editing it before someone stab me


Throwback Thursday pictures of me drunk edition.
1. Underage drinking is bad folks
2. Really bad. Like drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade and smoke swishers bad.
3. Unless you’re in Canada where you’re magically of age at 19.
4. Totally drunk at a work conference back in the day. The guy in the middle tried really really hard to sleep with me. It didn’t happen.
5. Drunk at a wedding.
6. Drunk the night before my sister’s wedding. I was in the middle of winning some Young Jeezy tickets in a hula hooping contest. Someone got stabbed that night right outside this bar in the hall (it was in a hotel). There was blood everywhere. (Woo hoo Saginaw Michigan!)
7. Drunk at The Nook in Huntsville. They have too many beer choices and I don’t understand self control.
8. Drunk at a beer festival.
9. Drunk in DC in a stolen hat while making a duck face.