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Theme #18 by raiidens
Happy 20th anniversary to Pokemon! I decided to make something before my summer was over. Here you can customize quite a bit so if you want to have your favourite Pokemon battling, go ahead! Want to have yourself catching your favourite Pokemon? Go ahead! You can add in whatever you want.
Static preview + install
  • 500px, 400px or 250px posts
  • Up to 8 links
  • Customizable colours, images, fonts
    • Custom front and back “Pokemon” images
    • Battle backgrounds: field, water, barren, grassy, cave, sand, gym, or upload your own
  • Ask/about/nav can be disabled
  • Infinite scroll (optional)
  • Monochrome posts (optional)
  • Removable captions

  • Leave the credit or move it somewhere else visible
  • Edit as much as you like
  • Like/reblog if you’re using!
  • Show me what kind of creative things you’ve done with it!

Jenkins in S3E5 - “And the Tears of a Clown”


tfw otabek looks so much like shiro to you that you actually edit shiro’s scar onto his face

btw here’s a link to where you can buy a version of yuuri’s phone case! buy it for yourself or a friend during the holidays :) 

click through for captions ;)

Paragon, the fusion of the full diamond authority, when Pink Diamond died, Paragon died along with her.

Edit: Oh mygosh I forgot to add the link to the paragon theory It’s definitely not mine! https://www.reddit.com/r/stevenuniverse/comments/5nsoz2/theory_the_ultimate_diamond/

Under the cut, you’ll find 632 gifs of HAYLEY KIYOKO. They are all made by me and are sourced from her appearances on CSI: Cyber (season one, episode one through season two, episode six). These are for roleplaying purposes, so feel free to use them to your heart’s content!

PLEASE DO NOT: repost these gifs, reuse them in crackship gifs, crop them for gif icons, edit them in any other way, or compile them in gif hunts. You may link back to this gif pack in your gif hunts if necessary.

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For those who are stressed by the American election or just stressed out by life in general, like me (a youtube video list):

Feel free to add your own links/ suggestions to the list.

How to know I’m liking/reblogging a repost?
  • In general:
    • Most artists watermark their works. It can be with their blog’s name or the person’s name/nickname. If the work you’re about to reblog has a watermark that doesn’t match the OP (Original Poster, also known as source), then it is a repost. There can be the case where the OP has changed their url, so continue reading to learn how to distinguish a repost from an original post. 
    • Example of an original post with watermark.
      Example of a repost. Pictures with watermark were used, and the edit was claiming as an original (note that the sizes of the images aren’t equal either). 
    • IMPORTANT: The fact that the blogger posts edits constantly, does not mean their work is original.
  • GIFs:
    • The majority or gif makers add the link to the video in the description of their posts. It can be a symbol or a full description.
    • When it comes to gifsets that involve multiple videos, the gif maker can link to the sources or not. If they choose to not link to the videos, consider these elements in order to know wheter the gifset is a repost or not:
      • Size. All the gifs have to be the same size. Examples:  original / repost
      • Color. Pay attention to the brightness and the coloring of the GIFs. If they don’t look the same, they come from different gif makers, therefore, the gifset is a repost. Examples:  original / repost
      • Sharpen. A giveaway to distinguish a repost from an original, is if one or multiple GIFs look grainy and the rest don’t. Examples: original / repost  ~  repost
    • GIFs are often used for reactions in text posts. If the OP of the text is the one who made the GIFs, they’ll link to the video. If they’re not, they’ll link to the post they took the GIFs from.
  • Photos:
    • The OP is likely to add the link to the source of the pictures. Again, it can be a symbol or a full description.
    • Consider size, color, and sharpen, to distinguish a repost from an original.
    • Examples: original / repost
  • Manips, fan art, graphics:
    • Compare the watermark to the username. 
    • Examples: original / repost
    • NOTE: There are posts that gather different fan works, especially manips. If they don’t credit the original creators by tagging them or linking to the original post, please don’t like/reblog.

Other ways to respect an artist’s work:

  • Please don’t add unnecessary comments/images/GIFs when you reblog.
  • Please don’t delete the caption.
  • If you don’t agree with the content of the post, avoid reblogging and tagging with offensive and/or discouraging comments, and move on. 

thatoneghostlychick  asked:

OK so this is very random, but i wanted to ask, How did you make the separate tab or link thing for your ocs info. Was it a part of the template you used? Sorry if this is a random question, i just wanted to know. Also i love your characters, art and channel, you keep up your great work

When youre customizing your blog on tumblr scroll all the way down in the editing tab or whatever and you’ll see an “ADD PAGE” option.

so add a separate page. on the top there will be a dropdown list and its gonna be on “STANDARD LAYOUT” by default but change it to “CUSTOM LAYOUT”

now you just copy+paste a custom page html code in the main box.


well tons of pple make em here on tumblr just like pple make custom themes!! you just gotta find one you like and grab the code from there! 

HERE IS MY FAV THEME+PAGE BLOG feel free to find everything there:






A 70 page creation to add madness and depth to your holiday themed adventures! Also Includes pages of customizable holiday themed magic items !



