edited from another picture


For all the women around the world who have always loved Thranduil. Y ou are a rose that emerge all your beauty and fragance. You are one of the greatest woman around. And you will be even better if you could learn to appreciate an original artist. Wouldn’t it be better for you to learn to edit rather than spending the time stealing and changing another artist’s artwork? it doesn’t matter what sort of program you are using to edit, just start from a picture that has never been edited by another artist. If you have no time to learn how to  edit while you find the an artwork that you like, you just need to show your appreciation to artist and for anyone who wishes to share the picture anywhere on social media, please include the link where you’ve found the pictures. Just the simple thing but you can change the world with your smart behaviour…… HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY

Special wonder women here @sweetfairy1 welcome back dear, stay with us..we love you. @bellevox  @moonofmorrigan  @lancelottie @floranocturna @aprilwindworld @miresgaleth @themirkyking




You will not be able to find Thranduil in this particular pose in the movie or behind the scene. This new pose is edited based on my creativity. If you see this picture without my watermark anywhere, it means that someone has  stolen it from my sites without permission. Do not blame me if i report your link for you have been warned.

This is the original picture


You are my other half.