edited using vscocam



Well, I got bored tonight and I have a recorded video of ONE OK ROCK - Jinsei x Kimi = concert at 720p and my sister’s iPad mini on my other hand.

So, the first one hour started with me extracting some frames from the video using KMPlayer capture tool. After 371 frames were extracted, I took some times to look each and every photos before picking the above frames. Uploading the above photos to my sister’s iPad mini (through my SkyDrive) and editing each of them using VSCOcam took me about 2 hours and yeah, these are the results.

The Verge’s video about “developing in the iOS darkroom” has helped me a bit with VSCOcam controls. VSCOcam is a good photo editing apps, but people always take it for granted. For me, editing using VSCOcam (or any other apps) is not just about applying filter, it’s about step-by-step to a “well done” photo. It’s about perfecting photo - applying filter - adjust photo to merge with the filter perfectly. That’s how editing with apps should be.

Editing a photo also need a clear mindset : to make it filter-appiled like or realistic-and-vivid like? VSCOcam has many filter choices - these mindset will help in choosing filter that we will apply to the photo. Use the contrast / brightness / saturation / etc setting to cover up any noise seen, since smartphone’s camera have limited pixels, the photo tend to be blurry or noisy. After applying the filter, don’t forget to make post-adjustment to merge the filter to the photo more perfectly. 

Editing photos takes time and resources to master. I didn’t say that I have master it all, I’m improving bit by bit. One you get a hold of it, the editing process is going to be a lot more fun. (It is better to learn how to edit a photo using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom first before any apps. Filter only makes us lazier.)

All photos are taken from ONE OK ROCK - Jinsei x Kimi = Tour broadcasted on WOWOW TV in Japan. Edited using VSCOcam on iOS.