the boy who got left behind

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Summary:  What’s worse than having three friends that are superheroes? Not knowing about it. A collection of short stories out of the life of Nino Lahiffe - the boy who got left behind.

Chapter: 1/?

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Chapter 1 - Nino Lahiffe and the struggles of working for the Ladyblog

Life had never been hard on Nino Lahiffe.

Okay, sometimes his parents were nosy and didn’t respect his private life but all in all it was going quite well. He was currently pulling an (more or less) all-nighter editing some videos for Alya’s blog. Ever since the new superheroes Volpina and Queen Bee had shown up, the girl had less time to focus on cutting videos. She spent most of her time editing headcanons about Paris’s favorite foursome and writing protocols about every akuma attack that editing videos or even filming were hard things to do.

But Nino didn’t mind helping out if it meant that he was going to get praised by his long time crush. And he was sure his work for the Ladyblog would help him in his future career.  Since he found out that what he could do with a camera, his dream of being a cameraman had grown. But that hobby was expensive and for now, he could only work with his mother’s old digital camera and his phone.

“Damn, it’s late,” Nino cursed and rubbed his eyes. He took another sip from his energy drink before placing the can next to his keyboard, where he just stared at it tiredly. He and Alya had gone on one date, right after the Animan-incident. After that, it was just casual meetings to study or just hang out. They’d never really discussed the topic feelings or going out. Sometimes he thought Alya didn’t even think about their date as a real date. But again, he didn’t complain, as long as they stayed together as friends.

A small window popped up on his desktop, drawing his attention back to the task at hand. A new mail. “Dude, it’s almost three in the morning,” he dumbfounded at the opening mail. Who could that be? Well, it was Alya.
“Of course,” he muttered and started to read.

From: ladynoirfan13@ladyblog.com
To: DJ_material@ladyblog.com


my boy,

check out this super rad interview I got with volpi.
edit and upload by tomorrow? <3<br>Pleeeease!!!!! still gotta do the science assignment for tomorrow
K? thx!

See u @ school!

Alya xoxo

Attached: [asdfd_volpina.mp4]

Nino sighed. The original video he had been editing was almost done – still had to save, though. He’d planned on catching at least two hours of sleep. But that was obviously going down the gutter. He downloaded the attachment and watched a good few seconds of the video before opening it with the editing program. Volpina seemed to be IN Alya’s room. He had never seen a video like this before. The usual interviews he or Alya had gotten were a few words after an akuma attack, but they were always outside. This was different. How did Alya even get this footage? Was she some kind of hero-guru? ‘Maybe she kidnapped her to get an interview,’ he thought with a chuckle. ‘Alya would definitely be the kind of crazy to do that.’

Nino sighed again after cracking open another can of energy drink and taking a good sip. ‘Goodbye sleep,’ he thought as the caffeine kicked in.
Life has never been hard on Nino Lahiffe but it hasn’t been exactly easy on him either.

“Back to work, it is then.”

UP NEXT: Nino Lahiffe and the struggles of keeping your damn study group together


Summary: Dan has fallen into a deep depression and has developed an eating disorder. Phil is painfully unaware until it’s too late.

Categories: Angst (but a semi-happy ending?), One-Shot

Word Count: 2,732

Warnings: Self-harm, established Phan, depression, eating disorder, character death, graphic depiction of suicide, swearing, and about a thousand extremely subtle MCR references.

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How to Survive an All-Nighter Editing Session with Minimal Casualties

Welcome to another fluff piece by Carl!

Currently closing in on midnight here in Canada and if you’re like me, you’re preparing for a night of catching up on MEP deadlines, finishing up overdue projects and overall bitching at your program (and optionally, bitching at yourself). While everyone has their own way of staying up, here are a few tips of doing it with minimal damage to you and everyone around you!

These tips are geared specifically for editors trying to get shit done while avoiding sleep, taken from my own experience and some minimal research online.

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