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5 things you’ll find in my bag
🎒 cute pepper spray
🎒 phone charger 
🎒 earphones
🎒 keys , somewhere
🎒 thousands of receipts

5 things in my bedroom
💀 wax fragrance melter
💀 my altar 
💀 empty Coke Zero bottles at varying sizes 
💀 fairy lights 
💀 at least three (3) bottles of alcohol at any given time

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life
❣ be better than this one girl from middle school lmao
❣ maybe do a podcast??? 
❣ travel ! ! ! 
❣ be in a polyam relationship someday 
❣ get my writing published someday maybe

5 things that make me happy
🌹 good tunes 
🌹ciel phantomhive 
🌹 the ass the tick 👌🏽
🌹 success
🌹 my beautiful amazing friends whom i would die for

5 things that I’m currently into
🔪 the classics
🔪 rick and morty (on the lowkey)
🔪 the walking dead game!! love clem named my puppy after her 
🔪 cryptids, paranormal 
🔪 poetry

5 things on my to-do list
⛑ take off makeup
⛑ go to the LGBT+ club meeting tmr!!
⛑ finish my resume !! start applying for jobs!!!!
⛑ a thousand movies n shows all listed elsewhere
⛑ finish those fics u promised ppl , it’s been months girl…

5 things you may not know about me
☁️ i scare super super super easy 
☁️ i have freckles 
☁️ i worship the greek gods (hellenic polytheism) 
☁️ i am, so petty. it’s unreal. im that ‘everything is salt’ video condensed into a single girl
☁️ i lowkey live for validation via positive affirmations n physical affection

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Haikyuu!! | karasuno + extra phone wallpapers | asked by anon (540x960)

Ok, so I did a campaign using 4th edition with homebrew world, and the Warlord wanted to use commanding strike on the Fighter to attack their own warlock.

Human Warlord OOC: “I’m not wasting my nat20! Why can’t you just let us have fun?”
Me the DM: “It’s a command, not mind control.”
Werewolf Fighter OOC: “I don’t even want to hit him.”
Human Warlord OOC standing up and starts pacing: “Look. I play D&D, because it is supposed to be fun!”
Dwarf Warlord OOC: *begins to play inspirational music on his phone*
Me the DM: “Oh my god…”
Human Warlord OOC: “And that means that if we all want this role to go through, it should. Everyone wants it but you [My name].”
Dwarf Warlock OOC: “Yeah!”
Werewolf Fighter OOC: “What–”
Human Warlord OOC: “Everyone but you!”
Me the DM: “Fine! Alright, alright! The attack goes through. Ray Lish (the dwarf warlock) takes 11 damage.”
Dwarf Warlock OOC: “What!? Fuck off, I’m dead!”
The rest of us just laugh and I honestly couldn’t handle the amount of dumb going on.

There’s A Nap For That

Based on this post: “If you both agree to take a nap instead of going out, it’s a date.” 

Or: The one where Bellamy and Clarke keep taking naps together. You know, platonically. See also: Let Them Rest

A/N: I started this before New Years and thought it would be done in like, three days. Oh how naive. But hey, here we are!

WC: ~6.5k
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Clarke doesn’t plan to be alone on New Year’s Eve, but she also doesn’t plan not to be alone–if that makes sense. She could fly back to Los Angeles and attend her mother’s extravagant corporate party, if she wanted to put herself through that. It’s definitely an option.

But she’s long since decided that it’s better to deal with the vague feelings of missing out on the New Year’s celebration over fielding questions about why she’s not following in her mother’s footsteps or, god forbid, whether she’s gotten over that whole sexuality thing yet.

So she calls Abby the night before the party, fulfills her yearly, good-daughter quota of well wishes and pleasantries, and calls it good.

And really, doing nothing on New Year’s Eve is kind of the best thing that’s happened her, stress-wise, in the last six months.

She works in the graphic design department for an uber-trendy website that facilitates commissions for freelance artists, which makes it an incredibly lucrative avenue to get her name out there in the industry. It just also happens that the company is very concerned with staying up-to-date with aesthetic trends, and has her changing logos and web layouts on a weekly basis.

It’s the kind of somewhat crappy, over demanding job that she feels weirdly excited to have, because it means her mom isn’t paying people to make her life easier.

But it has been running her to the bone, so she’s positively delighted to do absolutely nothing for a night.

