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sometimes I have this urge to sing wiggle wiggle by jason dreulo to phil then remember how he is a respectable adult who I should not be wanting to do pervy grandpa flirting with and I reel in my lechorous tendencies ( Dan tweets 2025 edition)

more like dan tweets 2018 edition :( they are old men

Analyzing Bobby (1/?)

I’m going to prelude this with a very clear disclaimer - this is all strictly opinion.

I may very well be wrong about all of this, but I was asked for my opinions, not facts, so this is what I’ve observed of Bobby since I’ve been a fan. Don’t like it, too bad. I’ll apologize if any part comes across as messy - it’s really fangirl vomit. I’m spilling my purse, wadded up tissues and all. I also feel like this is something I’ll come back to, to edit.

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