edited hair


This a rather quick-ish mesh edit I whipped up to make the hair more “useable” for me cause the original was way to bulky. I don’t think I’ve found similar mesh-edits so I just made the edit myself :P No more, no less. :D

Download‘s down here↯  


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| Xld_Sims: Wave Rider |

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| Wave Rider |

Enjoy ;)

Peggy #00520

Originally uploaded to Garden of Shadows for Secret Santa 2011 - Aweeshie’s gift for NathanialRoyale.
Originally named using Peggy’s hair set numbering system (#0068).

A retexture of Peggy #00520 in 30 natural colours for toddler-elder. The hair is binned, family-linked, elders go grey (grey packages required), and the mesh is included.



  • Almighty Hat - Smoke Bomb colour
  • Almighty Hat - Volatile recolour of Nouk’s Wavy Texture
  • Io - Colour Actions 
  • Io - Edited Hair Texture from Rose 93 Retexture
  • Lilith - Colour Actions
  • Peggy - Mesh
  • Pooklet - V2 Hair Texture & Colour Actions