Or she is until she finds out that Bellamy also doesn’t have plans for New Year’s Eve.

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i cant explain but i can blame @beanieweenees for showing me the papyrus version and suggesting this (if you have a link for that i would gladly appreciate it bc i cant find it)
//might make more//

if you wanna use this, go ahead

Jack Maynard - Jealousy Still Looks Good On You (ft. Conor Maynard)

Anon: imagine of y/n and jack dating, but jack gets jealous because y/n is always with Conor since they’re both singers. Fluff and/or make-up smut maybe?? 😘😘

A/N: Thanks for this request! It’s a little longer than I intended I think. But I just felt that there was more I could do so I continued. And personally, I’m a fan of longer imagines, and just lengthier stories in general. Also I don’t think I’m any good at writing smut, so I stopped myself. I might consider getting into that sometime, but not yet. Hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 1755

It was any old Thursday evening, you were chilling with the boys at their apartment. Your feet propped up against the armrest of the sofa as you lay across Jack’s lap. His fingers laced through your hair, gently pulling and twirling it. Occasionally, he leant down to place cheeky little kisses on your lips.

Jack and Josh had just finished a filming a collab which you helped with, and you were waiting for Conor to get home so you could both work on a song together. Soon enough, he walked in, his arms laden with the pizzas you had ordered earlier.

“The boys joining us or are we meant to finish it all?”, Conor asked incredulously, looking between the three of you sat around the living room.

“Please, Conor don’t act like you’re not gonna demolish it”, Jack laughed at his brother.

“I mean I could down it actually”, Josh added.

“Oh just hush up and pass them over Conor”, you gestured to the pizzas still in his arms. “I’m starving!” You took the boxes out of his hands, grabbed a slice for yourself and settled back in Jack’s arms.

“Babe”, Jack whined. “What about me?” he tried reaching over to your slice for a bite.

Pushing him away, you laughed, “You’re joking babe. I love you, but get your own bloody pizza.”

When dinner was done, Jack and Josh finally decided it was time to put away their equipment and throw the trash out. You headed up to Conor’s room to work on a song. “Laters babe”, you kissed Jack as he whined about you leaving him. He didn’t let go like you had planned, pulling you into a rather long kiss instead. You forgot about the other two boys in the house as you fell deeper into his kiss.

Before things could escalate, Conor called you over, “Oh god please stop. You have the rest of the night, okay? Josh and I are going out later.”

With a final peck, you left him momentarily to get some work done. You were currently working on Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey. You had adjusted the song to fit you both better, and were just going to go over it a bit to fine tune.

You moved over to the area he had set up to record, letting him take the lead. He sang the first three versus of the song perfectly, which helped set the tone perfectly for you.

“So baby pull me closer
in the backseat of your rover…”

You felt goose bumps rise as the words he sang melted perfectly together. You closed your eyes, letting his voice drown everything else. He gently closed off, leaving it hanging for you catch on.

“You look as good as the day I met you…” you felt yourself sing right from the heart, each word coming from the soul.

Every so often, you would look at each other. It was more of a reassurance thing. You could feel the music flowing through you when you sang together. There was something magical about Conor’s voice. In that moment, you felt a new deeper connection with him. You wrapped up the first take, feeling pretty good about it.

“Damn (Y/N)”, Conor shook his head in awe. “That was something else.”

There was an overwhelming feeling coursing through you. “Yeah. It was. You were bloody amazing honestly.” You reached over to hug him.

“Aww (Y/N)!” he squeezed you back.

“Do you ever not kill it every time?” you were still in a daze from the music waves hitting you and surge of power you felt when singing. You continued chatting away as you helped him store his equipment back in place.

“So we’ll film the video tomorrow yeah?” he asked.

“Uh huh! Should be fun”, you were pretty excited to film the video actually. “See you later or something.”

“Yeah. Don’t have too much fun with my brother please. Y’all are actually disgusting”, he added.

You burst out laughing at that. “I’ll try my best, but no promises”, you winked, leaving his room.

“Babe!” you called as you entered Jack’s room. He was laid on his bed, face down, scrolling through his phone. You slid up next to him, wrapping your arms over his back, your head resting on his shoulder. You placed a kiss on his neck as you lay beside him.

“Hey love”, his voice was quiet.

“What’ve you been doing?” you asked.

