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how to be super good at lineart with just one easy trick (SAI)

hey kids so probably a lotta people already know this but for those of you who don’t: like a week ago i discovered this really cool tool in sai for fixing lineart so basically you’ll never have to redraw anything ever again it’s really good

okay so open up your lineart layer

now you wanna use the pen tool

and like now you wanna do your drawing. don’t erase anything. even if the lines barely touch, that’s fine. (this is good for time too)

this is what i did:

okay so clearly that isn’t good lineart, ken, the fuck are you doing. but just stick with me for a sec.

switch to the edit tool

there’s all this shit underneath it so select the second one

and you’ll see all these dots come up on your lines

and get this right

if you click and drag the dots, you can fucking fix your shit ass lineart in like every way imaginable

lines aren’t connected? no problem. edit tool. don’t like how they curve? no problem. edit tool.

here’s a gif to kinda show just how well it works

and let’s say you wanna fix the size of the lines WELL GUESS WHAT YOU CAN DO THAT TOO

use the weight tool and select the size you want the lines, then just click on all of them

to be fair you might wanna set your minimum size to something more stable than what i did but s t i l l

so uh yeah that’s my cool tutorial on how to not be shit at lineart whoohoo

So I did these last year and there were apparently some fixes to be made. I knew that the shadow was a problem, I’ve just never gotten back to fixing that as I haven’t played with shadows for a long long time. When the shadow fix came out, I was finally able to turn them back on. So yeah fixed that. No more shadow square.

What no one had ever reported to me was that on the normal sized easels, the custom painting option was broken. Turns out I forgot to properly edit the BCONs on them, and for some unknown reason (SimPE being stupid) a few BHAVs got cut out. Anyway, that’s fixed now. Also noticed (and was never reported) that grilled cheese painting couldn’t be done. Again, mysterious missing bhave line (even the tests were there for both!) and is now fixed.

So, the problems were only on the Master Adult Easels so that’s all there is in this download. I’ve updated the original archive for the fixes but am also providing them as a separate one too.

Re-Download Original

Download Fixes Only

(not sure if the photo showed up in this submission)

This a rundown of how I sent my stickers for proofing to Catprint.  The photo shows 3 of my files and 1 close up of my sticker proof.

Setting up the stickers:

I sent 3 files shown above to Catprint through email.  1 is your art, 2 is your die or kisscut lines, and 3 is both together. Because the file was a custom size I also added a cut line box around the whole thing.  I created my cut lines in Photoshop using the pen tool.

Send the files to Catprint support to have them check everything beforehand. I didn’t have any issues though, they approved them immediately.

Placing an order:

I placed an order myself for my prints and let Matt from Catprint add the holographic sticker sheets to it.

Sticker issues:

For some reason my sticker sheet was too large so the printer couldn’t handle my die cut file. They had to shrink it by a tiny bit (like .25 an inch) to make it work which was fine with me. However, I didn’t know that they had problems with it until I got an automated email letting me know only my prints had shipped.

The sticker status on the website kept being sent back to “printing” instead of moving forward to “waiting for approval” (aka proofs shipped). When I contacted Matt, he let me know they were trying to get it to work but that they might need to edit the size. So, just FYI keep an eye on your order status if you’re in a rush. I let it go a few days when I could have emailed Catprint about it and fixed it immediately.

Sticker Review:

I’m happy overall with the sticker quality.  They did miss one of my cut lines across the top but I can let them know when I place my actual order.  I mentioned this in my other submission but normally the stickers are not shiny unless you add the prism coating, FYI.

The proof did get shipped in a regular envelope which lead to it getting bent, but I’m sure real orders will come protected in a box.  It also arrived 1 business day after it got printed, so whatever.

Even though I put a lot of my kisscut lines very close to each other, there were no overlaps in the cuts.  I probably will move some of them further away from each other for the final. The only thing is it’s very hard to tell where the stickers are kisscut, at 1st glance it looks quite flat.  However there is no issue peeling the stickers off the sheet.

The sheet does feel quite thick with the prism coating and there is something very very slightly off about it compared to stickers you might buy at somewhere like Target.  Nothing wrong with it per se just a little different, I’m not really sure how to explain.

