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Let me tell you about

One Note!

It’s free, available on Mac or PC, has an app for your phone and is fucking amazing.

It’s all the fun of an old school binder, including tabs, sub pages and images, entirely in a digital easy to edit space.
It’s great for people who want to keep large campaign binders but ink is expensive yo, and this is available to edit and make changes at any point throughout your day.

I’ve got an example here of my section for the world map of my campaign setting, and the individual pages for the individual locations.
Then I’ve got the faction page I made with each faction’s individual page and symbol.
Then you’re shown a look at a individual faction page as an example.

You can also password protect sections you don’t want anyone besides yourself, the DM, to have access to meaning you’re free to share this binder freely with your players.

Your players can have your entire campaign setting, where they’ve been, the npcs, the factions, etc. available at their finger times that updates in real time.
It can sync between all your devices too.

I can not recommend one note any more highly for D&D prep and planning. It is seriously a life saver.

No one knew. I actually have videos on my phone of me interviewing people, and asking them what they thought of the new Spider-Man in Civil War. They were like, “Oh he’s great, I love him,” and then some people were like, “Nah, I don’t love him, he’s not great” – and I was standing right in front of them! [laughter] But yeah, no, it was fun. It was really fun.


Haikyuu!! | karasuno + extra phone wallpapers | asked by anon (540x960)

Here it is!!! :D

Had to post it quick since i’m using my phones internet so any misspellings will be corrected later xD

Fun fact:

Hanzo named one of the dragon’s Gen as it reminded him too much of Genji and since he thought his lil bro to be dead… ill leave it there xD

‘til later \( * u * )/

EDIT: Also props to whoever got the Hercules reference I slipped in there XD!!

There’s A Nap For That

Based on this post: “If you both agree to take a nap instead of going out, it’s a date.” 

Or: The one where Bellamy and Clarke keep taking naps together. You know, platonically. See also: Let Them Rest

A/N: I started this before New Years and thought it would be done in like, three days. Oh how naive. But hey, here we are!

WC: ~6.5k
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Clarke doesn’t plan to be alone on New Year’s Eve, but she also doesn’t plan not to be alone–if that makes sense. She could fly back to Los Angeles and attend her mother’s extravagant corporate party, if she wanted to put herself through that. It’s definitely an option.

But she’s long since decided that it’s better to deal with the vague feelings of missing out on the New Year’s celebration over fielding questions about why she’s not following in her mother’s footsteps or, god forbid, whether she’s gotten over that whole sexuality thing yet.

So she calls Abby the night before the party, fulfills her yearly, good-daughter quota of well wishes and pleasantries, and calls it good.

And really, doing nothing on New Year’s Eve is kind of the best thing that’s happened her, stress-wise, in the last six months.

She works in the graphic design department for an uber-trendy website that facilitates commissions for freelance artists, which makes it an incredibly lucrative avenue to get her name out there in the industry. It just also happens that the company is very concerned with staying up-to-date with aesthetic trends, and has her changing logos and web layouts on a weekly basis.

It’s the kind of somewhat crappy, over demanding job that she feels weirdly excited to have, because it means her mom isn’t paying people to make her life easier.

But it has been running her to the bone, so she’s positively delighted to do absolutely nothing for a night.

Or she is until she finds out that Bellamy also doesn’t have plans for New Year’s Eve.

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Handy und Soziale Medien Vokabeln : German Vocab on Phones and Social Media

As promised, here is a list of some of the vocabulary you may find when you change your phone to German! I’ve actually gained so much from just changing the language on my phone to German. Hope this vocabulary list helps!

bearbeiten - to edit
löschen - to delete
abbrechen - to cancel
anmelden - to log in
abmelden - to log out
eingeben - to enter (password)
verbunden - to connect
bloggen - to blog
suchen - to search
abonnieren - to subscribe
herunterladen - to download

Der Kommentar - the comments
Der Beitrag - the post
Der Anhang - the attachment
Die Fotografie - the photograph
Die Einstellungen - the settings
Die Internetverbindung - the internet connection
Die Seite - the site
Die Email - the email
Die Nachrichten - the news / messages
Die Bilder - the photos
Die Mitteilungen - the messages
Das Iphone - the iPhone
Das Ladegerät - the charger
Das Video - the video
Das Netz - the network
Das Telefon - the telephone

Jack folgt dir jetzt: - Jack now follows you
Molly hat dich in einem Kommentar erwähnt: - Molly has mentioned you in a comment
Die Batterie fast leer - The battery is almost dead
Hannah gefällt dein Beitrag - Hannah liked your post
Gefällt – mal -  – likes (usually featured on a bottom of a social media post)


Sterek AUInevitability (About Damn Time) by accordingtomel

“So?” Stiles sputters, kicking his shoes into the corner and locking the front door behind him. He’d whipped out his phone the second he’d pulled up to the house, and miracle among miracles, Scott actually answered. Of course, he’s not so pleased about that now. “My dad thinks Derek and I are dating, Scott. Did you miss that part?”

7 Seconds To Say Yes

i was very emotional in making this and i tried to capture the overwhelming emotion in this through my writing, so here’s a nice fluffy one shot ;)

summary: the most important 7 seconds of dan’s life caught on camera

warning: g for gay, feels, maybe improper tenses as i usually write past tense and might have messed up whoops

genre: fluff

word count: 1,446

Sometimes people ask me if it’s weird to have so much of my life on the internet for everybody to see. I always say that I don’t mind, as some of my happiest moments have been documented for the internet to see, and I wouldn’t want to ever lose those moments. The internet has done so much for me, it’s only fair that I let people see into my glamorous life for a few minutes. Everybody eats the answer up, and, while it’s mostly true, that isn’t the reason that I don’t mind.