“Not much. Just edited a little.” He turned to face you. “I heard you and Conor. You sounded good”, he complimented.

Your smiled broadened. “You think? Thanks babe, but compared to Conor I feel a lot…less, you know? Like his voice is so much more soulful and all”, you couldn’t really get into words.

“You were brilliant love”, he smiled softy.

Jack was pretty quiet the rest of the night. He was not even interested when you wanted to have some fun. You figured he might have just been in a bad mood, so the two of you snuggled up, watching a bit of Friends, and snacking on the leftover pizza.

The next morning you woke up to find Jack had already gotten up and left. You walked out to find Conor and Josh in the living room. “Oh (Y/N), Jack left for the gym. He said he might be meeting Mikey for lunch”, Conor relayed the message.

You were a bit confused seeing as Jack was not one to start his day before noon. “Well I guess we could just get started on the video earlier then?” you asked.

He agreed, and you decided on the plan for the next couple of hours while you had your breakfast that Josh had so kindly made. After breakfast, you took a quick shower, dressed up and did your make-up, ready to get filming. You went to set up the equipment while waiting for Conor to finish getting ready. The boy could spend days getting ready. By the time Conor was ready, you had finished setting up and testing everything.

The video went smoothly. You had finished the whole thing in just a short few hours. Now all that was left was editing, which was actually the tricky bit. You decided to get started on that later, and grab some lunch first. Walking back to the kitchen, you found the other two boys had already started on their lunch.

“Hey babe. You’re back”, you leant down to kiss your boyfriend. “Why didn’t you come say hi?”

“You looked a little busy”, his voice was clipped.

“Well either way we’re pretty much done filming”, Conor chipped in, yapping on about how great he thought the video was going to be.

“Oh for fucks sake!” Jack interrupted. “We get it okay. You’re both so bloody brilliant together. Fucking amazing!”

He pushed off from the kitchen counter, storming off to his bedroom. “What the hell?” you muttered. You looked between Conor and Josh for a clue, to which they both shrugged. Hopping off the chair you were sat on, you ran after Jack.

“Babe?” you started.

He cut you off almost immediately, “Oh don’t fucking babe me!”

“Okay what the hell Jack?”

“You know what the hell. Do not play dumb with me. You’re a fucking good liar and we both know it. Just don’t lie to me”, he kept pacing around the small room.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” you were a little pissed off now.

“Are you kidding me? You and my brother!” He shouted. “My brother (Y/N)! I mean literally anyone else wouldn’t have been as bad!”

“Jack. Seriously? You’re barking right now.”

“No I’m not. I’ve seen it okay. I see the way you look at each other. Everytime you sing together and shit. You always get that look in your eyes.”

You were speechless. You didn’t think Jack would have a problem with you working with his brother, but he clearly did. “I saw you guys just now. I saw the way you looked at him when you filming”, he added quietly.

He sat himself on the bed, head buried in his hands. You sat yourself next to him, lifting his face up by his chin. “Baby, we were acting. None of it was real”, you spoke softly in his ear.

“It was just the song. You know what music does to me. I was feeling the song, not him”, you spoke gently in his ear. “Besides, if anything, I was thinking about you. How you make me feel baby.”

He finally really looked at you, playing with your fingers, “Its just, seeing you and my brother so close, I don’t like it. I mean I guess it’s all professional and everything but I don’t just don’t like knowing you spend so much time with him.”

“I’m afraid of the connection you might have with him”, Jack’s voice was soft and shaky

You wrapped your arms around, kneeling on the bed to envelop him in your hug. “Oh love! Jack, you never have to worry about that. Your brother’s great and all, but he’s not you.”

“What we got is something else altogether”, you added.

“I know love. I just don’t ever wanna lose you”, he pulled you back down to look you in the eye. You leant in for a kiss, to which he responded back eagerly. The kiss was slow, but deep and passionate, both of you trying to pour out all the love you had in that kiss. You wanted him to know that he was the only guy for you, and you could feel how strong his love was for you in that moment.

“I love you Jack. It’s only ever been you”, you breathed out as you pulled away.

His voice came out in a raspy whisper, “I love you (Y/N). So much.”

“We’re okay right?” you asked.

“We’re perfect”, was all he said before he leaned in to place more kisses all over you. You ended up in a heaping mess on the bed as you rolled around, laughing and making out on his bed.