However, with no minimum, extremely competitive pricing, and the ability to set up your own sheets with however many cuts you want, I would recommend Catprint. If I printed individual stickers in large quantities I probably would go through a sticker-only company though.

anonymous asked:

Hi , I’m having trouble keeping my photos sharp when I post them. Can you help me with this problem? How do you size and edit to keep it clear ? Tysm bia

Hi! I am having a weird issue with some of my pictures as well! It’s as if they don’t focus or look sharpened? I hope it’s not the same issue because it is really annoying!

I don’t really know how to fix it, but on the post I made about how I edit I show how I crop my pictures and my topaz settings and I think those two things really help to keep the images clear, so check that out see if it helps. I really hope it does! 😊💓

Protection Spell: Spirit edition

this is a spell for protection of circumstances that *might* happen from too many/bad spirits being present. this is not a fix all for if you are being affected by spirits. if you suspect that you or someone you know is in danger or needs serious help with spirits, contact a professional. this is just a safety spell afterall, like a bandaid, it will not fix a broken bone size of a problem

you will need:

  • Charcoal
  • Sigil (meaning has to be protection/spirit protection)
  • Salt
  • White candles
  • some sort of Lighter
  • Rosemary
  • Cloves

First make the sigil, it can be anything but it has to have meaning to work for you. After that, make the sigil on our forehead with the charcoal and palms of your hands.

Once that is done, light a white candle and place it before you on the ground, then light another and place it to the left, and another to the right of you. Then light another and put it behind you so that you are within a circle of them. 

Next, pour the salt in as clear of a line as you can, connecting each candle together with the salt, forming a makeshift circle around you. After that has been done, put the remaining salt in center where you are standing.

After this, you want to put some cloves and rosemary in the candle wax that has been softened a little by now, if it hasn’t softened to a melty texture just wait a few minutes.Be careful not to burn yourself and try to simply drop them into the candle then placing them.

Then draw the sigil on the bottom of the last candle and place it in the middle where you were standing. Step of out the circle and light it, letting it represent you. Kneel and place your hands down on the ground, connecting you to the circle and house you’re in. Say this chant two times through, and then you’re finished!

“Please rest these souls,
let my mind wander freely.
Without hesitation,
I ask that I be safe inbetween these walls”

After saying the chant, it is preferred that you leave the candles burning where they are and keep the sigils on your hands/forehead until they wear off/wash off on their own. You can also wipe the salt away now that the candles are connected, though be careful not to move them too much if you do. If you feel it didn’t work, contact me and I can make adjustments for your personal comfort.


Hi, guys! Tatiana’s birthday’s in September and I’ll be making a birthday video for her. And what’s more special than #CloneClub showing her our love? A video in which we will wish her a happy birthday and send her our messages of love and support. 

The idea is: if you want to participate, you can submit a video of yourself wishing Tat a Happy Birthday and your wishes to her. You can be as creative as possible (speaking to the camera, fanart, something written, etc), but please do not forget the ‘Happy Birthday!’ :) 

How to participate:

  • Try to keep the video under 30 seconds or such (just try to make it concise so we don’t end up with a really long final video 😉);
  • Make sure the file size of your video will be supported to be sent by email (this would help me a lot! but if it’s easier for you, feel free to send me a link to download it);
  • Please do not edit your video/photo (please write down the message, don’t type it; no filters; it’s okay if you want to record it in black and white though); 
  • Please send in the video in one of the following formats: .mov, .avi or .mp4 - it would help a lot. Also, the sooner you send it, the sooner some problem can be fixed. (If you need help figuring out how to convert it or something like this, please ask me);
  • Please mention your first (and last, if you’re comfortable with that) name on the email when you send in the video and where you are from (I’ll add it to your segment of the final video);
  • If you’re unconfortable speaking in English, or if you’re too shy to even record your face (you are beautiful, stop thinking that way!) Feel free to show something you wrote, a fanart, letter, etc and tell her how she has inspired you (but don’t forget: 30 seconds);
  • If you want to speak to the camera but you don’t speak English, I can add subtitles to your segment (but I only understand Portuguese and Spanish, otherwise you’ll have to tell me what you said); 
  • Make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday in any way since that is the main purpose of the project;
  • Send your video/photo/fanart/etc to tatmasbirthday@hotmail.com;
  • Please send your submission as soon as possible (I’ll try to finish the video by September 15th);

If you have either any doubts or suggestion, feel free to message me.

It would be amazing if you could spread the word ♥ I hope you guys enjoy the idea.