Dan and Phil’s Livestream // 12.15.16

(sorry this is so long they talk a lot)

Dan is wearing his plaid Givenchy jumper

Phil is wearing his black bomber jacket

Lots of hellos

The announcement moose will make a comeback

The last two Tuesdays they’ve been busy

“Danny hasn’t done a liveshizzle in a lizzle”

Phil smashing his face into the door woke up the neighbors dog

Woof woof

“Dan, do you think my nose is visibly flattened?”

Dan has a cold so he’s a sniffle fest

“We’ve had about 3 days of rest this entire year”

Top fans got animals

They just watched epsiode 11 of Yuri on Ice

Phichit with his hamsters is Phil

Yaoi on ice

Phil said yaoi like 3 times

They haven’t editied pinof8 bloopers yet

The pinof8 bloopers will be up before Christmas

Brandcast chat 

Phil was late for Brandcast because he was at a wedding

They had an impromptu dance routine that they had to learn 

It was cringe but on what part of the cringe spectrum it was on is arguable 


The wedding was intense because Phil hadn’t seen a lot of family members in a while

Watch out for aunties and Abba on the dance floor

He saw his university and felt weird and nostalgic but everything felt smaller

Dil and Tabitha are now parents congrats to the happy couple #dab

Dab will be a baby at least until the new year

Probs won’t watch the Sherlock trailer

They saw Rogue One and the cameraman was in their seats eating both of their popcorns can you believe 

Dan took 4 more bags of popcorn 

Dan hasn’t tweeted about Pokemon because he doesn’t know if anyone cares but he thinks it’s the best Pokemon game ever

Dan cried twice into his DS during Pokemon 

Soon they will battle to the death 

There will be another gaming video tonight (hint: it involves exercise??)

They discussed their favorite crisps 

They were in Rewind for a good amount of time but Dan’s favorite is still 2014

The Amazing Calves Are Not On Fire

Phil named someone’s plant “Clap”

They filmed one gaming video before the other and they forgot to replace the stickers 

They’re going to watch Steven Universe soon

“Don’t you make fun of grandma’s toast. That is a fine Lester tradition.”

Phil’s socks are sushi

Dan’s are black 

Cross dab

They got a gold record for The Internet Is Here

They don’t know what to so with Dil’s baby they’re scared it’ll die

Their favorite new emojis are the black heart and pancakes

“There’s a sassy boy emoji now. That’s you, Dan.”

Phil ships Buffy with Angel but he prefers Spike as a character

Phil finds Lazytown weird #unstanned

Dan knows all the words to Lazytown songs idk what to tell you about this please save him

“We swapped colors and swapped branding, Phil”

All proposals are a yes today congrats

They started singing All I Want For Christmas Is You 

BBC Christmas no #rip

Phil has stretchy lobes (he kept playing with his ears 10/10 would watch)

There will be a danisnotonfire and amazingphil video before Christmas

Their favorite gamingmas video is probs the baby video

Christmas name discussion

During the internet support group bit of TATINOF in Europe everyone kept chanting for Dan to chug

Phil took fire shots at the Flipside Christmas party last night but he didn’t drink too much #beReponsibleKids

Dan had a lot of brussel sprouts and two glasses of wine

“I love being secretly vlogged”

They still haven’t actually unpacked

They got Louise Live (the cover has actual glitter and everything)

Forehead exposure 

Phil isn’t hungover 

James Corden tweeted them and they never replied can you believe

They liked Saara the best in X Factor 

The Christmas tree is up

Yaaaaa s

“Have a tea. Have a rest.”

“Enjoy your Christmas. You deserve it.”

Phil’s next liveshow will be on January 5th 

Dan’s will probs be here next Tuesday

Dan started singing goodbyes

“We love you. We appreciate you.”

“I hope you’re all relacxed and happy. You previous swans. Breathe deeply and remember that everything is fine and you are valid.”


Sebastian Stan Edit

I begin to think he’s trying to kill us. But then I’m pretty sure he’s sweet enough that he’d feel really guilty about it. 

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