editing makes me feel better haha

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I was just checking out Jack's twitter then saw that stolen gif, and I was able to tell it was one of yours before even seeing the watermark :p I'm sorry that people keep stealing your hard work man. Sometimes it can make you feel like it's not worth it anymore but just try to stay positive and remember people who steal are doing it just because they don't know any better. We gotta tell them it's not the right thing until things change, which can be frustrating but we are here for you! (•ᵕᴗᵕ•)

Haha my edits really have something weird about them :P
Dude, I gotta be honest. Every time that this sort of things happen, I high key want to stop making edits and even delete my blog. I create for myself, for the people who support me (you guys are the best) and for Jack but when you see your hard work getting stolen and reposted you just kinda lose all your energy and will to create, especially when it’s Jack himself who reblogs/likes/whatever the stolen gif or edit or fanart. Like, he’s not to blame because it’s not his fault if people do this stuff but I do blame him for not acknowledging that art theft has seriously gotten so much worse that now pretty much everything gets stolen. The community is not as perfect as he thinks it is :/
I don’t want to be dramatic or anything. I’m just tired of people being selfish and disrespectul and getting away with this behaviour


“he spent five hundred pounds on jeans”

“He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his asshole bleached”

“Tribal tattoos and he don’t know what it means”

“And wears a man bag on his shoulder, but I call it a purse”

“Drinks beer, but has a six pack, I’m kinda jealous”

“He wears sunglasses indoors, in winter, at nighttime”

“Now you’re eatin’ kale, hittin’ the gym”

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Tyler Seguin - Balloons and Notes

Team: Dallas Stars

Requested: Yes: Can I please request a Tyler Seguin imagine where the reader is his gf but is really insecure about their relationship because of all the hate she gets on social media and his dating history, so Tyler does something cute and fluffy to prove that she’s got nothing to be insecure about? :) btw, love your imagines so please keep doing them. <3

Edited: Yes

Word count: 772

Summary: You’re getting hate and he makes you feel better

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have you ever considered showing cheritz your art? 👀 bc if you do, what if they decide to post the v rOUTE FASTER BC OF HOW BEAUTIFUL YOUR V ART IS DHSKSKSL

hooo boy, you hold me in such high esteem! (〃∇〃)ゞ but here are three reasons why that won’t work: (1) zen, (2) zen, and (3) zen. i think they’d be immune to any type of beauty when they created adonis himself!


Hello everyone ! Welcome to my 5k+ Follow Forever (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

I reached 5k followers two weeks ago (i’m almost at 5.1k now) even though I haven’t been really active this last month (I was working…). Sorry about that >w< I didn’t expect to reach 5k one day (and since it’s almost time for me to go back to school ;;w;; I made a “back to school” FF ! featuring my baby Killua ♡ yes, AGAIN) Thank you so much to all of you !!!! For those who started following me a few days ago, I hope you’ll find my blog interesting enough to stay, and for those who have been following me for so long, I couldn’t thank you enough. Thanks to all of you for liking my edits, for reblogging them, for tagging me, for sending me asks, for trying to know more about me… It motivates me to create even more edits and try making better edits each time.

 I’ve met wonderful people here, even if I don’t talk to you much, I really do appreciate you, and love the fact we’re mutuals. I love fangirling in the tags a lot, you might have seen it haha. When I reblog edits I always try to put some comments in the tags or even “wow this is pretty”, because maybe if you see this little comment of mine, it’ll make you smile or feel good for the day :) And for my dear mutuals, being followed back by such talented people makes me feel great ! Thank you so much ! I love you all ! ♡

Here, I will list awesome people with great blogs. You should check them out ! ♡♡ Some are really talented graphic/gifmakers, some are amazing artists, some are people I really love seeing on my dash because they seem so nice and caring… ♡♡ I hope Tumblr didn’t mess up my italicized and bolded urls bc it always does… >w<

|| Bolded : Mutuals || Italics : fav graphics/gifs makers and fav art blogs ||



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sorry if you've already answered a question like this but after I've written something I have trouble going over it again to properly edit it so I was wondering how you did it

editing is my best friend and my worst enemy so i feel you there! i don’t like editing because i don’t like seeing how badly i’ve done, but i also don’t want others to see how badly i’ve done… so that overpowers my resistance to editing most of the time, haha. 

