edited to include a link to the original poster

Okay, so I’m going to TRY and attempt a (mini) tumblr awards to celebrate being 10 away from my next hundred! If enough people participate I’ll include runners up as well as winners! If this happens to get more notes than I think it will, I MAY include a few more categories! Thanks to dean-wuvz-hugz for the awesome hand-written URL I included in the poster I made! (yes, that’s demonDean and he’s hugging his Sammy, my two favorite things!I couldn’t resist)

  • Be following me
  • Reblogs only will count, but like if you want to bookmark!
  • This post must reach 30 reblogs at least
  • The deadline is June 5
  • I’m going to have one winner and depending on how many people participate I may have one runner up or two
  • Favorite URL
  • Favorite Theme
  • Favorite Original Arts/Graphics/Edits
  • Favorite Icon
  • Kindest Blogger


  • A follow back if I’m not already
  • A link to your blog on my page for the summer
  • Promos whenever you’d like
  • A graphic/edit request that I will make for you!

RUNNER UP (if it happens)

  • Follow back
  • A link on my blog for a month
  • Promos whenever you’d like