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Aaaa WELP here I am trying to answer asks sounding the most awkward I can! LMAO

Talkin lots about Dre and PT; Dre’s preferences in dating, his origins in creation, PT’s situation with Sanzu, and a bunch of questions regarding art and the blog and stuff. 💖

mentioned @happykittyshop for the Dre plush, @glitteryandpeachy for being so generous enough to purchase it and send it to me-! @spikeybelmont for Dre’s voice and @sour-apple-studios for the horrortale-related parts! Can’t forget @blesstale, I mention her almost every other sentence. LMAO!

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The reason we haven’t seen Dex is because we have officially hit the part where he’s realised his feelings for Nursey and is avoiding everyone as he tries to work out what to do.