(i’m trying to edit with the mindset of “i want to make this as good as i can” and “i can be better” rather than “i don’t want everyone to know how garbage tier my stories are,” and that’s helped me, too. gotta strive for my best!!)

some things that i always read for:  

  • bulky sentences that take up the reader’s time/energy unnecessarily
  • diction / word choice (can i be more concise? what connotations have i added to a scene because of my diction? etc.)
  • how much time i spend describing stuff. the amount of time the narration devotes to considering something reflects the amount of time/effort that the narrator is expending on it. therefore: short, fast descriptions for things that are unimportant to the reader, long descriptions & introspection for things the narrator thinks are important
  • the mood of a scene… am i achieving the mood i’m aiming for? how best should i reflect the narrator’s emotions in the diction and syntax they use while narrating? when i transition between moods/atmospheres, does it feel smooth or sudden? things like that.
  • repetitive words and phrases
  • whether or not a sentence, paragraph, scene, etc. is necessary. everything should add something to the story i’m telling
  • how smoothly it reads; does the story flow well? are there moments of awkward language or bad transitions that break my immersion? 

i have to read for these things because my stories hinge so much on feeling & understanding the narrator’s internal state. sometimes i edit as i go, other times i just reread a couple times. usually there’s not a lot of huge changes i want to make (if there are, i just rewrite the scene), but the effects of all the small changes add up and help polish my writing! 

afterwards i usually ask my beta reader(s) to give feedback on their experience while reading the chapter… if there was anything that stuck out to them as awkward, unnecessary, or out of character. my chapters usually look pretty good after all that. 

hope that helps!


Sometimes I’m sad that I cannot art better….. But then I’m surrounded by many talented artists friends and that made me feel much, MUCH better! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

These series of digital paintings were created by my best friend, Subaru-S. She’s supposed to practice digital painting but somehow got dragged to making more and more SERVAMP characters, lol! I think she might end up selling these eventually, haha….. :’D I’m such a big fan of her art~ And I’m sure I’m not the only one~ ;-)

P.S. Standard ethics of not stealing arts and no reposting outside tumblr applies, of course. :3

*EDIT: My friend has decided to open preorders for international buyers! :D Each postcard costs USD 2, and you can e-mail pleiades.gdl@gmail.com with the following details:

Contact No.:

Please note that there is a minimum order of 3 postcards due to possibly-high shipping fee!

Anon Requested

Follow Forever.
I’ve never actually done this, it just never crossed my mind, but a very nice Anon requested to see who inspires me, so I’m going to try my best. 

Also, it is VERY VERY long.  [Seriously, VERY VERY long.]
You can use ctrl-f to find yourself…maybe? ;-;
I could’ve just added everyone’s names but I wanted to write a little on each one, or most everyone.
Sorry if I didn’t write about you, but you’re still great in my book guys.
All of you. <3 <3 <3

[I only wrote because I am seriously never doing this again, lol, so once and only time here]
IF IF IF IF I forgot you, I am beyond sorry. Just let me know or something. I’m tired. It’s midnight, and I just wrote all of this and did I mention I’m tired? 

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“Unlimited Saga” by Unicorn Jr. Lyrics + Translation

(I usually don’t post the album art, but the cover is very spring-like which fits). This song has been stuck in my head for weeks, and I couldn’t find an English translation so I decided to do it myself. I could only find the kanji lyrics from a person’s blog (see content source for link) so the breakup of the lines and the number of lines per stanza is only as accurate as what that blog has. 

This song is very… mature-feeling? I guess that’s a good way to describe it haha. There’s also some innuendos and they even use the English word “bitch” which surprised me. The music itself is very catchy though!!

