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“Welcome to the Devil’s Playground”

Hermione had never been so terrified in her entire life. Standing in front of the twisted wrought-iron gates of The Devil’s Playground, she knew what true fear was. It was the crippling kind that seemed to wrap around your insides and squeeze so tightly that you couldn’t breathe properly. Stealing your life away one precious second at a time. Her skin prickled as her wide eyes took in the sweeping lawn and distorted trees. At the end of the curving driveway, she could see the slate-grey facade of the mansion that housed the Playground and its collections of antiquities, artefacts, and cursed inhabitants. Soon she would be joining them. Hidden from the world and unable to ever leave its premises again, she would be made to live out her life in the shadows until death finally claimed her.  

By Heeley  ( @jheeley )

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lets-say-hello  asked:

I love your blog! Not too many people post about tmithc, so you are my go-to. This is a bit of a stupid question, but how exactly did you get ahold of/download footage from the show to edit it like you do? I'm afraid I don't have a clue how video editing works.

Ooooh! Thank you very much, that’s very nice of you. So how to explain it properly. There is so much to say about the video editi. First, I download the episodes of the series. It becomes a file in my computer (video file). After I open the software, Photoshop (which works wonders). I import my episode in the software (eg, episode 5) selects the scene I want. The continuation is simple: I selected the frame rate (fast or slow), I modify the size of the picture and I put my color filter :) I added the text tool with the phrase I want and saves the image in GIF format. That’s it! I advice you to watch this tutorial to understand because I have trouble expressing myself: HERE Well, I hope I have helped you and thank you for your message :)