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Ok, so I did a campaign using 4th edition with homebrew world, and the Warlord wanted to use commanding strike on the Fighter to attack their own warlock.

Human Warlord OOC: “I’m not wasting my nat20! Why can’t you just let us have fun?”
Me the DM: “It’s a command, not mind control.”
Werewolf Fighter OOC: “I don’t even want to hit him.”
Human Warlord OOC standing up and starts pacing: “Look. I play D&D, because it is supposed to be fun!”
Dwarf Warlord OOC: *begins to play inspirational music on his phone*
Me the DM: “Oh my god…”
Human Warlord OOC: “And that means that if we all want this role to go through, it should. Everyone wants it but you [My name].”
Dwarf Warlock OOC: “Yeah!”
Werewolf Fighter OOC: “What–”
Human Warlord OOC: “Everyone but you!”
Me the DM: “Fine! Alright, alright! The attack goes through. Ray Lish (the dwarf warlock) takes 11 damage.”
Dwarf Warlock OOC: “What!? Fuck off, I’m dead!”
The rest of us just laugh and I honestly couldn’t handle the amount of dumb going on.

Humans are Weird - Part 4

Here’s the fourth part! And, the second thing Xylion noticed about humans! Enjoy!

Xylion was sitting in the cafeteria with the humans, though he wasn’t really paying them any heed. He was too busy focusing on eating his food. It was his favorite. However, he was stopped when he noticed Human Fredrick take a bite of his and grimace.

“What is the matter, Human Fredrick?” He asked, turning away from his food to look at his coworker.

Human Fredrick sighed. “It’s nothing major, just…this is very bland.”

Human Isaac scoffed. “You and your fancy taste buds. This has enough flavor.”

“’Flavor’? It tastes like cardboard!’ Human Jenny cried, slamming her utensil down on the table.

Xylion didn’t know what ‘cardboard’ was, but judging by Human Jenny’s reaction, it must be bad. His shoulders slumped. Was his favorite food not good enough for them?

Human Mason sighed. “Just put something on it if you can’t handle it, you two.”

Xylion watched the two humans contemplate it for a second before nodding. Human Jenny and Human Fredrick both stood up and ran off, leaving Xylion highly confused. He looked at Human Mason and Human Isaac for answers, but they two were gone.

He sighed and continued to eat his food. If the humans didn’t enjoy it, then it meant more for him.

It couldn’t have been more than two minutes when the pounding of feet were heard. Xylion looked up to see them running back over to the table, all carrying something in their hands.

Human Jenny sat down first and set her vibrantly colored bottle on the table. Human Isaac was next, though his was tamer. Human Fredrick set his dark bottle down, and Human Mason set his neutral colored bottle down as well.
Xylion pointed at their bottles. “What are those?”

Human Jenny grinned. “This here is known as Sriracha! It’s spicy!”


Xylion watched as Human Jenny flipped the bottle over and squeezed the edges of it. He watched an orange colored substance begin to fall out of it, hitting the white paste. Xylion felt his heart shatter. They were ruining it!

Human Jenny picked up her utensil and scooped some of the orange stuff up with her food and popped it into her mouth. Xylion saw her eyes begin to mist up slightly, but she swallowed it anyway.

“Man, this is some good stuff!” She cried out, a grin spreading on her face. Xylion could feel the heat spilling out near him, even though she sat the furthest form him.

Human Fredrick grimaced. “Ew.”

Human Jenny stuck her tongue out at him, which he then copied.

Human Isaac sighed. “Ya’ll, that shit is nasty! Here, let me show you how delicious mine is!”

Xylion watched Human Isaac as he pulled a cap off his bottle and squirt the yellow substance onto his paste. He then took a bite. Human Isaac’s eyes lit up as he swallowed it. “Ah, good ol’ mustard! You’ll never fail to keep me going!”

Human Jenny seemed fearful of him. “You…you monster! Who dares eat mustard so casually?”

Human Isaac rolled his eyes. “Better than what Mason is about to put on his.”

Xylion turned his attention to Human Mason, but the sound of a horrific noise filling the air shocked him. He turned to Human Fredrick, who was squeezing the edges of his bottle too. The horrible noise filled the air again. Xylion watched as the substance dropped onto Human Fredrick’s food.

Human Fredrick scooped some up and put it into his mouth, and then began to shovel it in. Xylion was shocked at the speed he was eating it at. However, he stopped when he saw everyone staring. “What?”

“Ketchup, really? Why ketchup of all things? Please, do tell.” Human Jenny said, her tone odd.

Human Fredrick rolled his eyes. “I’m not the one putting spicy Sriracha on my food!” He cried, some bits of food flying out of his mouth. Xylion sighed. What terrible manners.

Human Mason shook his head as he squirted some of his substance onto his food. Xylion watched the brown substance easily fall out of the bottle. He glanced at the other humans and saw their schocked and horrified expressions.
“What’s that?”

“Ch-chocolate sauce.” Human Isaac stuttered.

Zellnor blinked in shock. “And what is chocolate sauce?”

“Something that should never go onto the paste. They had me try each one, and to be perfectly honest, it was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life. Each one tasted of death, though Human Mason’s was the worst. Chocolate sauce is, as Human Isaac described it as, a ‘savory’ meal, not a ‘sweet’ one.”

“What else? Anything, good?”

Xylion shook his head. “I haven’t even gotten to the worst one yet, Captain.”

“Oh, Galactia help us.”

How’d you like this part? I’m having fun writing these…I hope you enjoy reading them!

Also, sorry if this post looks a little weird. I was doing some editing on my phone and accidentally posted this, so it had to be copied and I had to make a whole new post, and the spacing became weird. Anyways, hope you liked it!