「untitled」 - Arashi 16th Album
Release date: 2017.10.18

Limited Edition (top pic)
★ 80-page lyrics/photo booklet and special packaging

[CD - 13 tracks]
01: Green Light
02: つなぐ (Tsunagu)
03: 「未完」 (Mikan)
04: Sugar
05: Power of the Paradise
06: ありのままで (Ari no Mama de)
07: 風雲 (Fuu-un)
08: I’ll be there
09: 抱擁 (Houyou)
10: Pray
11: 光 (Hikari)
12: 彼方へ (Kanata e)
13: Song for you

「未完」 (Mikan) PV and special making of

Regular Edition (bottom pic)
★ 36-page lyrics booklet

[CD 1]
Same 13 tracks as LE

[CD 2 - 5 tracks]
01: バズりNIGHT (Bazuri NIGHT / Masaki Aiba, Satoshi Ohno, Sho Sakurai)
02: 夜の影 (Yoru no Kage / Jun Matsumoto, Kazunari Ninomiya, Satoshi Ohno)
03: UB (Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya)
04: Come Back (Jun Matsumoto, Sho Sakurai)
05: カンパイ・ソング (Kanpai Song) (Bonus Track)

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