Monsters included are
-The Dwelve Race - Dwarf/Elf hybrids

Yin Dragon - New Years Dragon
Yang Dragon - New Years Dragon
Giant Groundhog - Groundhogs Day Monster
Cupid - Good Valentines Day Monster
Fallen Cupid - An Evil Valentines Day Monster
Leprechaun - A St. Patrick’s Day Monster
Wicker Man - A St. Patricks Day Monster
Easter Bunny - An Easter Monster
Wererabbit - An Easter Monster
Jester - An April Fools Monster
Elite Jester - An April Fools Monster
Pumpkin King - A Halloween Monster
Reaper - A Halloween Monster
Grim Reaper - A Halloween Monster
Undead Treant - A Halloween Monster
Cursed Turkey - A Thanksgiving Monster
Animated Christmas Tree - A Christmas Monster
Animated Wreath - A Christmas Monster
Demonic Reindeer - A Christmas Monster
Werereindeer - A Christmas Monster
Ghost of Christmas Past - A Christmas Monster
Krampus - A Christmas Monster
Mrs. Claus - A Christmas Monster
Santa Claus - A Christmas Monster
Santa’s Reindeer - A Series Of Christmas Monsters
Reindeer - A Christmas Monster
Flying Reindeer - A Christmas Monster
Snemund - A Christmas snowman-like Monster

Check out my Tumblr, or Facebook group for other material like this!

FACEBOOK GROUP: facebook.com/groups/dmweber

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Tag you're it! List your top five fanfics then tag another for them to do the same!

Ahhhh yay thanks for the tag!! Picking just 5 is impossible but I’ll do my best. Okay here we go in no particular order!

  • The Gloaming by @papermoon262​ because Moony’s writing never fails to blow me away and every word just keeps me hanging on until the very end of the chapter! Nikita is also one of the first OCs I came across and she intrigued me right away. 
  • Bad Blood by @opheliamayers​ is honestly so well written and Leah Kane is one of my fave OCs ever with such an interesting backstory and so much mystery! Every chapter flows so well and the dialogue and banter in this fic is so incredibly written and the slow burn with Stiles and Leah constantly kills me!
  • From Ashes by @lydamartin​ because Elsa is honestly such a gem and she fits in so well with the rest of the canon characters that it’s so easy to forget she’s not actually in the show! 
  • Just Say Yes by @missunderstoodxoxo​ featuring the bad ass Marlee Decker is always such a joy to read and Marlee has so much snark that every chapter finds a way to crack me up, even amongst the angst constantly thrown in! 
  • Heartless by @lady-baratheon​ is only a few chapters in so far but already I love Piper’s story and how she ties into the Riverdale world. She’s such an interesting and flawed character (my fave kind tbh) and I’m really looking forward to future updates! 

royalswan’s christmas awards!

it was a lot of fun doing this last year - so here i am again!


  • mbf this festive lass.
  • REBLOG this post. (likes can be used to bookmark)
  • less than 50 notes? we’ll pretend this never happened and we can go decorate a christmas tree together or something :’)
  • there’ll be 1 winner and 1-3 runners up dependant on notes!
  • some categories might be removed.
  • deadline: 22ND DECEMBER. 

winners will be announced on the 24th december! :)


MICHONNE AWARD // best icon
LESLIE KNOPE AWARD // best theme
DAENERYS TARGARYEN AWARD // best edits (gifs/graphics) *
HERMIONE GRANGER AWARD // best fanfiction *
BELLAMY BLAKE AWARD // best overall
HINATA SHOUYOU AWARD // nicest blogger
EMMA SWAN AWARD // personal favourite

* pls add your link/tag for original content, just in case i can’t find it!

prizes; (under the cut)

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I have no idea why but somehow @meabhd’s post about Sam that went around inspired me to draw that moment in QOS that Rowan had to borrow his clothes… I’m sorry

edit: probably should add the link http://meabhd.tumblr.com/post/157061363349/do-we-know-what-sam-looks-like

So after not touching this for over a year, I started working on it again by changing the bat at the bottom to match my friend’s current one, haha. And then I’m gonna add Jolyn’s bat in the water as the final piece before I finish coloring. Mostly just posting this as a reminder to keep working on it and actually finish it (along with the handful of other things sitting at near completion that I haven’t touched for similar lengths of time).

Edit: here’s a direct link since tumblr is doing its weird resizing thing again >:(


Reaction gifs 3.01 [+]


my name is aujau 🌹

im genderfluid n on my he/him days, my name is david

im the gayest pan person ull ever meet

i live in the US of fucking-kill-me A

i came out of my moms vagina on december 19

im extra, n i crave Attention n Validation™

i Live for mashlum (malum, mashton, cashton n just as the ot3) n lashton, but cake is cool too. i srsly ship every pairing in 5sos except clem (pls clem shippers,,, dont fight me for this rn im weak)

i also write gay shit about those gays up there so hmu w requests for lil blurbs/drabbles. sfw or not, it doesnt really matter (im trying to be one of those blogs known for drabble n blurb writing, like lilacpages or lukemichael or Bussyband™™)

michael clifford? a top? unrealistic. no. michael is a bottom (n, uh, luke is, too. but others may disagree)

ashley nicolette frangipane is my wife of 2 years, n we have three kids by the names of ed, thomas, n barack

help ur local sugar baby n buy me things from my amazon wish list pls 💳💲💸 (or not im not picky)

socials 🌹:
ao3; outerspacelashton (part two of this is still a wip)
twitter; cryjnglashtons (hecka inactive rip)
snapchat; bullshippers5
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kik; deludedbullshippers5