One legitimately weird thing about Tumblr is that when you reblog a post, you have full editing power over the original caption. Sometimes that’s funny, sometimes it’s not—but in any case it’s something that’s concerned a lot of you for a while now. We’re finally fixing it.

Starting today, people will be able to reblog your posts with all of its captions intact, or with all of them removed, but they won’t be able to edit your words. Phew.


How do I reblog now?

Same as you’ve always done: Hit the reblog button, type your comment in the caption box (or not!), and click “Reblog.”

Can I still remove the comments?

Yup! We just said that. Go for it. Hit the reblog button and click on the X that appears when you hover over the comments.

Aren’t the mobile apps already like this?

Exactly. We’re trying to keep the Tumblr experience consistent across platforms. Consistently good, we hope.

Okay, how do I reblog starting with a caption that’s in the middle of a reblog chain?

If you want to reblog from a certain point in the thread, you can do that the same way you always have. Just click on the username of the last comment you want to appear in your post, and reblog directly from their post (there’s a reblog button in the top right-hand corner of the page).

This all brings added integrity to the reblog process and ensures that your comment remains as-typed in the reblog chain, forever and ever amen. Nobody should be able to put words in your mouth! You can think for yourself. And I mean, you have plenty of words in there already. PLENTY.

Tiny dog goodness via laughterkey, dogjpeg, and meilute02.

धन्यवाद (dhanyabad)

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it’s time for thanks… once again this months I have enjoyed great support from the Original PLANT | Ponderation | telescopicalbeautifullyframed | julesfalkhunter and theovernightguy and my thanks to all of you for your kind gestures.

i would like to thank Tumblr’s Featured Tag editors (specifically John), team members at Lensblr | Lux Lit | imigingTPS (specifically Luca) | Photographers of Colour (specially Patrícia and Ted) and of course PWS - Pop Up for the recent guest curator opportunity.

thanks also to accessorius | beautiful-and-mysterious-world | biutiful pics | Entre Ombres & Lumières | fotos+graphos | ISU | Refined Concept | the-masterworks | misty morning me | monochromacity | the night of the soulPorous SoulPWS | Street Rebloggery | sublime-ature | theebrokenpath and Yes We Are Magazine for your everyday interest in my work and many others like me on tumblr.

this time i want to also say thanks to friends and colleagues who are behind Camera Raw. i am glad that i expressed interest for joining this initiative and happy to report that i am appreciating this opportunity more than i imagined.

lastly, i am humbled by the kindness and support i receive here in tumblr-land. the clicks, comments, feedback and messages together offer an amazing experience and i feel thankful for all of that at this receiving end, especially for something - photography - that i already enjoy very much.

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EDIT: There is a bug that will display “Page not found” after submission, but if you refresh and double check, your preferences are saved. And if you’re worried about the link, here is the direct so you can copypasta for yourself: https://account.origin.com/cp-ui/gamebetas/index 


I’ll toss to anyone who’s essential to winning.