Read below the cut for notes, kanji, romaji, and the translation~

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Hi, my name’s Mukkura and I draw McHanzo a lot when I’m stressed or depressed to make myself feel better haha;;
Been sketching and drawing a lot more recently and its kind of amazing how much my art has improved.
Now don’t mind me as I continue to draw McHanzo until I have to get ready and go to work haha;;

Edit: Omg, I was wondering why Hanzo looked off. It was his beard. Guess I’ve been drawing Young McHanzo too much haha;;

Look, i know i dont have much followers yet, and i’m not making it better by changing my url and theme so many times… i’m multifandom, always will be, but i feel i will fall into a big puddle of Star Wars soon… its the force i can feel it again.

Mutuals, bare with me once more… haha


It already happened. Sorry, not sorry guys.

(I was cherylblcssms)

Fans ship you with the other - Preference #362


Dan - 

“Why the hell is ‘Y/N and Phil’ trending?” Dan scowled at his phone, scrolling at top speeds. “Really?” You gave a small snort, and checked your phone. sure enough, it was trending at by the looks like it some people were actually serious. “That’s weird.” You shrugged and went back to Instagram. Dan tossed a pillow at you, “why are you so calm about this?” “Because it’s not a big deal?” You giggled. “Yes it is! ‘Y/N and Dan’ should be trending.” He pouted and crossed his arms. “Is little Danny jealous?” You teased, getting up and plopping yourself next to him. “No.” “Dan don’t be a baby,” you joked, “you get shipped with 100% of anyone who breathes next to you.” “But still,” he insisted, “it’s different.” “Really?” You raised an eyebrow, “how so?” “Well, because…it’s like…OK I don’t have an actual answer, it just is different.” He said finally, you gave a small chuckle and threw your arms around his shoulders, hugging him tightly, “baby.” you whispered.


Phil - 

“Oh God. This is terrifying.” You heard Phil say next to you, you glanced up and tried looking at his phone screen. “What is?” “Nothing.” “Phil! Show me.” You pouted, trying to reach for his phone that he held just out of reach next to him. Leaning over his lap you snatched his phone and saw what was so terrifying. You immediately burst out laughing and gave him his phone back, “that is terrifying.” It was a picture of you and Dan that was originally you and Phil. “But that’s our picture.” He pouted and tossed his phone next to him. “Phil,” you smiled, “it’s a picture. An edited picture. We have so many more that are unedited.” You smirked. “That makes me feel so much better.” Phil laughed.


// not gonna lie. i think Phil’s is a bit intentionally unintentionally dirty lolz just @ the end and I like it so there otl on another note i think im legit in love. not with this preference (well kinda haha) but with an actual person so uhh… //

Hey people! I want to say thanks to all the people who reblogged my fakemon x3 Here is the full unedited version. This is my first fakemon so I know it wasn’t the greatest but I had fun making it :D I wanted to make a Chinese dragon since the closest we have to one is Gyarados. Also keeping with the sun and moon theme I wanted them to be a new type so I chose ‘Celestial’ as my fake type.

These were the designs I came up with and here are the translations I intended, though I don’t speak Japanese so it probably didn’t turn out the way I intended. If you do speak Japanese feel free to message me with the corrections x’D I tired.


  • Classification: Young Dragon Pokemon
  • Type: Dragon . Celestial
  • Height: 0.7m
  • Weight: 15.8kg


  • Classification: Elder Dragon Pokemon
  • Type: Dragon . Celestial
  • Height: 3.4m
  • Weight: 115.6kg

Vertical Text: “An all new dragon type!”

Horizontal Text: “Only available in” <pokemon moon logo>

My editing skills are pretty sub par but that really isn’t my field of expertise >w< I’ll stick to drawing haha. I think the background I made would have worked better for Pokemon X.

I’ve gotten pretty attached to little Ryuba :3 I think he turned out better than Ryuboro but making a two stage evolved pokemon that didn’t look too much like a digimon and not just like a regular dragon was difficult while the cutesy dragon was easy enough to imagine in the pokemon style.

By far the hardest part was making a somewhat believable in-game model. Since I’ve never really done pixel art is was a whole new ball game for me. Since they technically aren’t sprites I had to make the pixel art look like the still images of the models so I googled a few images to try and base it off of. This was the end result. Much derp  ( o w o )

I wanted to make a Sun fakemon counterpart but I didn’t have the time. Maybe in the future I’ll make another mon to go along with these.