You might have noticed, but we do love good retelling (or a re-imagining. Or an adaptation), so today - for our last YA Author Fest readalike list - we’ve merged our book list to make it two for one! Whether you like a fairy tale or a classic story, we have you covered. 

What should you read after Doon, by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon, and East, by Edith Pattou? Besides their other books, of course! 

How about more familiar tales? Try these new fantasy versions of old stories, then meet and greet Carey, Lorie, and Edith at the YA Author Fest on July 26 - they’ll be talking writing fantasy fiction and world building! 


Doon, Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Splintered, A.G. Howard

Tiger Lily, Jodi Lynn Anderson

Juliet Immortal, Stacey Jay

This Dark Endeavor, Kenneth Oppel

Starcrossed, Josephine Angelini

Fairy Tales

East, Edith Pattou

Sun and MoonIce and Snow, Jessica Day George

Ice, Sarah Beth Durst

ZelDonna Jo Napoli

EntwinedHeather Dixon

Cruel Beauty, Rosamund Hodge

Kill Me SoftlySarah Cross


East by Edith Pattou

In this retelling of the Norwegian folktale East of the Sun, West of the Moon, the heroine has always been an adventurous spirit with the wanderlust. Though her family tells everyone that Rose is an East-born baby (known for their calm and gentle natures), she is actually North-born (known for their need to travel and see the world). Rose does not hesitate to go with the Bear and find out where he will take her, especially after learning the lie of her birth direction.

For those unfamiliar with the fairy tale, East of the Sun, West of the Moon tells the story of a young woman who is carried away from her home one night by a large white bear. The bear promises that if she goes with him, her family (which has come upon very hard times) will come into good health and prosperity. 
The bear is actually a prince who has been cursed to remain a bear by day and himself as a young man by night. Since the girl is not told of this curse or how to break it, she inevitably breaks mishap upon them and must undertake a journey to find her prince in a land that lies east of the sun and west of the moon.

I know that the book plot and The Legend of Korra have little in common but still, I think of Korra when I think of Rose. Maybe it’s because of the settings, the clothes, the main character personality and well, the polar bear.