editing on this computer is so weird jfc

bundleoffandomtrash  asked:

So yesterday evening, I was casually scrolling through my feed when it started to lag. This is something that never really happens on my computer and especially on Tumblr. After a couple minutes of annoying lag, I click on a meme of Jack screaming, like I'd done so many other times that night. Once he started screaming though, my computer froze, keeping the picture and sound going on a weird loop and crashed. Even after it crashed it still kept the sound playing. Weird stuff is happening, man.

another one jfc! everyone’s been having troubles

i agree about weird stuff happening tho. you know that april fools anti edit i made a couple days ago? obv the jumpscare is from say goodbye; at first photoshop just would NOT cooperate and let me work with them. im assuming it was bc of the update, since once i downloaded the clip without zalgo in the file name it worked. anyway, yesterday i tried to delete them right? my computer won’t fucking let me. says they “can’t be found.” and when i try, it fucking multiplies the first file 

i shit you not. what the fuck you guys