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Cute Krupp x Sawyer friendship headcanon

Not long after she got her teaching job at Jerome Horwitz Elementary, Mr. Meaner managed to find out that Sawyer was a lesbian.

After that, Meaner, the bigot that he was, never called her by her name. Only derogatory names (like “Ms. Fag” or “Dyke” as a means to wound her. She never let him know how much it hurt her, but it did.

The female members of the faculty were furious at the gym teacher at this point. Ms. Ribble shot him dirty glares at faculty meetings. Edith would spit in his food every time he didn’t bring his own lunch. Nurse Offstill had half a mind to sick her brothers on him for Sawyer’s sake. And Lei wanted to break his legs for breaking Sawyer’s heart.

But it was soon revealed that the women weren’t the only ones who were 100% DONE with Mr. Meaner’s cruelty towards Sawyer, when he made the mistake of insulting her… in front of Mr. Krupp. The next thing the gym teacher knew, he was pressed against the wall of the hallway, staring into the enraged eyes of the principal, who had his sweatshirt in a death grip.

“If you ever talk to her like that again, I will have your ass fired faster than you can blow that damn whistle of yours!”

The faculty and students were stunned. Besides Edith, they had never seen Mr. Krupp defend someone like this before! George and Harold even wondered if someone had snapped their fingers at one point, because in that moment, their principal never looked more heroic.

Mr. Meaner fearfully nodded and briskly walked off as soon as Krupp let go of him. Everyone immediately applauded, much to Krupp’s surprise (and slight embarrassment). “Alright, show’s over. Now get back to your classes!” And for once, the students actually listened. The teachers weren’t far behind.

Edith gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as she headed back to the cafeteria. “You were great, tiger.”

That’s when Sawyer hugged him, tears in her eyes. “Thanks, Ben.”

“Hey, you were always standing up for me when we were kids. It was long overdue that I returned the favor.”





sexualidad:meh seria bisexual

personalidad: alegre, bromista , puede llegar a ser psicopata en algunos momentos , osea fijense, la personalidad alegre pero con un pensamiento de pura destruccion… no es obvio? Bueno es bromista, distraído , es olvidadiso y algo pervertido

 una chica me pregunto lo siguiente

respondiendo a la pregunta spilledink puede hablar ingles y español, practica cuando esta con edith,

(pero digamos que el modo chileno es algo dificil de entender xD)


al igual que su mami(ink) puede cambiar sus ojos por sus emociones

estando el…


procesando: cuando le cuesta mucho entender algo se queda procesando, lo cual se quedara completamente quieto y se quedara asi hasta que  lo pueda entender


enamorado: es algo dificil de que le suceda esta emocion ya que no le ve mucha importancia al amor

danger: bueno este igual es dificil de que le suceda ya que debe ser un caso muy pero muy extremo para que pueda suceder , haciendo que pierda completamente la cordura

y esta el confundio


spilledink usa un boligrafo de pluma como arma,pero digamos que no lo usa demaciado.

este boligrafo es capas de convertir a todo ser en tinta, solo tiene que ser atravesado

contando de que es mas pequeño que spilledink

spilledink tiene partes negras en su cuerpo, esas partes estan echas de tinta.
cuando recibe un daño en una de las partes negras no recibira daño tan solo lo atravesara, tomara unos segundos para que vuelva a su pocision

pero si llegara a tocar una zona blanca que es esquelto

game over amigo

si tambien tiene dos lenguas largas

y su comida favorita es la pizza al igual que la creadora xD

pizza senpai

tambien tiene algo de miedo a los colores muy fuertes, de hay la costumbre de arruinar los dibujos de ink con tinca, podria decirse fobia?
podria decirse Cromofobia? no lo se?

bueno esto seria toda la informacion de spilledink y si me faltaron cosas serian cosas minimas ya que e puesto lo mas importante aqui

esta permitido dibujar y escribir sins de spilledink  no hay problema

mas tienen que darme los creditos cuando lo hagan

se despide edith bye


❝ And then… at last, at last, he kissed her with real passion. Skin on skin, mouth on mouth. To forget death and tragedy and loss. She was his wife and it was her duty and her privilege to transform him with her devotion and her love.  ❞ — Crimson Peak (book)