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House of Blues, San Diego, CA

Nov. 17th 2015

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These pictures are dedicated to my wonderful friend @meganmarie313 . Our friendship started when she said she liked my FIATC shirt. Love you!


Nobody asked for this, but here it is anyways; a compilation of all the super gay moments in the OVA.


Title: 2 assholes play cards against humanity 

Genre: Fluff + Crack ➝ YouTuber AU

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader.

Plot: 2 assholes play Cards Against Humanity together. One asshole is an excellent kisser and the other is the worst fucking editor in the world.

Or rather: we are both youtubers and you are the worst fucking editor ever, and so you accidentally included a clip from our collab you uploaded where we made out and people don’t know we’re a thing yet, as requested (and thought of!) by me.

Warnings: This is just…unlike my writing style. Wrote this whilst drunk, probably, because I don’t remember writing this, at all.

Notes: Yes, I did go out of my way and spend 1 hour + on making a fake YouTube channel and video for this drabble/fic. Was it worth it? Probably not, but here’s Yoongo’s channel.

28TH MARCH, 2017.

despite being a youtuber with over seven million subscribers to make up for it, min yoongi is the absolute worst at his job. you’d think that being paid so much every week and being invited to vip events and having thousands- close to millions- of fans making twitter accounts with your name squished into them, and seeing your face on billboards or whatever, would act as enough motivation for yoongi to put in a tiny bit more effort.

don’t get me wrong– yoongi works hard. he uploads twice a week (thursdays and sundays, for those who wanted to know!), and always puts out fresh and most of the time, original content. a musical prodigy, as some people called him, and others called him unique, entertaining, different, inspiring. some called him mediocre and basic, but against yoongi’s strong fan base, none of that mattered. even without the fanbase, yoongi still didn’t give two damns about what anybody had to say against him. and with the success he has, he doesn’t need to be worried about anything or anybody else just yet.

but, you’d think that because of his success and picture-perfect life captured by an expensive camera and posh lenses (hey, the fact that yoongi is so well liked despite not attempting to even out his flaws with light boxes and filters or makeup products is impressive), he’d try that extra bit harder when it came to creating content he enjoys putting out into the world. especially editing videos- including ones where forgetting to edit out one tiny, tiny clip could result in thirty new scandals and his name being in the media longer than it has to be.

because min yoongi, despite his magical fingers and creative mind when it comes to creating the video itself, is the absolute worst at editing videos. he just can’t be bothered to watch the same clips over and over again. and, even though you may not like it, you’re suffering at the hand of his poor editing skills.

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anonymous asked:

do you really buy into the conspiracy that they tried to erase larry? i've never been convinced of that

mate it’s not even a conspiracy, it’s literally what happened.

like, they literally just cut off 90% of interaction between them. They kept them in separate interviews, unless it was ot5, or later ot4, they cut off their social media interaction entierly, they separated them on stage. they edited the history video to include virtually no HL interaction, which is a joke, bc up til the end of 2012 their interaction was everything… they added so much to the band.  And to make it seem like it wasn’t relative enough to be included is… sad.

Like, if you buy into the idea that they really aren’t friends anymore, that larry actually ruined their friendship… (yikes)… they wouldn’t still be in the band. if they were at a point where THEY were deciding to interact at all, refusing to work together etc etc, the band wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did. They would have walked out when zayn did or before that.

and you want to know the biggest indicator that it wasn’t their doing? if they were really at a point where they were so uncomfortable/disliked each other, we would have gotten the exact opposite. We would have seen over compensation to make it seem okay and like there were no issues. Case and point? Zayn and Louis the last couple months before Zayn left.

Honestly, I’m pissed.

Dan put so much work into his recent video and it was funny and great and some of y’all are being annoying brats about it. Dan took the time to look through all of our memes, credit each and every creator he included in the video and film and edit it for us and some people are hating on it because you have nothing better to do. 

Dan does so much for us and puts so much work into the content he creates, he spends ages thinking, preparing and creating new original content to make us happy and because he likes it, please stop being brats. One minute you’re complaining about not having enough content (not talking about the people who were just joking about it, I was too, the people who actually got impatient and were being rude) and the next you’re complaining that the content we get isn’t good enough. 

Grow up and appreciate Daniel Howell, he is amazing and does so much for us.


An entire week dedicated to the (canon and beautiful) Ichigo x Orihime pairing from our favorite series, Bleach! This event will take place from August 14th through August 20th, so get hype!

You know how it goes; this is a chance for fans to post any and all kinds of IchiHime content, including fanart, graphics/edits, fanfics, playlists, analyses, headcanons, fan videos, and more! Please be sure to use the tag #IHweek2017 on your posts so we can see and reblog your content!