That night, you wanted to show how special he truly was to you. “No matter how much time I spend with your brother, he’ll never get any of this”, your smirked as you pulled of the top you had been wearing earlier.

His eyes widened, taking in all that was in front of him. “Shit”, he breathed, reaching forward to take you, where you spent the rest of the night.


Video Reaction

A/N: y’all know i suck ass at creating titles okay lmao.. enjoy :)

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: ‘Can u do an imagine were y/n a YouTuber and u react to one of Justin’s vids Ps happy Valentine’s Day


My fans and viewers have been begging me for the longest amount of time to react to one of Justin’s videos. Today was finally the day of me getting it done. I sat in my room, pulling up a video from YouTube. So many to choose from but, I could only watch one. I left my laptop on my bed and went to set up my camera. I put it on it’s stand and walked about two feet away to make sure it was the appropriate distance, which it was.

I went back to my bed and sat on it, picking up my laptop. I scrolled through the results on the web page and finally decided to go with the Company music video. I got up once more and pressed the play button on my camera. I did my intro and went straight into the video.

While in the middle of actually starting the video, Justin came into my room. “Y/N! Have you seen my phone? I can’t find it- oh, you’re making a video. My bad.” Justin began slowly backing out of my room when an idea popped into my head.

“I’ll tell you where your phone is if you help me make this video.” I said, smiling at him. Justin stopped and pondered for a moment.

“Eh, what have I got to lose?” He shrugged his shoulders and walked over towards me. He sat to the right of me and I continued on with my video.

“You’re watching one of my videos I see. You’re such a stalker Y/N.” Justin joked, nudging me in the arm. I playfully shoved his arm away and continued watching the video.

“You look so cute in this video Justin. Who knew you’d look like the complete opposite in real life.” I joked too, laughing at what I said.

“Shut up.” Justin replied. “I think I’m quite hot.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I know you are, my hot little cupcake.” I pinched his cheeks, chuckling at him. “Anyways, back to the video.”

“Why watch the video when the real thing is right here?” Justin smirked, winking at me.

“I’m uploading this on YouTube you know. This isn’t just one of those ‘me making and later on deleting it’ videos.” I retorted, starting to get slightly annoyed. Every time Justin came in here I could never get my videos done, and that was exactly why I always had to delete footage. He’d flirt and joke around with me and then, I could never take anything seriously. “Quit fooling around Bieber and be serious, or I’ll kick you out. How about that?”

“I want my phone though.” He pouted.

“Then stop fooling around.” I scowled at him. Slowly but, surely I was loosing my patience.

“Okay, chill out. I’m only joking.”

I rolled my eyes, focusing my attention back on his video.

You ain’t gotta be my lover, for me to call you baby. Never been around no pressure. Ain’t that serious?” Justin began singing along with the lyrics. He does this every chance he gets. I have to stop inviting him in here and lock the doors. “Can we, we keep, keep each other company? Maybe we, we can be, be each other’s company. Oh company!” The neighbors could probably hear him, from how loud he was signing.

This was no longer my video but, Justin’s. Maybe he should start a YouTube channel since he likes taking over my videos. The music video eventually ended, leaving just the two of us staring at a blank screen.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” Justin spoke up, catching me off guard. I nodded my head in agreement but, I wasn’t agreeing with him. 

“I like the video, didn’t like the singing over the video so, I’ll give it a 9.5 just because. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this video. If you liked it, please give it a huge thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you already haven’t. See you guys next week! Peace.” I shut off the camera, sighing deeply. So much editing ahead of me.

“So, where’s my phone?” Justin asked.

“On the table. Take it and leave. You’ve had more than enough fun for one day.” I rolled my eyes, taking my camera off of it’s stand.

“Thanks Y/N, you’re the best.” Justin jogged over to the table in the corner of my room and grabbed his phone.

“Thanks Y/N, you’re the best,” I mocked him. I scoffed, placing my camera on my dresser.

“Same time tomorrow, yeah?” Justin suggested.


“Alright, see you then.” Justin closed the door before I could even answer. What a guy he was.

Photo Editing

Photos location: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

I don’t think I’ve ever shared what my process of photo editing looks like and I thought this would be a good example to show the before and after. To start off, as a little disclaimer, I usually don’t do anything extremely drastic to my photos. I don’t ever edit body shapes. I like and use photo editing to enhance lighting and details to better match how I felt or how I saw the moment/landscape with my own eyes. 

