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Nobody asked for this, but here it is anyways; a compilation of all the super gay moments in the OVA.

djblueberry  asked:

But after phichit tells all the stories about vikturi being all cute, he finally, FINALLY, shows the video of yuuri's major fails and falls off and on the ice. He has saved all of the clips for over a decade, and this is the perfect time to show them to the world.

Yuuri thought that Phichit had deleted them but no, he has every single one of Yuuri’s epic falls and fails from age 15-present saved and edited into one long video that he finally reveals to the world, including an especially embarrassing one where Yuuri is trying to do a quad flip and just as he’s about to jump Phichit calls out ‘hey Yuuri, did you hear Viktor is in Detriot?’ and Yuuri just completely decks it because he’s so distracted and ends up just lying face first one the ice refusing to move as Phichit laughs at him

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Hello can you tell what is going with the interview of bts with the blond journalist and the youtube thing ? Everyone is talking about that and i don't understand it (english isn't my native language) Thank you

hi i’ll try! the way the question was worded kind of belittled their achievement as internationally charting musicians and makes it sound like they are youtubers.. there was also a very very upsetting misspelling of Rap Monster in the title and description when they uploaded it that was very disrespectful. they have now edited the video to not include the ‘from youtube’ question, fixed the misspelling as well as disabled yt comments. here’s the video now 

TWO WEEKS UNTIL A CONJURING OF LIGHT!!! To celebrate, we thought it would be great to hold appreciation weeks for this wonderful series, and to spread the word about them! Starting on the 7th, it will end on the release date of the 21st.

The schedule and prompts are:

  • February 07-09: Favourite character
  • February 10-12: Favourite relationship
  • February 13-15: Favourite scene
  • February 16-18: Favourite quote
  • February 19-21: Most anticipated scene in A Conjuring of Light

For each of these prompts, you can make anything original relating to the series - as many as you like. This includes edits, graphics, fanfics, fanmixes, videos, fanart and anything else. You do not need to do all of them - you can pick the prompts you like.

We will be reblogging all creations onto our blog throughout the two weeks. In order for us to see the post, tag #adsomweeks and #adsomnw in the first five tags of your post, or else we will not see it.

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And so the line in the song is like, ‘don’t follow your head, follow your heart.’ But I think– And for me, that makes sense but I have friends that, I think, they’re wired a little bit differently and it makes them happier to be logical […]. So I don’t know that it necessarily makes sense for everyone to ‘don’t follow your head, follow your heart’ but for all of us, I think that was the way that it worked.” 


If someone asks me why I ship Kagehina, this is what I will show them

Credits to @iwillstillopenthewindow


The band wanted nature and they suggested the image of digging up an empty box. I built a story from there. The story is very personal to me. I pulled from my own life experience to build the story. I also wanted to leave it open to interpretation so that it also felt personal to the viewers.

- Jennifer Morrison About Demon Days (Do It All Again) by Wild Wild Horses Music Video


[ENG SUBS] Love Live! Sunshine!! BD Vol. 4「Strolling with Aqours」1st Years Edition 

Preview of the video that will be included in the 4th volume of the Love Live! Sunshine!! Blu-ray disc! Featuring the first years - Takatsuki Kanako, Kobayashi Aika and Furihata Ai as they explore the town of Numazu in which Love Live! Sunshine!! is set!

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Real talk for a second. What are your thoughts on the special editions of video games that do noy include the game?

Excuse me, but I can’t answer this. My soul hurts trying to comprehend it, and I think I’m going to go and curl up on the floor and cry that someone, somewhere, not only thought this was a good idea, but was influential enough that I’d be asked a question about it.

What in the holy fucking hell is wrong with marketing-types? Why do they seem determined to make us hate what they’re trying to promote?


Someone edited a cool video that includes scenes from Kingsglaive, Omen trailer, Dawn trailer and the actual game to create a proper opening cutscene for FFXV. Amazing stuff.

3318 Ship Week!

3318, or Sasagawa Ryouhei/Hibari Kyouya, has been middling in popularity for the entire history of the fandom, but is still overall a rarepair. This is tragic. So for a week, let’s dedicate some of our energy to this duo of battlelusting allies, in the future or in the past!

The event will run from January 8th to January 14th, and can include fanmixes, fanart, fanfic, songs, music videos, and edits/manips.


  1.  No NSFW of these characters as minors. They have adult designs and personalities right there. Anyone who breaks this one gets blocked. 

  2.  None of that edgy sexually charged abuse crap. If one of them has all the control in a situation, it ought to be because he just won a fight. You can draw erotic violence without being nasty about it.

  3.  No ships or romantic entanglements other than 3318, even if it’s one-sided.

  4.  Out of courtesy, if you’re submitting a NSFW piece, tag it as NSFW and keep it out of the main fandom tag (or at least flag your blog as NSFW.)


  1. Fight-Crazy
  2. Gold and Violet
  3. Power Couple
  4. Sentimentality
  5. Afterglow
  6. Then and Now
  7. Alcohol

And for those who don’t have time to make something for each day on such short notice, the overall theme of this week is:

Pride and Joy.

Tag your submissions with #3318week or refer to this blog with @3318-week in your post to enter! 

Stay aggressive!  ★