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The New Quinx Squad


Princess Juvia was gifted with the power of water, a power so great that a child such as herself couldn’t control yet. She brought rain wherever she went, but her sister Meredy did not mind.

One day when she was playing with Meredy, an accident happened causing her sister to drown. She almost died, and the only way to save her was by embedding special lacrima in her heart and lungs. It had side effects, such as making Meredy forget about the incident as well as Juvia’s powers. Fearing for the safety of her sister, Juvia started to shut herself inside her room, avoiding Meredy, as she also tried to control her powers on her own.

Years later, Meredy remained being a jolly and optimistic girl, even after their parents died from a separate incident. Despite being secluded in the castle, she discovered a way to pass her time—linking herself and reading the emotions and memories of others. [Little did she know that it was a power she obtained from the special lacrima.] Because of the power, she already knew the emotional patterns and memories of all the servants, knights, everyone in the castle—except one person.

Her sister Juvia.

She had no idea why of all people, it was her sister whom she couldn’t link herself with, her sister whom she wanted to understand. All she knew was that because of an incident which she could not recall as a child, her sister became distant from her. She never knew why…until the day of Juvia’s coronation as the new queen…