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The funeral for Jairus Harding will take place on the beach at sunset on Tuesday March 28th in Los Angeles; per his will, his body will be cremated and then transported for the funeral. (I will edit Lucifer’s post appropriately right now—there was some ooc confusion, so we’re just adjusting for what has already transpired, let’s just go with this being the ‘original plan.’)

Below, you can find an excerpt from Jairus’ will, which was updated when he found out he had contracted voracitosis and believed he would not be cured:

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2am spooky week doodles bc why not


Our progress was slow and awkward through the mud, but we staggered forward, drifting into the rush of kids moving out, heading toward the gate that was blown wide open.


Star Wars Saga trailer by Dylan Trost.

I haven’t seen this before, and it’s pretty fantastic.