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the scarred, the bipolar and the helpless.
- thank you koogi, for making these 3 characters <3

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AU Moodboard Masterlist

Note: I do not write fanfiction im sorry (though i would if i was good at it lmao) but anyways these are all moodboards/edits & i edit everything myself so please message me if you want to use/repost a specific pic or give me credit.

If any of you decide to write fanfiction based on one of my moodboards i’d be happy if you messaged or tagged me because i’d love to read it!!

Supernatural AUs:

Fallen Angel!Jungkook


Zombie apocalypse!AU (Jungkook)

Forest Nymph!Namjoon

Vmin as elves

Taekook + Little mermaid AU

Jungkook as Dorian Gray


Hogwarts AUs:






Greek God AUs:

Jimin as Eros

Yoongi as Hades

Taehyung as Dionysos

AUs inspired by Fanfiction:

Punk!Jungkook inspired by Future hearts

Zombie apocalypse!AU (Jungkook) inspired by Hiraeth

Random AUs:


Late night shenanigans + Jungkook




Tattoo Artist!Jungkook


Pokemon Go! With Jungkook

Dystopian AU! Ft. Namjoon



Shopping trip with Yoongi

Taehyung travelling the world

Bonnie & Clyde (Yoongi Ver.)

Bonnie & Clyde (Jungkook Ver.)

Hey y'all

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SO I CAN MAKE THESE NOW! i am magic lololol

IM 28 MINUTES LATE IM SO SORRY BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANCE MCCLAIN! ILYSM you’re the most precious sea-boy ever. I honestly should write a song about you cuz you’re awesome but I don’ts got the times for that. THIS IS MY PRESENT FOR YOU!

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Under the read more, you will be redirected to a count of #263, hq medium textless gifs of GEORGE MACKAY as Bill Turcotte in 11.22.63. His ethnicity is White, please cast accordingly. All of these gifs were made by me, so please do not claim as your own or repost. You may edit as you wish ( crackships / gif icons / static icons / etc ) as long as you credit & link me! Give a little like / reblog if you find these helpful, and most of all enjoy!

( trigger warning: gif hunt contains guns, scars, blood )

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freddie stroma gif hunt ♔

↳ #169 small, medium, and HQ gifs of Freddie Stroma are below the cut. Each gif is under the tumblr 1MB limit, and I apologize for any duplicates. I do not take credit for a single one of these gifs- they all belong to their wonderful makers. Each gif should appear fine without any of those annoying grey boxes. If you plan on using/saving, please give this post a like, and if you're a rph, feel free to reblog!

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Made this from a post give them credit, I just did this version :)

“A Hero can fall” “An Optimist, can lose all hope” “The Light, can become the dark” “An Innocent, can become guilty”

“The Powerful, can become powerless” “A Child, can be a victim” “A Hunter, can be hunted” “The Brave, can be terrified”

“The Caring, can be unkind” “A Genius, can lose their mind”



lane boy // twenty one pilots

iPhone 5/5C/5S lockscreens

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