edith x sir anthony

"To Mary and Matthew, Edith and Anthony, Sybil and Tom—you're brave men, taking on the Crawley sisters for your wives—I repeat, brave men…but also very fortunate, if I do say so myself," Robert's eyes grew soft and tender as he looked at his girls. "Yes, very fortunate indeed.”

from chapter 1 of Who Wants to Marry a Crawley Sister?

inspired by @magfreak‘s “previously on…” posts about her wonderful story If Things Were Different, I am “borrowing” her idea of posting previous chapters in preparation for *deep breath* FINALLY posting an update in the next day or two!  WHOO HOO!

The Persuaders!

The Steamm (Downton Abbey - Modern AU) Version

Tom Branson was born in Ireland, his family emigrated to America when he was five, he joined the Marines and after he left the service he played the stocks and became a self-made millionaire. 

Now he lives a playboy lifestyle in Monaco and investigate’s and solves crimes with his two rivals and best friends Matthew Crawley and Anthony Strallan.

Matthew Crawley was born in London and raised by his doctor parents, (Reginald and Isobel) he bucked the trend and became a QC Barrister, he is top in his field. After his wealthy fiancé (Levinia) dies in a hit and run. Levinia bequeathed her wealth to him. The culprit is brought to justice but the judge gives him a more lenient sentence.

Matthew is so disgusted with the British judicial system, that he up-sticks and moves to Monaco where he brings bad guys to justice with his two best friends Anthony Strallan and Tom Branson.

Anthony Strallan is from one of the oldest and affluent family’s in England, he was born in India. Not long after his birth, his grandfather died (Sir Christopher Strallan) and his father and mother had to move back to Yorkshire to take over the running of the family estate Locksley. He is the last in line to inherit the title and estate. 

After the tragic death of his wife Maud (During Childbirth), moved to Monaco and investigate’s and solves crime’s with his two best friends and rivals Tom Branson and Matthew Crawley.

The Crawley Sister’s have been taken hostage. The kidnappers have told the girls father (Lord Robert Crawley) not to inform the police, so he gets in contact with his old friend Sir Anthony Strallan.

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Additional Scenes in the PBS Airings of Downton Abbey

PBS Season 3, Episode 2 - Original UK Episode Series 3, Episode 3

Bracketed lines are in the UK version and are there for context. More to come!

- Added Edith x Sir Anthony scene

[Carson: He didn’t tell me, Mrs Patmore. You told me.]
(In the dining room, evening. The men are still at the table)
Robert: I must say that it’s a relief to have some men in the family at last.
[Sir Anthony: Lady Edith—-I mean, er… Edith tells me that you’re very interested in politics.]
[Robert: I’m happy Edith is happy. I’m happy you mean to keep her happy. That is quite enough happiness to be going on with.]
(Robert and Anthony walk out into the hall and find Edith)
Edith: You will let us have five minutes on our own, Papa, please.
Robert: Very well, but don’t tell your grandmother. (He exits)
Edith: I couldn’t bear it if we spend the whole evening discussing hunting, and whether or not the Marlboroughs are finally getting a divorce. 
Sir Anthony: (smiling) No, no. (pauses) Are they?
Edith: Yes.
Sir Anthony: Oh. You know, I first met the Duchess of Marlborough at a ball of Lady Londonderry’s. ‘96. It was after she came over from America. She was the loveliest woman I ever set eyes on. Of course, you weren’t even born my darling.
Edith: I was. Just not walking very well. (laughs)
Sir Anthony: Hm. And before long, you’ll be wheeling me around when I can’t walk anymore. (sadly smiles)
Edith: Please understand, I don’t love you in spite of your need to be looked after, I love you because of it. (puts her hand on his left arm) I want you to be my life’s work.
(They smile at each other)
[Mrs. Hughes: There’s been a last minute change of mind about the wedding menus.]

(I took a guess with the spelling of the names, so those could be wrong

EDIT: Thanks joelbert1124 for the corrections!)

MASTERPOST: Additional Scenes in the PBS Airings of Downton Abbey (Updated Through S4)

This is a masterlist of all scenes PBS has added to their airings for all four seasons. If I am missing any, let me know.

Here is my FAQ about the added scenes. Please read this before messaging me any questions, thank you.

Special thanks goes to fandomsandorangejuice for helping me out with catching stuff in S3 and repmet for making the S3 and S4 videos.

Masterpost of all videos of deleted scenes from S1-S3 (ones that aired on PBS and ones on the UK DVDs) is here. I am working on a list that includes all the German scenes as well as S4’s PBS scenes.

Included here are the list of scenes and links to the videos containing them. Each scene is also linked to the transcripts unless noted.

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STEAMMy Musketeer AU

The Earl is dead, killed at the hands of the king’s musketeers…or so “witnesses” claim, upon seeing three masked men retreat from his estate in the middle of the night.  Fearing for their lives, the Earl’s daughters flee and face certain exile, unless their father’s killer is brought to justice, and they can prove that their family remains loyal servants of the crown.  It is the youngest daughter, Lady Sybil, who decides to take matters into her own hands; cutting her hair and donning a pair of trousers, she takes her father’s sword and heads directly to the camp of the musketeers, prepared to challenge any of the men there to fight…and that’s where she meets them:

Sir Anthony, a legend amongst the musketeers, and a man who has been ignoring the call for his retirement for the last several years; he still believes he has a least one more good fight in him…

Sir Matthew, always laughing and forever wearing a “devil may care” smile, popular with the ladies at court, but who has been harboring an affection for the Earl’s eldest for many, many years…

Sir Tom, a man who came from the humblest of means, and who feels he has the most to prove before all of his “brothers”, as some don’t believe he should even be there.  It’s him who first encounters the mysterious Crawley girl, and who finds himself in the reluctant role of mentor…

While taking on the mission to protect the Earl’s daughters and discover who it was that killed him, the three soon find themselves embroiled in a dangerous plot to assassinate the king and place all the blame on them!  And if that isn’t enough to keep them busy, the addition of a hopeful fourth musketeer…by none other than Lady Sybil herself…certainly will!

(**pics/gifs not mine; special thanks to crystabelshalott for the idea, and cassiemortmain who kept encouraging me to watch the BBC Musketeers)


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