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title: in these moments, i give myself (my heart) to you

  • day 2: traveling, victor - competition

summary: they skate and they live and they love, and the skating season passes by


for all that it’s weird and frustrating, being away from yuuri and training again, and despite his initial misgivings about continuing his competitive career, victor can’t really help the excitement that builds with every passing day.

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Dark vs Anti. Fallen Angel vs Psychopath. Only One Winner. 

Thank you to @pikarosie for helping me put this playlist together! 


Track List: 

  1. Enjoy The Show - NateWantsToBattle ft.Jacksepticeye
  2. You Can’t Escape Me - ChaoticCanineCulture
  3. Tag, You’re It - Melanie Martinez 
  4. Bad Blood - Silence The City (Taylor Swift Cover) 
  5. Watch Me - Icon For Hire
  6. Red - Beth Crowley 
  7. Mangled - NateWantsToBatte
  8. No More - NateWantsToBattle
  9. Too Loud - Icon For Hire
  10. Every Breath You Take - Chase Holfelder (The Police Cover)