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anon asked for: Belle & Adam + Egyptian The Mummy AU

Belle Carnahan has had a passion for books, particularly rare books, ever since she was a little girl. She grew up surrounded by ancient texts due to her father’s career as a museum curator, and her appreciation for the written works of lost worlds landed her a job as the librarian at the Cairo Museum of Antiquities. 

Adam O’Connell is a notorious treasure hunter who finds the most incredible ancient texts and relics. Belle is always the first to greet him at the museum doors when he returns from one dig or another with his latest haul - many of which have included ancient Egyptian scrolls, priceless royal jewels, and more manuscripts that she can keep an account of.

But when he arrives at the museum with a map that supposedly will lead the pair of them to the lost Egyptian city of Hamunaptra, Belle is certain that he has to be joking. Hamunaptra is, according to ancient Egyptian legend, where the Book of Amun-Ra resides - a book made of solid gold containing all of the Ancient Egyptians’ mythical secrets. Legend has it that it was forged by the gods themselves and possessed magical powers.

But Adam isn’t joking. He’s entirely serious, and a tad giddy; who wouldn’t be giddy over he prospect of finding a book that precious? Not to mention every other treasure undoubtedly hidden in the city.

Laden down with books, tea, whisky and firearms, the two set out for the ancient city with the map in hand. But what they find there isn’t the Book of Amun-Ra - it’s the ancient Book of the Dead. An onyx book filled with dark curses and a particular incantation rumored to be capable of bringing about the end of days. Of course, while rather tipsy on whisky laced tea, Adam and Belle find the prospect of such magic incredibly amusing and utterly ridiculous.

After all,” Belle muses, the book sprawled out in front of them, “No harm ever came from reading a book.

Up until that moment, perhaps she would have been right. But the second that she read the forbidden incantation within the text, a powerful curse was released - and, deep within the tombs below them, a terrifying, vengeful mummy was awoken in his sarcophagus. Things grow very complicated very quickly when the mummy kidnaps Belle, with plans to use her as a vessel for reincarnating his lover from beyond the grave.

It’s up to Adam to rescue her and it’s a race against the clock. Will he be able to save the girl that he’s admired fiercely for years or will she become the undead bride of a reanimated corpse?