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“Four years ago my partner–my friend–was killed, and I took as much revenge as any man could possibly take. It cost me everything I had–what was left of my family–everything.  Somehow I thought it would ease the pain, but it doesn’t.”


Day 06: Favorite arc - Fantasia Arc

To me, this is the arc where it seems as though all the members of the makeshift family finally come together. Sure, there have always been sweet moments among them, but when I read this arc, I felt as there was something incredibly different between the atmosphere of previous arcs.

I feel as though they are working more like that of a team, and that a true sense of trust has emerged between them. Especially from Guts, as he was always the one who wasn’t always too keen on comrades.

Plus, there are mermaids and I really love mermaids. Bless you Miura for including them.