Warning: Violence, spoilers, potential seizure trigger

Title: Believer

Editor: Myrkuri

Song: Believer

Artist: Imagine Dragons

Anime: RWBY

Category: Action

Here’s a look at part of the timeline for yesterdays antisepticeye video! About 20h of editing total, split over 3 days, it’s all in stock Premiere CC 2017 (no extra plug-ins or anything) with After Effects CC for the black-eye-tracking :)

Madam Pince: what ARE you doing to that library book?!

Ravenclaw: editing… grammar really didn’t exist in the 16th Century.

Madam Pince: But.. you can’t… WRITE IN THE BOOKS…

Madam Pince:

Madam Pince: oh, yes you’re right there… but you shouldn’t… ah yes, that’s right… no, you…

Madam Pince walks away muttering, facing the ultimate dilemma. Her biggest love and greatest hate battleing inside her: Poor grammar vs defacing books.

Needing heavy rewrites during the editing stage doesn’t make you a bad writer.

It makes you a writer who is learning new skills and growing in your craft.
It makes you a writer who cares about your story.
It makes you a writer with enough faith in your work to put effort into it.

It makes you a better writer then the writer you were yesterday.

So don’t give up on your work just because it needs multiple rewrites. Every time your scene, chapter, or book gets better, so do your writing skills.