“At 10:45 the first limo pulled up, and it carried Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. The kids went crazy…The stars – Hamill, Fisher, Ford, Billy Dee Williams, David Prowse, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker, and Frank Oz – were led upstairs for what is called ‘photo opportunity’ and ‘press opportunity,’ one of the all-time snorers.
Ford (tight): I’m no good at press.
Fisher (loose): Do it like Magic Johnson do it. ‘Hi Mom. Hi Dad. I’m just proud to help the team.’”

The Empire Strikes Back premiere at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., via The Washington Post, May 1980

I continued working on the new Sims 2 logo and I decided to start from scratch. So I tried so redo the logo in TS3 style by editing the original letters in their original position and the original size. Here’s the result (almost finished):

Maybe I will add the “glossy” effect from the TS3 logo, I’ll see. However any change I will make won’t be very noticable.

I will soon create a loading screen replacement where you will see the new logo. And it will be used for HoodPlanner as well!

Now I have one question:

(that’s the advantage of doing it from scratch - now I can turn any text in TS3 logo style!)

anonymous asked:

Funny enough, I saw a Blue!swap fic on another site and had originally thought it was the companion piece to this until reading earlier responses. In that, Greg's basically spying on the Crystal Gems in effort to keep Steven safe... unfortunately, Rose has, as in-canon, taken a shine to him. XD

Yes, we are aware of @swordtheguy and @elexuscal’s adaptation. If cnv has told me correctly, they were inspired by the original edits by @cnv99.

We really like it over here! They’re doing a great job!

Our Crystal Clarity fic will be much different however.

happy star wars day! friendly reminder that marcia lucas edited the original trilogy and literally saved them from being a complete mess. these films would be nothing without her. it was nonsensical, with underdeveloped characters, and she worked tirelessly. she made them what they are, and gets no credit because she’s a woman, and she’s george lucas’ ex wife. so happy star wars day to marcia, the true unsung hero of these nerdy space movies 💓❤️

While watching the bloopers from the Antisepticeye video, I couldn’t stop thinking of the original (edited) one!

So I took some parts from the original video (from the bloopers) and from the “edited” video and put them together so you can see the difference between them! Again great job to both of you @pixlpit and @therealjacksepticeye !