**As a general reminder, this is an event intended to celebrate the pairing, so please refrain from creating malicious content to bash pairings & shippers.**

Each day of IchiHime Week have both a phrase and color palette prompt. Please feel free to create content inspired by either or both!

  • AUGUST 14TH: mutual pining / warm colors
  • AUGUST 15TH: promise / monochrome
  • AUGUST 16TH: unspoken / single color
  • AUGUST 17TH: laughter / cool colors
  • AUGUST 18TH: anniversary / pastels
  • AUGUST 19TH: au / jewel tones
  • AUGUST 20TH: family / free choice

Feel free to drop us an ask if you require a more detailed description of prompts, more direction, of if you have any other questions pertaining to IchiHime Week!

Please help spread the word by reblogging this post so any and all fans can participate! We can’t wait to see what you all create to join in on the celebration! ♥

fahevjesper  asked:

what kind of youtube channels/personalities would the dregs have?

  • kaz: kaz? having a social media account? or anything where anyone could find any information about him? @dirtyhands would be fuckin empty, no information, no profile picture, his history of watching really questionable how-to videos and sleight of hand magic on private.
  • inej: bought a gopro. strapped it to her chest. climbs to crazy heights. who is she? how does she get up so high? nobody knows. every one of her videos goes viral tho.
  • jesper: posts anything and everything. dance videos, prank videos, haul videos, challenge videos, gaming videos with friends, honestly doesn’t have a lot of followers because of the wild variety that he posts but he’s really funny and it’s earned him 100k. (more popular on vine)
  • wylan: flute covers like a fuckin nerd
  • nina: the most Personality™ of the dregs. 2m followers. Makeup videos af, haul and challenge videos. liveblogs her life a lot. sometimes clickbaity titles. almost always has a guest star (loves doing jesper’s makeup and sings bad-but-in-a-cute-way song covers w inej). b a k i n g  v i d e o s.
  • matthias: nina convinced him to make an account and it sat there dead for years until jesper had the idea to have him review products. the catch? he hates everything. @bigbroodingtulip is matthias literally being ron swanson. the dregs will usually surprise him with something to review and matthias, unscripted, will sit down and bitch about it. it’s actually really hilarious. jesper edits the videos to include dramatic zoom-ins. he’s got 400k followers.
  • kuwei: memes. has like 5k followers but kaz but every time he mentions kruge it gets faster has over 600k views. 

talk to me abt soc!


So this is a video edit focusing on Sam and Dean and includes spoilers from S1-12 as well as flashing lights and fast changing clips. It was really fun to make (even though I was supposed to be studying for an exam) and I hope y’all enjoy. Leave in comments or criticism wherever you like, I’m a slut for feedback. 

Here’s a Vimeo Link if YouTube in unavaliable: Vimeo Link 

And if you enjoyed my video and want to see more, here is my YouTube Channel: YouTube Channel

September 24 - 30 is Green Day Week!

So what is Green Day Week? Green Day week is a week where we will all make cool, original Green Day creations based on daily prompts. Why? Well, to show appreciation for our favorite punk band! Duh!

Rules are Simple:

  • All types of posts are allowed. This includes: art, song covers, playlists, videos / video edits, mood boards, cosplays, original photo edits and gifs and anything you can possibly think of!
  • Posts must be new! The whole purpose of this week is to encourage others to create new Green Day related content.
  • Work must be original. No reposting. And if editing someone’s photograph please provide proper credit.
  • Tag your creations as #greendayweek
  • Have Fun!


9/24: Favorite Green Day Song / Lyrics

9/25: Favorite Green Day Album / Era

9/26: Green Day Side Projects (The Network, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Frustrators, Armstrongs, Billie & Norah, American Idiot: The Musical, Billie’s acting performances etc.)

9/27: Old Green Day (and or) New Green Day

9/28: Green Day Characters (St. Jimmy, Whatsername, Jesus of Suburbia, Christian, Gloria or any other characters from their songs like X-kid, Misery or music videos etc.)

9/29: Favorite Green Day Member (includes any touring members)

9/30: Fans (Post a picture of yourself with any of the Green Day members, you wearing Green Day merch, you at a Green Day Show, you and your Green Day tattoo etc!)

This is the very first Green Day week. I hope you all participate if you can! Reblog this post to spread the word and have fun creating!! Please don’t forget to tag everything as #greendayweek so everyone can see! 


Spoiler-free version of trailer: Click Here!

  • Fanmade trailer for @avasdemon comic.
  • Dialogue audio used with permission from @avasdemondub
  • An additional thank you to @avasdialogue for providing various edits I took a liberty of including in the video.