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Welcome Home

The first time Nursey visits the Poindexters, it’s the winter of his and Dex’s junior year, and he had just come out at home. The Nurses took the news…less than well, and being at home was thoroughly miserable, so Dex had invited him to his house in Maine for winter break.

Derek’s intimidated, because these people are important to Dex and they’re apparently all pretty conservative and Derek has never, not once in his life, been able to make adults like him without changing some aspect of who he is. So he goes out of his way to impress them. He turns on his charm with Dex’s siblings, chameleons into the Nice, Respectful Young Man he knows Dex’s parents will want, and he wraps his chill, unflappable exterior around him like a blanket. 

However, he’d forgotten to consider Dex in this equation. Dex skypes his parents every Sunday after church at 1:00 sharp, and he updates them on his life at Samwell, the team, and (now that he too is out) his boyfriend. Dex won’t stop talking about his boyfriend. So the Poindexters know the chill is bullshit. They know that he shapeshifts into whatever personality will be expected of him in a given situation. They know that he loves poetry, and reading, and that despite his love of words he frequently misplaces them when he doesn’t have time to write them down. They know he likes weird indie music and drinks expensive coffee not because it’s trendy but because he genuinely loves good coffee. They know he’s a complete klutz. They know that his parents have been freezing him out at home since he came out, totally ignoring both him and his queerness, and that when Derek forced them to acknowledge it at Thanksgiving, they snapped and the ensuing verbal lashing had left him a complete wreck when he returned to Samwell. And by now the Poindexters also know that this boy makes their son happy. 

Consequently, when he shows up in Maine, Nursey arrives to discover that he’s already been virtually adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Poindexter. He’s welcomed with open arms into a loud and crowded home, asked leading questions about himself that force him to talk about his actual interests, and drafted into the ranks of Dex’s tormentors by the Poindexter daughters. And after the big family dinner, once everyone but Dex and his parents have dispersed for the night, he’s asked about his situation at home, and how they can help.

He thinks he finally understands why they got under each other’s skin so much, way back in the beginning of it all: Dex’s fire, the unrestrained emotion that drove him, set off all of Derek’s internal alarms because caring about anything that much, that openly, was dangerous. Caring that much only got you hurt. But Dex’s family cares so deeply and openly that Derek’s armor of complete composure came off as complete indifference. To the Poindexters, it seems, indifferent is the worst thing a person could be. 

And in the wake of this revelation, Derek looks helplessly over at Dex. His boyfriend is wearing the look Derek used to think was a glare but now knows as concern: eyebrows drawn in forehead furrowed, lips pressed thin and mouth turned down at the corners. His thumb is gently tracing circles in the back of Derek’s hand, and his heart feels like it’s about to burst, because this is what he’s always wanted: this family, Will’s presence beside him, the instant and unconditional acceptance. 

It’s now that he wonders if he’s found a home. 



Teen Wolf Aesthetic Proposing To Strangers by @moonstalker24 / moonstalker 24

Stiles & Peter:

At the end of a strained relationship, crime novelist Stiles chooses to hide from the world inside a bar with far too many motorcycles outside it for comfort. Here he’ll meet the man of his dreams, eat food and propose marriage, all within the first five minutes.

Peter doesn’t know who this kid is, but he’s cute and looks like he could use a break. So he feeds him. He’s not expecting a marriage proposal, but with what comes after, he doesn’t really mind.


Loki PoV posters. Because he’ll have you know he’s more than just ‘the brother of Thor’, thank you very much!

Mind the seams on the Avengers poster. I couldn’t find a font that was quite right for the logo, so I had to improvise & draw a few bits.

Satan Wears a Rolex by @stoptakingmyhandx

Have another thing inspired by one of my favorite reylo fics! Written by the same author as Never Tell Me The Odds it’s written just as wonderfully and is a sort of Devil Wears Prada au.


au | When Henry brought Emma to Storybrooke, with tales of Evil Queens and Saviors, she was skeptical at first. But as he opened his book of stories, and tried to convince his birth mother that his fantasies were true, her already fragile mind took hold of the story and ran. The thing is, Henry is all grown up now, and those stories? They were just that.
Even so, Emma is far past the point of no return, terrorizing the town, convinced she’s a fairytale princess, destined to bring back the happy endings. She thinks she’s a hero, but there are no real villains in this world, just a smalltown mayor, a pawnshop owner, and a woman who runs an icecream shop. They’ve tried to lock her up, in asylums, jail cells, and even went so far as to put her in chains, yet she always manages to escape, raving about how it’s all part of the Evil Queen’s plan. And don’t try to break her illusion, because that’s when she lashes out, and that’s when people end up dead. How can you save a town that didn’t need saving, from a madwoman who calls herself the savior?


Decided to do a costest for Fem!Satan. I literally put 2 minutes of effort into this, since this is how I look pretty much every day, so I know it could be better, and I definitely want to improve. Just did a bit of gimping to see how I’d look with the golden eyes! Fem!Satan can be seen in all her glory at thisiskindagross! The lovely picture is from here.

(my hair is so frizzy omg ignore that)