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5 things tag / from @citruskwan

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5 Things You’ll Find in my Bag

  1. a book (atm the seventh day)
  2. my wallet
  3. a matte lipstick
  4. fringe roller 
  5. a watter bottle wow much exciting

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bedroom

  1. my seal ( meerdock )
  2. a guitar
  3. an unhealthy collection of fluffy sweaters
  4. a keyboard 
  5. a black and white double chinned shownu in din a4 on my wall

5 Things I Always Wanted to do in Life

  1. get a cat
  2. meet bts or any other kpop band i stan
  3. practice my dream job
  4. own an appartment
  5. visit tokyo, seoul, and manila

5 Things I’m Currently Into

  1. watching my unfinished series
  2. making fmvs ( improving my editing skills)
  3. photography
  4. taking care of flowers
  5. googling my perfect pet a day before my exam

5 Things on my To-Do List

  1. read 12 books this year
  2. study turkish
  3. dye my hair blond?
  4. study more
  5. figure out what major i want

5 Things People May Not Know About Me

  1. I speak 6 languages lol but like really medicore
  2. I have no idea what to major in. I feel kinda lost atm everything seems like a blur and im constanly afraid to choose the wrong one
  3. I kill every single plant I buy blackthumb
  4. Im from germany but i was born in the Philippines
  5. I suffer from a severe case of overthinking

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