SO tonight miraculously got a ticket to Les Miserables - Queens Theatre, Shaftesbury Ave IN ROW G WTF OMG SO CLOSE UP and then afterwards got to meet the always lovely and wonderful @carriehopefletcher who gave me a hug for what I’d said to her about being glad she is such a great role model for people and she also liked my dress! <3 And although my two pictures with her make me look derpy I really don’t much care.

Tomorrow: seeing Goosebumps Movie in 3D DBOX seating (I’VE BEEN WAITING MONTHS FOR THIS. MONTHS!) and then will also see Zoolander 2 and perhaps Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip before going to the Unlimited Secret Screening of who knows what film coz it’s a secret!!!! :D

I also got my ticket for The Prince Charles Cinema’s LOTR Extended Edition All-Nighter coming up in March!

Then Sunday I’ll be attending the Pride + Prejudice + Zombies Unlimited Preview Screening (WHICH I’VE ALSO LOOKED FORWARD TO FOR A LONG WHILE!)

Basically, this weekend is AH-MAY-ZING!!!! <3 (Y)

fan stuffs

So I’ve completed half of my #happyprebirthdayphil affairs with @tiejones12 :

Chilled out with my homie Lion

Wore my Cat Whiskers

Also wore a red flannel because 2009 Phil

Wore glasses…but I do that anyways…cos I’m blind…

Mismatched socks…..duh


Did not swear. Because the innocent ray of sunshine that is Philip Michael Lester wouldn’t do such treacherous things

Said RAWR at the most random times. I even answered a question like that.

Spouted random animal facts. Speaking of, did you know that a Chinese water deer when first born can fit in a single hand?

Quoted a BOATLOAD of Phil videos

Made puns and jokes that no one understood or weren’t funny cos that’s a Phil thing to do

Recreated some D and P pictures and did some silly Phan videos…because that’s just something you do

Now all that’s left to do is make a plethora of edits and pull an all nighter in the name of a Philathon. Pictures and videos will be posted soon ^-^