used is (l/n) in use for a surname so you know what to substitute.

“Break, break. This is Delta Squadron, requesting assistance. We’ve sustained numerous casualties and are pinned down in a bunker beneath active Omnic forces. I repeat, this is Delta Squadron –“ 

Another cry for help, another unfortunate message somehow fallen through to the Overwatch frequencies. Gabriel almost ignores it until the call continues, almost unexpectedly. 

“- able to complete our mission objective before falling back to the bunker. The objective was retrieved from the Omnium without suspicion from local Omnic forces, but we were diverted in a subsequent attack en route to the COP. Please. If anyone can read me… we need help.” 

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