When I am on the go I edit a lot of my photos with my phone. My iPhone 7 Plus does a brilliant job with it, considering it’s still a phone. There are several apps I like to use to edit my photos. Sometimes using multiple apps to edit one photo. 

The apps I use

  • Photo Editor - I use this for its blur and sharpening features but it also had a lot of other very good and useful features.
  • VSCO - This is probably the one I use the least but if I am feeling spicy, it has a lot of fun filters. I just think it ruins picture quality sometimes.
  • Adobe Lightroom - This is my favorite app and the one I use most often. Lightroom as in it’s name, in my opinion, is best for lighting even on your phone. 

When I am not so on the go I do use my computer. I often save the images I am most excited about for my computer. On my computer I have Adobe Creative Cloud with access to Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and After Effects (video editing software). I most often use Photoshop while on my computer, as it is what I am most efficient in. I use it to isolate parts of the image and edit it without editing the whole image. 

In the photo above I used Lightroom and Photoshop on my computer to complete the editing. 


I collaged some phone case/phone wallpaper Watch Dogs/Watch Dogs 2 themes at first just for myself, and then for my sister and gf~ all of the images I used are official art from the games minus this one which you can find there

these are free to use, just please don’t claim credit for making them as I actually put a lot of effort into these! they took me hours of finding the right images, cleaning/editing them and lots of fun stuff so yeah don’t be rude please

I don’t plan on making more at the time, but if a lot of people really really want me to do more I guess i’ll try… but i’m running out of images lmao, official art only has so much y’know.

(please don’t repost or remove my description, thanks!)

anonymous asked:

How long does it take you to create an audio post, on average?

When I’m not in CODOVERDRIVE, it takes me about six hours to get an audio post done and dusted from start to finish.

I write the scripts in my car after I finish work at noon (because I get easily distracted, and thus keep myself locked away until I finish writing). When I get home, I edit the scripts and transfer them from my notebooks to my computer.

After that, I record all the dialogue, edit, re-record if necessary, remove all the ANNOYING MOUTH NOISES I MAKE, and then normalize and reverb and whatnot (I use Adobe Audition CC 2017, for anyone who’s curious).

Then I gather my SFX and Ambience (which are now conveniently labelled so as to maintain consistency [Ex. JonathanOfficeDoorOpenClose.mp3]) and begin spacing out the scene for realism sake.

(Sidenote: The GCPD Bodycam where Bolton buzzes Crane? The time between Bolton’s buzz and the phone ringing is identical to how long it took Crane to phone Bolton after being paged in Crane’s Entry 32. These are the fun little things I like to think about when doing recordings)

After that, it’s just making sure my effects and such are all level, and won’t make people’s ears bleed. Then, BOOM!


Yesterday was an exception, however, as I managed to write, record and edit THREE audio posts, instead of just one.

(Addendum: Fridays are typically easier days, as Dee writes @theriddlerspeaks, so there’s certainly less pressure on Fridays. Wednesdays, though, WOOOOO!)

anonymous asked:

You really like gency lol could I request some mchanzo stuff with hanzos dragon like what you did with genji and mercy though because you seem to like overwatch ships

Im sorry its messy anon, its really fun to draw  these quick coloured sketches.

They are such a cute pair ♥♥

EDIT- now looking at this from my phone, hanzos dragons look more purple than blue
Tiny chat is over,

I had a tiny chat with @ask-the-german-commander

Here are some things that happened for you who missed it 

My sister joined in as Prussia, with Gilbird

bro heart with Prussia 

the accusing Prussia 

The Gerita heart

Italy sneeze counter at the end was 9 

Some other things that happened where 

this masterpiece edit of our date by the awesome Prussia

Germany with a beard made on the awesome Prussia’s phone 

another beard pic by the awesome Prussia 

It was a lot of fun, Hope we can do it again some time! 

seeing about the fuss

Adelaide’s in bed and I’m editing another very dry document for that secondary work project, so I’ve put the Twin Peaks movie on in the background. This is my first time. I’ve never seen the series either.

*collective gasp*

I know, I know.

Five minutes in and I’m gawking at the dated cell phone, how young everyone looks, and how weird it is already.